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central brass tub spout

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Now more and more bathtubs are used in the renovation process,As long as the bathroom space is large enough,Place a bathtub to enjoy life anytime, anywhere。After a busy day at work,come home for dinner,Take a dip in the bathtub,listening to soothing music,each nerve,Every cell relaxes。There are various types of bathtubs,How to choose a bathtub?Let's follow the editor of Qingdao Fashion Network to take a look.~

central brass tub spout

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1:size of bathtub

Determine the size of the bathtub according to the size of the bathroom。Also need to know about bathtubs of different shapes,The area is also different。such as triangles mounted in corners、Heart-shaped bathtubs take up more space than a typical rectangular bathtub。so,When buying a bathtub,Consider the size of the bathroom,Also consider whether the bathtub can accommodate such a space。

(central brass tub spout)

Bathtubs of different materials,Weight is also different。The load-bearing capacity of your bathroom floor will also vary,So before buying a bathtub,To choose a bathtub product that is within the weight range。

3:Height of bathtub spout

The height of the bathtub outlet should be considered according to your own needs。If you like deeper water,Then the position of the bathtub outlet should be higher.,If the outlet is too low,water level above this height,Water will be drained from the outlet,The depth of the bathtub is difficult to reach the required depth,Can not meet the requirements of residents。

The above are the bathtub selection suggestions recommended by Qingdao Fashion Network.,Hope to help you when using the bathtub at home!