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danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

First call to Umberto·Eco time,He is sitting at his desk in his seventeenth century manor。The estate is located on a hill outside Urbino,Not far from the Italian Adriatic coast。He praised the beauty and advantages of the pool,But I'm worried about whether I will be able to get the mountain pass that is cumbersome。therefore,We relocated the meeting to his apartment in Milan。The day I arrived was Midsummer in late August,On the day the Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary。Milan's grey buildings emit heat,A thin layer of dust has accumulated on the road,Can barely hear a car。I walked into the building where Eco lived,Ride the old turn-of-the-century elevator,Hear the creaking of the door on the top floor,Eco's striking body appears outside the elevator's iron fence:“what——”He frowned slightly。

Bookshelves lined up in the apartment,All the way to the very high ceiling,The aisle in the middle is like a maze——A total of 30,000 books,Eco says,Another 20,000 volumes are in his estate。I saw Ptolemy's scientific treatises and Calvino's novels,There are studies on Saussure and on Joyce,Special section with medieval history and mysterious manuscripts。Many books are worn out due to too many pages,thus giving life to these collections。Eco reads fast,amazing memory。in his study,A complete collection of Eco's own works is placed on the bookshelf in a room.,Include all translations(Arabic、Finnish、Japanese……After counting to more than 30 languages,I can't count)。Eco sizzling、Point to me carefully one by one of his works,From early critical theory to fame《open works》to the most recent novel《ugly history》。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Eco started out as a scholar of the Middle Ages and semiotics。later,nineteen eight〇year,forty-eight years old,published a novel《rose name》,Caused a sensation in the international calligraphy circle,More than 10 million copies sold,The professor turned literary star。He was chased by reporters,People admired his cultural commentary,admiration for his vast knowledge,considered him to be the most important Italian writer of our time。From then onwards,He went on to write prose full of whimsy、Academic Works,and authored four better-selling novels,include《Foucault pendulum》(1998)and《Queen Roanna's Mystical Flame》(2004)。

Big belly leading the way,Eco moves on the floor,take me into the living room。through the window,A huge silhouette of a medieval castle reflected in the sky in Milan。I was expecting tapestries and Italian antiques in the living room,It turned out to be modern furniture,Several glass cases display sea shells and rare book comics、a lute、set of records、A collage of sticky brushes。“this,look,is Oman i.e. Armand·Pierre·Fernandez(1928—2005),American contemporary artist,Born in Nice, France。s work,Special for me……”

I'm sitting on the big white sofa,Eco is stuck in a low armchair,cigar in hand。he told me,He used to smoke up to sixty cigarettes a day,But now there's only one unlit cigar。when i asked the first question,Eco's eyes narrowed to black lines,when it was his turn to answer,eyes open suddenly。“i love the middle ages,”He said,“Just like some people love to eat coconut。”in Italy,Eco with his jokes、He is known for his hilarious playfulness,in the words that go around,almost every turn,will throw jokes。talk more,His voice seemed to follow。soon,He made a few outlines,As if lecturing to a class of attentive students。“First,writing《rose name》Time,since no one knows,I certainly don't know,Aristotle《poetics》last volume、the famous volume《On Comedy》what is written in,but somehow,in the process of writing a novel,I found what's in it。second,Detective novels raise central questions of philosophy——‘who is the murderer’。”When he thinks the person talking to is smart enough,rapid professional discourse:“right,That's right。But I would also add that……”

Two hours after the interview,Eco's Italian Publisher、Mario, Literary Editor-in-Chief, Bombiani Publishing House·Andrews came to pick us up for dinner。Eco's wife、Forty-five-year-old Renette·Rumgar and Andrews sit in front,Eco and I are in the back seat。I was thinking about it a few minutes ago、Echo of the punch line,Appears indifferent、sullen。But as soon as you step into the restaurant,A plate of bread is in front of us,His mood brightened immediately。He browses the menu excitedly,As soon as the waiter came,He couldn't wait to order a pizza and a glass of scotch.。“Yes,Yes,i shouldn't,i shouldn't……”A delighted reader approaches the table,“you are umberto·Eco??”The professor raised an eyebrow,grin,shake hands。then,Eco brought up Pope Benedict XVI enthusiastically、The Fall of the Persian Empire and the Latest“007Movie”,Our conversation can finally continue。“do you know,”he shoved his fork into the pizza,while saying,“I have published an article before,is about Ian·Structural Analysis of the Prototype Plots of Fleming's Novels。”

——Lila·Asam·Sangner,two〇〇eight years

danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《paris review》:where were you born?

