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can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub

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(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)You may choose a glass fiber bathtub,Because it is lightweight and cheap,Therefore, in the future, glass fiber bath is maintained.,Can reasonably assume。In order to treat this general fiber reinforced plastic material fairly,It is quite durable,And under appropriate support and maintenance,The life of the glass fiber bath can be long to be made from a heavier material.。but,The life of fiberglass is not as good as cast iron,Steel or even acrylic bathtub,As time goes by,Glass fibers will become more crisp,More susceptible to cracking and other damage。

(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)

Determine if the glass fiber bath is maintained

Since the large cracks at the bottom of the glass fiber barrel due to the proper supporting glass drum, even if it is repaired, it may continue to spread.,But there is a way to provide additional support to prevent all this.。but,Even thin wire cracks may also get water into,If this situation continues to exist,Then you need to remove the bath and fixed the floor to make appropriate maintenance。If you purchase or move into a glass with crack or cave,Or cannot know how long it is damaged?,Replace the bathtub。

Crack or hole occurs when using a glass fiber bath or glass fiber tub,May be due to the bending or impact of the dropped heavy object,The chance to successfully repair will be larger。Just avoid using a fixed device,Until you can repair,This is easy,Although it may take a whole day。As long as the damage to the edge or sidewall or shower wall of the glass fiber or acrylic bath is not damaged,Can be repaired at any time。

can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub

Supplies required for glass fiber bath maintenance

The most obvious method of repairing glass fiber crack or holes is to use glass fiber bath repair kits,You can find this kit in any home installation store.。A typical kit includes two partial epoxy fillers for your choice.,Apply a stick,Clean cotton swab,Fine sandpaper and polishing agent。Although it is not required,But you can choose repair kit,E.gG/flex655-KPlastic ship repair kit,Waterproof repair。

You can also use the body repair kit,For example, fiberglass resin repair kit,These include glass fiber cloth,Is a repair diameter greater than3/4Preferred product of inch hole。If you don't have time to go shopping,“Remove and replace”It is recommended to use two parts of epoxy cement and baby talcum powder.DIYGlass fiber filling,Make it white。This mixture is not suitable for large pores,However, it can be used as a simple method to care for the small hole of the bathtub side or the edge.。

(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)Handling hairline cracks

Even if you patch the bathtub crack,Bathtub cracks may continue to spread,To prevent this,It is recommended to diamond on both ends of the crack.1/4Inches of holes,Stop moving hole。If crack occurs due to lack of support,These holes can be used to spray high density foam behind cracks.。Once foam solidification(Need one or two hours),It will provide sufficient support to prevent cracks from happening again。

can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub

How to repair the hole of the glass fiber bathtub

step1:Clean area to repair

Wipe the area around the crack or acetone with alcohol or propanone,To remove grease,Oil and soap residue。If you are using the bath repair kit with cleaning wipes or cleaning pads,Use them。

step2:Painted painter's tape

Bringing a double-drain arter rubber in it to isolate an area to be repaired。Paint tape is more desirable than clamped tape or cloth tape,Because it is easy to fall off and will not residue。Leave an approximately on all sides of the damaged area1Inch bath surface,To make cleaner repair。

Notice:If you want to fix the big hole,It may be necessary to embed the glass fiber cloth into a repaired epoxy resin.。The rag should be large enough,All side of the hole can be covered1/2inch,And should be bonded with a larger region with tape,To make it easier to grind the edge。

step3:Drilling a stop hole and reinforced glass fiber

If you want to make crack repair,Please use the drill bit and the woodwork drill bit in the twilight of the crack.1/4Inches of holes。If you need to reinforce behind the bathtub,Please spray high-density foam insulation material via holes。When the foam begins to overflow from the hole,Please stop spraying,Then wait for its solidification and cut off excess foam with a farewell knife.。Drilling a small gusk on the foam,In order to make a space for the repair mixture。

step4:Mix epoxy resin with curing agent

(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)Read and follow the mixed description of the epoxy resin used。Sedimentary epoxy resin to repair on a disposable cardboard,Add a specified amount of hardening agent,And use the coatulator or peeled knife with this kit to mix it evenly。

First5step:Packing agent

Even the filler is uniformly spread in the area of the tape pasted,Make sure the hole is filled,And filled the filler of the area,So you can scrub。The patch should rise on the surface of the bathtub.1/16inch。If you are using a glass fiber patch,Please follow the manufacturer's instructions on the wet epoxy resin。After the fill is completed,Please remove the tape immediately,If you put the filler first,It will not be completed。Let the epoxy resin are fully cured according to the instructions。

step6:Rear harvesting area and start grinding

(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)Use two fresh painter tape to protect the surface of the grinding wheel is not polished,Then use400Particle size wet/Dry sandpaper polishing the trimming as flat as possible。after finishing,Switch to600Particle size/Wet sandpaper,And wear the area smoothly as possible。finally,Take down the tape,Wipe with water600Granular sandpaper,Then use sandpaper to polish the edge of the replenishment,To make it smoothly smooth to the surrounding bath surface。

This is part of the process of distinguishing expert repair work and general tasks,So please spend some time。Working lights are a good idea on the surface,This way you can see small ridges and scratches and put them.。

(can you use brass drain pipe on fiberglass tub)First7step:Spray paint(Optional)

If the color of the repair agent is significantly different from the color of the bathtub,You may need to cover the repairing agent with waterproof paint。but,Unless the color of the enamel is exactly the same as the color of the bucket or spraying the entire bucket,Otherwise, this will not have too much improvement。If the latter method is selected,Please make sure to stick the drainage pipe with tape,Overflows and any other part you don't want paint,And don't forget to wipe the repair with alcohol or propanone before spraying。


If you are not painted,Please apply a polishing agent on the repair,Then wipe with a soft cloth,Until the luster is matched with the rest of the bathtub.。If you want paint,Automatic polishing across the entire bathtub,And use electric buffer to polish it after drying。

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