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can you soder brass tube

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foreword:The first thing that many masters think of when welding brass is gas welding,In layman's terms, wind welding,Brass wire and copper powder welding,That's okay,The key is that everyone knows that when the material of brass is not too pure,The thickness is thicker and the temperature is difficult to control uniformly,When it is difficult to have a temperature difference to form a temperature tendency,how do you solder? I am afraid that it is difficult for experts for many years to answer this question for you.?Because a key point is that gas welding needs to talk about the weldability of the parent body and the tile permeability of the solder,The hard solder with better penetration of brass is silver wire.,But the silver welding wire goes back to gas welding,And it's expensive isn't?Today, Wioding Welding is about the welding of brass, which is different from the gas welding of brass argon arc welding.。

Application of Brass TIG Welding:For example, the repair of defects in cast copper alloys,Brass handicrafts and wrought iron,Large thick pipe of brass,Brass thick plate connection,Brass stencil welding in printing houses and more,These will use brass argon arc welding,And these gas welding can not solve or are difficult to solve。

Difficulties of Brass TIG Welding:
Welded brass can be welded with brass argon arc welding,But some teachers say,Brass cannot be welded with argon arc welding,When argon arc welding brass,That white smoke ooh ooh!The brain with the smoked head is not good, the hands are shaking!Yes!This is because your wire is wrong,Brass gas welding wire contains relatively high zinc content,When connecting the welding wire to the molten pool,The zinc in the welding wire is under the action of the high temperature of the molten pool,Instantly burnt into white smoke,and poisonous,These combined effects lead to irritability during welding,And the worst thing is that the molten pool is basically a mess,I can't see the molten pool!

(can you soder brass tube)can you soder brass tube

TIG Welding Brass and Stainless Steel Dissimilar Welding

Solutions for Brass TIG Welding:
If it is a general structural connection, the brass argon arc welding wire can be used.,instead of brass gas welding wire,For example, the special argon arc welding wire for brass, Viodine brass argon arc welding wire,This is non-standard,But soldering brass is especially good,Because only if there is no smoke,That's good,no more smoke,Copper water can only see clearly,to be welded,is the truth,Therefore, many people cannot weld brass by argon arc welding.,Not because of your bad technique,It's that you're using the wrong wire,Do you all know now??

can you soder brass tube

Craft Fawn of TIG Brass

can you soder brass tube

Brass Parts Brass TIG Welding

can you soder brass tube

Welding Brass TIG Wire Welding Brass Crafts

(can you soder brass tube)Welding Video of Brass TIG Welding:

The video below is just a reference and does not represent authority,It is used in work and I believe that it can benefit many welder friends.,If you like it, please retweet and like it. Thank you。

(can you soder brass tube)

(can you soder brass tube)
(can you soder brass tube)
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(can you soder brass tube)
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