Umberto·Eco:alexandria town,It's famous for making bolsalino hats there。

《paris review》:What kind of family are you born in one??

Aco:My father is the accountant,His father is a print worker。My father is the boss of thirteen children.,I am a son in my home.,My son is my first child.,His first child is also a son。so,If someone accidentally found that the Aku family is a descendant of the Byzantine Emperor,Then my grandson is the Crown Prince!

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Although I don't want to visit my grandfather,Because the place where he lives is three miles away from the town.,And when I was six years old, he passed away.,But he has an extra important impact on me.。He has a huge curiosity for the world,widely read。Incredible,After retirement, he began to engage in books.,therefore,Falling books in his apartment——19th century Gotiye and Da Zhongma's popular novel,Ancient versions with beautiful illustrations。That is my earliest book.。After 1938, he passed away.,These unbolded books are not asked by the owner.,The family puts them all into a big box。Casily,This box is placed in my parents' cellar。I am sent to the cellar from time to time to get coal or take wine.,one day,I open this box.,Discover a book's treasure。Since,I often take care of the cellar.,turn out,I also have a legendary magazine for my grandfather.《Ocean Travel Adventure Pictorial》,The inside is the strangeness of the exotic country、Cruel story。This is the wonderful experience of my first break into the novel world.。Unfortunately,All those books and magazines have lost,For decades,I slowly retrieve the same copy from the old bookstore and the flea market.。

《Paris comments》:If you have never seen any books before going to my grandfather,Is it,Your parents have no books.?

Aco:This is a strange thing。My father is young when I read a book.。Since my grandparents have 13 children,The family can only be barely,My father can't buy a book.,So go to the bookstore to stand on the street。The owner of the bookstall, seeing him.,Faceless,My father went to the next bookstore,Read the second part,So on and so forth。That is a precious picture in my heart.。That kind of embarrassing reading pursuit。When I grow up,My father is only free at night.,He mainly reads newspapers and magazines。In our home,Only a few novels,But not put on the shelf,In the closet。sometimes,I saw my father who borrowed from my friends.。

《Paris comments》:You are so young, becoming a scholar.,What do he have??

Aco:Oh,He died very early,In 1962,But then I have published a few books.,Both are academic content,May let my father foggy water,But I found,He will try to read reading late at night。《Open work》I happened in the first three months of death.,《Evening post》There is a famous poet O'Jeno·Montalley written book review。That comment is preserved——strange、friendly、Sharp,But after all, people writing comments are Montta,I think,For my father,Can,Fu Fu。In a sense,I also bond,finally,I think I reached all his wishes.,But I guess,He will be more exciting to read my novel。My mother has only died ten years.,So she knows that I wrote many other books.,Invited to go to foreign universities to do lectures。She is very ill,But very happy,But I think she is not very clear.。you know,Mothers always lead their sons proud,Even if he is full of stupid。

《Paris comments》:Fasist prestige in Italy、War,You still have a child,At that time, what did you know about this??

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Aco:That is the time of paragraph。Mussolini is very leader,Like each Italian school child at the time,I joined the fascist youth movement。We are all demanding military uniform uniforms,Participated in Saturday,We are happy to do this.。Just like today, a US boy is dressed as a soldier.——He will feel fun。For our children,The whole movement is a natural thing.,It's like snowing in winter.、Summer cool summer。We can't imagine there is another lifestyle.。I think that time,Well with anyone recalls childhood,With a warm warmth,I think of those who bombed and spending the refuge.,Soft。1943,The first collapse of fascism,it's all over,I read the existence of different political parties and political situations on democratic newspapers.。September 1943 to 1945,Bomb——That is the most traumatic age in our country.,I and my mother、Sister lives in the countryside,Montpera Co in the north,A village of Piedmont,There is located in the center of resistance sports。

《Paris comments》:Do you have witnessed those fighting??

