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central brass two handle leg tub faucet model 0210-q

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 14:47:34

central brass two handle leg tub faucet model 0210-q

The hot and cold faucet products on the market are dazzling,So how to buy cold hot taps,todayPChouseCome explain to everyone。

1、Quality Inspection

Quality is the most important standard for measuring the quality of the product。The main body of the faucet is generally brass,Electroplating quality by brass is most guaranteed,The higher the purity of brass, the better the quality of the plating.,The less the surface of the plating layer is easily corroded。Generally,Consumers can identify the estimated weight when purchasing,Brass is more serious,Zinc alloy is lighter and soft。

2、Observe the appearance

The surface of the faucet should be bright as a mirror,At the time of purchase,Place the faucet in a place with sufficient light,No oxidant spots on the surface of the faucet、Noise、No drafting and bubbles and burnt traces,It is a good product even if there is no glitch and sand.,There is also the finger to press the faucet with your fingers.,Fingerprint spread quickly and no trace,Not easy to attach dirt。

3、Rotating handle

Feeling light indicating the valve core。General selection ceramic spool,Heat resistance,And have good sealing performance,Therefore, the number of times the audience will be more。It is also more comfortable in hand、Slippery。Open、Close up。When purchasing, you can simply determine the spool when you feel according to the handle.。