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can you seal a brass gas fitting for flanged tube

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  High temperature pipeline flange joint is mainly composed of four parts,i.e. pipeline﹑bolt﹑Gaskets and upper and lower flanges,As shown 1 shown。


can you seal a brass gas fitting for flanged tube

  Pipe as the connection and support part of the flange connection,In order to ensure the stability and tightness of the system,Must have sufficient strength and stiffness。Bolts need to be strong enough to withstand compressive loads as well as external loads,and compress the gasket by pressing force。

can you seal a brass gas fitting for flanged tube

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  Gasket material is softer than flange material,OthelloOTH-2100The deformation of such a soft PTFE gasket can be used to fill the gap of the flange pressing surface;In addition, the gasket is resilient,under working conditions,In order to make the flange joint achieve a better sealing effect,The rebound amount of the gasket should be greater than or equal to the pressure of the medium inside the system﹑The amount of separation between flange surface and gasket caused by operating temperature or external load, etc.,To meet a certain residual compression stress of gaskets。

  Due to the entire connection,Bolts in the system﹑The interaction between the gasket and the flange produces a force,And the operating internal pressure in the system will also affect the flange。therefore,The force of flange work is more complicated。It is not only necessary to achieve the corresponding strength required by the system,also not exceed the maximum allowable value for leakage。The high temperature pipeline flange connection is subject to too much axial tension and bending moment,make too much deformation,Causes the pressing force of the upper and lower flange sealing surfaces to become smaller,A leak occurs。

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