Aco:I remember the gun battle of the fascist army and guerrilla.,Almost want yourself to join the battle。I even remember once,To hide a bullet,I jump from the tree to the ground。At that time,Village we live in,I can see them bombed Alexandria every week.,My father is still working there.。Sky is fried as orange。Telephone line,We only wait until the weekend father go home,Can you know if he is still safe?。That period,Young man living in the countryside,I have to learn the skills of survival。

《Paris comments》:War has no impact on you decided to work?

Aco:no,No direct relationship。I started writing something before the war.,Not related to war。Adolescent,I have read many comics and the fantasy novels background for Malaysia and Central Asia.,So draw a comics。I am a perfectionist,To make them like printed,So I write with uppercase letters,And make a title page,Fabrication and illustration。Engineering is too tired,So that I have never completed any one of them.。At that time,I am a masterpiece who has not completed masterpieces.。Obviously,I started to create a novel,The memory of war plays a certain effect in writing.。but,Everyone is trapped in my own memories.。

《Paris comments》:Did you have seen those early works??

Aco:My parents may see what I am doing.,But I think I didn't have seen others.。That is just a private hobby.。

《Paris comments》:You mentioned before,You try to write poetry during this period.。In one article on writing,you say,“My poetry and juvenile acne,Have the same function origin and form structure。”

Aco:I think it is at a certain age,For example, when fifteen or older,Writing poetry is a kind of masturbation。But in my later years,Excellent poet will burn the early poems,Purchable poets publish them。Fortunately, I will give up the poem.。

《Paris comments》:Who inspired you in literature efforts?

Aco:My grandmother——She reads addiction,Although only the fifth grade of primary school,But she is a member of the city library,Bring two or three books every week to give me。May be a terrace,Or Barzack works,There is no difference in her eyes.,As a victorious victory。on the other hand,My mother is educated,Is a typist in the future。She typed from French and German。When she was young, she read many books.,But after the age,Birth of a certain inert,Read-only love novels and female magazines。So I didn't read the books of her reading.。But she said a beautiful and elegant italian,Writing is also beautiful,So her friend asked her to write a letter.。Although I dropped out early.,But she has excellent sense of calm。I think,From her body,I inherited a favorite love for writing from the heart.,My early style is also affected by her.。

《Paris comments》:How much self-collected color is with your novel??

Aco:I think in a sense,Everything。When you think about a role,You recall some of your personal memory to him or her,Take your own part of the role,The other part gives the role two。In this sense,I am not writing any autobiography.,But the novel written is my own biography.。This is different。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:Do you have a lot of pictures to move directly??I remember《Fu Ke》Belb in the small number in the cemetery。

Aco:This scene is definitely my personal portrayal。I am not Belb,But this scene has happened to me.,Significance,So I have to reveal that I have never mentioned it before.。Three months ago,I spent about two thousand dollars,I bought a high quality trumpet。To blow small,Lips must be trained for long-term training。I am 123 years old.,Blow,But now skills,Blemish。despite this,I still practice every day.,The reason is,I want to go back to the childhood era.。for me,The trumpet marks the one of the young time.。I have no feeling of violin.,But see the trumpet,I feel that the blood in the body boils.。

《Paris comments》:Do you find that you can blow a song??

Aco:The more I blow,The more you can think of those songs。Of course,Some small knots are too high,Be too difficult to blow。I repeat several times.,Repeatedly strive,But I understand,My lips cannot be made of correct response.。

《Paris comments》:Have your memory have the same situation??

Aco:Be strange,I am older.,The more things。For example, give you:My hometown is Alessandria dialect.,An inexpensive Piedmont,Lombardy、Dialect of Emilia and Genoa。I won't say this dialect,Because our home is born in small bourgeois families,My father thinks that my sister and I should only speak italian.。However, between the big people,My parents are talking about dialects.。So I can understand it.,But will not say。Half a century,suddenly,This dialect takes out from my belly or subconscious.,When I met the old friend in Alexandria,I actually said.!therefore,With the lapse of life,I am not only regased the past.,I also returned me to think that I have never learned something.。

《Paris comments》:Why do you decide to study medieval aesthetics??

