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brass shower rod for claw foot tub

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What can decorate buy a bathtub

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)

How to choose the bathtub?

— Cat —

“ Home decoration,How to choose the bathtub?The bathtub is absolutely considered more controversial.,On the one hand, many people say that they have not used it.,Also accounted for space,Payment;On the other hand, many people are strongly recommended.,Say to improve your quality。

today,Cats finally updated the public number.~bring it on,Chat”

Buy it or not,I have to ask yourself

Do not buy?

Buy。More lifestyle,Improve quality of life,Hot springs can't be bubble,But bought a bathtub,Hot bath or can be bubbled。

Not buying。I can't use a few times a year.,Gray artifact,I regret it when I bought it.,Cleaning,The bathroom is originally small,I bought it.。

Okay!So a lot of things are no absolute。

I don't buy it.,Always can't escape two words

——Budget and demand。

brass shower rod for claw foot tub

Budget is tight,Then don't bought it.。

Flower money on the just needs,First guarantee basic living experience。

Bathing bath lovers,Then you can buy。

Investing in a thing that you like and make yourself comfortable,Classical land~

So...Buy this tub,

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)Can't impose consumption,I have to think about it yourself before I bought it.。

Several mainstream materials

Acrylic、cast iron、man made rock,

Is currently mainstream three bathtub materials。

Acrylic bathtub,

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)The price is usually cheaper,And a lot of cheap。

Its advantages except,

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)Also included,Light weight。

But it also has obvious disadvantages,Not durable。

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)Acrylic material is easy to leave scratches,The ability to fight and impact and impact is weak.,And easy to adsorb stains。

so,It is more suitable for budget limited shower enthusiasts。

(brass shower rod for claw foot tub)Cast iron or steel glaze bathtub,

Although the shape is single,But the price is still on a grade。

Because it is the most obvious advantage lies in durability and resistance:

  1. Glossy surface,Not easy to contaminate stains and bacteria。
  2. Not easy to stay mark,So you can easily clean with steel wire.。
  3. long lasting,Be uncomfortable、Discharge and crack。
  4. Good thermal conductivity。
brass shower rod for claw foot tub

Artificial stone bathtub,

The most expensive one in the three,Frequently in the mood。


The advantage is not one by one.,Set all the advantages。

Beautiful unlike strength,It is recommended that the might want to buy。


Which material is purchased,Please pay attention to the size before purchasing,

The transportation of the bathtub is a trouble.,It is best to step in place。