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canadian brass black tuba

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Many Canadian friends do not know what to return home with gifts,I often in routine health care products、cosmetic、chocolate、Lingered for a long time between maple syrup,But too common、And bulky。Canada nor China's fashion apparel,In addition to several sports brand,Little Nabuchushou。Amway is a small gift:Canada commemorative coins,creative,Have a face,small volume,Especially suitable to send children。

(canadian brass black tuba)This is my godmother to identity,Because a friend returning from Canada,She commissioned on behalf of children in China gave me a small gift:Canada commemorative coins。This is my mom and the twins are made smaller,Went their separate ways after high school,But kept in touch,With micro-channel in the future more often share their parenting。Both also grew up watching baby,Blink of an eye on Primary School,Parents right education,Children know propriety,Commemorative coins are very popular。

And United States Mint in Philadelphia(United States Mint)similar,Canada also has the Royal Mint(Royal Canadian Mint),The Mint has long been open now,And every year to issue commemorative coins。

Mint also buy commemorative coins official website can be found The Royal Canadian Mint ,ormint.ca

(canadian brass black tuba)Royal Canadian Mint will issue new commemorative coins per year,Either online shopping,Also at the post office(Canada post)Buy,the same price。These gold coins from the general section to have,If you do not consider the appreciation factor,I personally like to have a memorable ordinary paragraph,Because of the above recorded most Canadians proud history、Humanities,also,Zodiac commemorative coins will be issued each year(Zodiac post office will issue stamps every year it!For example, is the Year of the Rat Mouse Get Married,Very Chinese flavor)Each coin in front of Queen Elizabeth II is head,And back surface patterns has a different meaning。

(canadian brass black tuba)canadian brass black tuba

picture:2021Canadian classic commemorative coin sets

This is on top of coins2021In Classic,In fact, the most common coin in circulation,A total of six。

(canadian brass black tuba)Canadian coins into circulation2Yuan,1Yuan,25Minute,10Points and5Minute。Try to take care of the provinces to sign。

2Canadian dollar coins called“Toonie”,Two metals are applied,Nickel-iron alloy is a silver outer,Inner copper alloy is brass,Pattern is a polar bear,1996Years before listing。Polar bears may be the favorite animal of Canada,But also to see the Arctic provinces of mammals。

canadian brass black tuba


1Canadian dollar is called“Loonie”,Overall brassy,Back pattern is a bird Province of Ontario“Loons”Loon,This bird is larger than the sub-duck,Smaller than Canada geese。There's no use as a symbol of Canada Geese,I was surprised。

(canadian brass black tuba)canadian brass black tuba

picture:Elk Head Brewery

25Points of call“quarter”,that is1/4the meaning of,The back surface of the coin pattern of elk(Moose)。Elk is common in Canadian forest animals,About50-100Ten thousand。Well-known,North American native mammals,It is the largest alpaca,So elk it is also alien species,from1904In the introduction began4Head to the province of New Brunswick。Long has a huge bull elk antlers and known for。Canada kind of very popular local beer is called deer(Moosehead),Sign is with big antlers of male elk head。

canadian brass black tuba

picture:Display“Blue Nose II”sailboat

10Points of call“cent”,The back of the pattern is a sailboat,Ship named“Blue Noses”(Bluenose)Dual sailboat masts,In the earliest1921In a small town in Nova Scotia's Lunenburg(Lunenburg)put up,For fishing in the Atlantic,therefore2021Years“Blue Noses”Centenary,But then for the public is“Blue Nose II”,It has become the ambassador for Nova Scotia。already1937year,Blue Noses Sailing has become a dime back pattern,Still in use。

5Points of call“Nickle”,Is the meaning of nickel,The backside pattern beaver(Beaver),Colgate toothpaste is above Beaver,Canada is also a sign of the animal。During a colony,Beaver was the most well-known local animal trade,European high society lady also“Tip goods”。Canadians love of animals such as the beaver also perseverance,And looks to stay Meng,Many signs have beaver,For example, the University of Toronto badge in there beaver。

50While this is rather special points,Since the market2004Since it is no longer in circulation。

1Points of call“cent”,But now the market is no longer in circulation,We are no longer issued。Not in this commemorative coin in。

(canadian brass black tuba)canadian brass black tuba

picture:Canada's Year of the Dragon commemorative coins issued

(canadian brass black tuba)This year alone issued a commemorative gold coin Year of the Dragon,purity99%Made of pure gold,weight1.58g,issued8888Gold,price288.88Canadian dollar,He is well versed in the Chinese people to“send”Psychology,Also suitable for small gifts to send to friends and relatives。

canadian brass black tuba

picture:2021In newborns commemorative coins

For the year of birth of baby,But also suitable for small gifts——Then issued coins,There are different options,Sterling silver,Bullion,There are also suits,Generally a price tens of Canadian dollars,Very memorable。Such as children grow up,This special gift is also very memorable。

canadian brass black tuba

picture:The most expensive commemorative coins

Not bad money for Tyrant,There are also expensive commemorative coins,Favorite gifts worth。Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year commemorative coins,Limited edition33Gold,face value2500Canadian dollar,99%Bullion,Heavy1005g,售价高达10.5Price as high as,是的,million Canadian dollars50多万,Yes,官网已经卖完了!

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