Aco:I accept Catholic education,during college,I presided over a national Catholic student group,So being attracted by the medieval academic thinking and early Christianology。I wrote about Thomas·Graduation thesis of Aquiki Aesthetics,But just before the scripture,My faith has been revised once。That is a complicated political event。I belong to a relatively radical part of the student group.,meaning is,I care about social problems and social justice。The right wing faction is protected by the Pope。one day,I am alleged to be a heterogeneous and communist molecules.。Even the official newspapers in Vatican also attack us。This matter prompted me to make a philosophical amendment to my beliefs.。But I still have a good respect.,Continue to study medieval and Chinese philosophy,Don't mention my love, Aqua,。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:you are《Rose name》Post-back:“I am nowhere to see the existence of this period.,It is obvious to cover up in my daily care。Although these care seem to be medieval,But they are actually。”Why do you say that your daily care is a medieval??

Aco:My life,There are countless times of full body immersing in the middle of the ancient times.。E.g,When preparing a graduation thesis,I am going to Paris.,One month,Research on the French National Library。I decided to live in the medieval two months.。If you narrow the layout of Paris,Only picked a fixed street from it,You are really living in the medieval。Then you start thinking,I feel that I am a medieval person.。For example, I remember,Write《Rose name》before,My wife always blames me to observe the way nature is wrong.。She is proficient in gardening,Almost know the name of all spices and flowers in the world。Once in the suburbs,We born a bunch of bonfire,she says,Look,That rolls out the fire between the trees。I certainly won't pay attention.。later,She reads《Rose name》The last chapter,I have described a lot of fires.,she says,So you did see those fires!I am answering,no,but I know,How will a medieval monk look at the fire?。

danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

《Rose name》English version

《Paris comments》:Do you think you may really like life in the medieval??

Aco:what,If so,In my age,I am already dead。I guess,If I live in the medieval,I will decide the feelings of that era.。I would rather just imagine.。

《Paris comments》:Foreign Han,The medieval is filled with a mysterious、Unreachable color

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)color。What is attracted to you?

Aco:It's hard to answer。Why do you fall in love??If you need to explain,I would say,Because that period is just the opposite of people's imagination。in my opinion,It is not a dark era,But a brilliant period,Fragle soil in the literary revival。A chaotic and active transition period——Modern city、Bank system、University and Europe in our modern concept,Include language、Country and culture。

《Paris comments》:you said before,In your book,You have never consciously compare the medieval and modern,But look,This is the reason for the medieval attracting you.。

Aco:right,But it must be extremely careful when doing。I have done some contrasts in an article.。But if you give me a fifty dollar,I can write an article for you.,Compare our era and the era of Ni Anders。It is always easy to find it.。But I think,Concern the meaning of history,Comparison of deepening it in depth from today。I admit that my old fair is terrible.,Syrido,I still believe:“History is a tutor of life。”

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:Young scholar as a medieval field,Why do you suddenly study the language??

Aco:Because of its own memory,I want to understand how to spread and communicate.。In aesthetics,This problem is,What is a art?,How is a piece of art to convey information??I'm right“how”This problem is especially fascinated。also,One limited condition we are being used is what we can create。So the result,A completion of graduation thesis,I am going to the Italian National TV Station.。That is 1954,The first set of TV shows has just launched playback a few months ago.,Opened the era of Italian Volkswagen Vision Communication。then,I started curious,Do you have some strange personality split?。on the one hand,I am interested in experimental literature and art language.,on the other hand,I love TV、Comics and detective novels。I can't help but ask yourself,Is my interest so much like??

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)I turn to symbolics,Because I want to put different levels of cultural unity。I realize,Any mass media product can also be used as a cultural analysis。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:You have said,Symbolics is a lie。

Aco:With“lie”,I should say,Yes“Tell the truth”。Humans will speak fairy tale,Will Fantasy New World,Be mistaken——and,We will lying。All those possibilities are attributed to language。

Lying is the unique ability of humanity。A dog,Follow the smell tracking footprint,It can be said,Dogs and smells will not“lie”。But I can lie to you.,Tell you to the direction,But is not the direction you ask,However, you will believe me.,The result is wrong。The reason is,For us,Dependent symbol is feasible。

《Paris comments》:Some opposition to people in a research field,Symbolists ultimately make all reality disappear、No longer exist。

Aco:This is the so-called unchecked position。They not only assume everything to be text——Even this table is also,Each text can be interpreted unlimited,and,They follow a view from Nietzsche——He said,No fact,Explanation。on the contrary,I follow Charles·Sanders·Pims。no doubt,He is the greatest American philosopher、Symbolics and explanation of the parent of theory。He said,We explain the facts through symbols。If there is no fact,Explanation,What is the need to explain??This is what I am《Interpretation》Proposed。

《Paris comments》:exist《Fu Ke》inside,You wrote:“The more a sign is difficult to understand,The more attention,The more magic。”

Aco:A secret with no content with powerful magic。People often mention“Mystery”,What exactly is a mystery of a mason??No one said。As long as it is empty,You can fill any possible content in the inside.,It has magic。

《Paris comments》:Do you think that the work of symbolists and novelists is completely cut??

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Aco:It can be unbelievable,But I wrote the novel,Never want to think about symbolics,But let others do the next job.,The conclusion they have,I often have to surprise me.。

danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

《Paris comments》:Do you still fade with TV??

Aco:I guess,No serious scholars don't like watching TV。I am just aware of one recognized。Then I tried it as the material I have studied.。But I am not a TV fan collected by all the bills.,No TV shows love to see,I like watching TV dramas.,Hate garbage show。

《Paris comments》:What is the show is you particularly loved??

Aco:Police series,for example《Police》。

《Paris comments》:This series began broadcast from the 1970s,No longer played。

Aco:I know,But I heard that I just came out.DVDComplete works,Consider getting a set。Apart from this,I like《Crime scene investigation》、《Miami Fengyun》、《Emergency story》,Where the favorite is《Lombardo》。

《Paris comments》:You read《The Da Vinci Code》??

Aco:Read,I also have a responsibility.。

《Paris comments》:That novel is like《Fu Ke》A strange little branch derived。

Aco:Dan·Brown is from《Fu Ke》One role that is coming out!It is what I created.。He and my pen put the same thing——Rose Cross Subverting the conspiracy of the world,Masonic members and believers of Jesuits,The role played by the Templar Group,Deeply destroyed secret。The principle is that everything is related.。I doubtan·Brown this person may not exist at all。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

《Fu Ke》English version

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:Solemnly put forward a fictional premise,This seems to appear in yours.。Novels are substantial and authentic in a sense。

Aco:right,The fictional story can create。My fourth novel《Pudolino》Writing this is this。Pudolino is a little liar,Misceliki in the Holy Roman Empire·The courtyard of the Barbarosa Emperor。This boy made a lot of rare weird things——From the legend of the Holy Cup to the Bologna jury awarded the legitimacy of Barbarosa regime。His behavior has caused actual consequences。Fabricated stories or errors can lead to real historical events。Just like Wang John's letter from priest,It is forged——In my novel,Forging it is not someone else,Puerto Rolino。But it really stimulates the medieval adventure in Asia.,Because of the letter,A place in mysterious oriental,There is a legendary Christian kingdom,Prosperous。Alive or Cristoff·Columbus example。His understanding of the earth,It is completely wrong。Although the same is true for everyone,Including his opponent,He knows that the earth is round,But what he believes is much smaller than actual。Guided by this wrong point,He discovered the Americas。Another famous example is《Jewish old secret meeting minutes》。It is assumed,But it provides evidence for Nazi ideology,In a sense,Focusing the road for the Jews massacres。Hitler uses this document to deal with the rationality of the Jews,He may know that it is a fake,But in his consciousness,The Jews described in it exactly agree with what he wants.,therefore,He treats it as a true。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:Pudolino finally declared:“‘Pupire’It is true,Because I spend two-thirds of life and my companions to find it.。”

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Aco:Pudolino forged instruments、Utopia、Future blueprint in concerty。When his friends are so happy to set foot on the journey、Really explore the legendary oriental,His lies become true。However, this is just an aspect of narrative。in addition,In the architecture in the novel,You can use it to be incredible、Simple events like fabricated。In my novel,I have used countless real stories and real scenes,Because I found,They are far more romantic than what I read in the past, the so-called novel.、More drama。for example,exist《Yesterday's island》inside,There is a pure funny,Caspa priest created the same weird tool,Used to observe satellites around Jupiter。Galileo's letter is written in this tool。I am just a fantasy,If Galare's tools are really created,What will happened。But my readers think this is a comedy fictional。

《Paris comments》:What is prompted you to create a novel based on historical events??

Aco:For me,Historical novels are not just a novelty version of the real incident,In fact,Novel,It makes us better understand history。I also like to join the elements of growth novels in history novels.。In all my novels,Have a young master,Growth in a series of experiences、Learn、Suffer difficult。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:Why do you start writing a novel until 48 years old??

Aco:This is not as big as the people think,Because even in I write doctoral thesis、In argument, when,It is already a narrative work.。for a long time,I think,Most philosophical books are really the truly story about them to study the story.,As a scientist, they got a major discovery.。therefore,I feel that I have been telling stories.,Just use the styles of the styles.。

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)《Paris comments》:What makes you feel that you must write a novel?

Aco:1978,one day,A friend tells me,She is responsible for publishing a small detective novel written by a set of restless authors。I say,I don't write detective stories.,But if I let me write,Be sure is this 500 pages、Book with a medieval monk。Returned home that day,I fictitic a list of medieval monks.。later,I suddenly emerged in my mind, a monk was poisoned.。The idea of creation is from this,From that screen,Continuously become an impulse impulse。

《Paris comments》:Many of your novels seem to be delayed,Are you a crack between the theoretical research and the creation of novel?You have said,“For those who we can't be theoretical,We can only narrate。”

Aco:This is a saying of Wittgenstein,No actual meaning。the fact is,I wrote countless articles about symbolics.,But I think,No one《Fu Ke》Better express my point of view。Your point of view may not be original——Aristotle always thinks before you。But by this point of view,You can give it originality。Man love woman,This is not a new idea,But if you use some way,I wrote an outstanding novel,So,Literary drama,It turns into absolute original。I believe,in the end,More abundant is the story——A view of transformation,Incorporate,Borrow roles,Let it glow in the language of fine language。therefore,Obvious,When a point of view is converted into a life-owned body,It turns into something very different,And may be more performance。

on the other hand,Contradictions can constitute the core of a novel。Killing the old woman is something interesting——With this argument,Your ethical papers will not be,Move to the novel,It became a literary classic《Crime and penalty》,The characters inside can't tell you that the old woman is right.,His struggle swing——That is, the contradiction we said,Become a poetic and challenging theme。

《Paris comments》:How do you start to study your novel??

Aco:At once《Rose name》In terms of,Since I am interested in the Middle Age,There are hundreds of information in hand,So just have written it for two years.。Write《Fu Ke》,From the study, I spent eight years.!Since I don't tell others about what I am doing,I think of it now.,Almost ten years,I am living in my own world.。I went to the street,See this car、That tree,Say to yourself,what,This can be linked to my story.。that's it,My story is formed every day,Everything I do、Every small fragment in life、Each dialog,Will give me inspiration。Then,I have visited those places written in the field.——France and all the regions of the Templar in Portugal live。It becomes like a video game,And I may play a warrior inside.,Into a magic kingdom。In addition to playing game time,The rest of your time is completely awkward,When writing,There is always a critical point,You jump off the train at that moment.,For the next morning, I re-bus.。

(Original load《Paris comments》Chapter 85

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)two〇〇Eight-year summer)

This article is taken from《Paris comments:Writer interview》(Have an apportion)

(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Zhang Wei/Translation

danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister

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(danco brass tub shower valve stem for price pfister)Feng Tang

Feng Tang:I am very disappointed with this world's broadness and aesthetics.


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