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central brass tub shower valve

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Now there will be the use of faucet in the family.,But most of the faucets are separated by hot and cold water.,Have a long timeThermal water valveImprovisible problem,In this case, you need to replace the installation.;So what should be prepared before installing the hot and cold water valve?How should the hot and cold water valve installation?,How to replace the spool??Don't worry about the next small preparation to organize the steps.,Click here to get it.!

one、Preparation before installation of hot and cold water valves

1. General bathroom,It is best to draw the corresponding drawings before construction.;

2. The spacing of the hot and cold water tube cannot be too close.,At the same time, the bathroom water pipe is over the roof.,This reduces the chance of human damage;

3. Cold hot water pipe interface、Export must be parallel,Generally the left is hot、On the right is a cold water pipe,The line design of the pipe should be to avoid bending,Always from the circuit as much as possible;

4. The last is the position of the tube card,The position slope of the pipe card should also meet the needs.,Each valve is installed neatly,It is also convenient for future use and maintenance。

central brass tub shower valve

two、How to install hot and cold valve

1. Mounting of single hole basin faucet

(central brass tub shower valve)You should pay attention to the diameter of the water when you purchase a single-handed faucet.,Most of the market is hard tube into the water.,Pay attention to reserved water tube height,About the basin30Centimeter,Installation,Be sure to choose a dedicated corner valve,Corner valve must be fixed with the cold and cold water pipe of the wall outlet,If the angle valve and the water tube are distance to the water tube,Just buy a dedicated tube to extend the link,No other water pipes to link,Otherwise, it will drain due to large water pressure.、Fall off。If the water pipe is too long to exceed the water pipe,Leave redundant parts。

2. take a shower、Bathtub faucet installation

If you buy a shower、tub、Wall faucet,Then you need to choose the right height buried water pipe,Cold water pipe distance is probably20Centimeter or more;Wash the water pipe before installation,Avoid damage to the faucet due to the hard quality,Install a shower、Bathtub faucet:Generally, the faucet's spool is needed in the wall.,Consider the wall thickness of the bathroom before embedding,Wall is too thin, the valve core will not be buried,The plastic protective cover of the spool is not easy to remove during the pre-buried,To avoid damaging the spool during the buddy;At the time of the pre-buried spool, you should also pay attention to the up and down of the spool.、Left and right direction,So avoiding the valve core。

central brass tub shower valve

three、How to change the cold and cold faucet valve

1、How to disassemble the old spool

Total water valve,Unscrew the blue cover on the right handle,Roll the screws in the cross screwdriver,Take the handle,Out of the spool,Use the movable wrench to screw the valve core。

2、How to change the new spool

Remove the valve,You will see a blue eraser in the bottom of this spool.。General habits are red erasers at the bottom of the left spool,And the right spool is blue eraser。So change the spool on the right,Still use a blue rubber spool,After the valve core is good,Handle inserted up,Adjust the direction of the handwheel,The handle is guanshow,The direction of the person is booming。Pack of screws,Cover the right blue cover,This will replace the new spool.。

(central brass tub shower valve)The above is Xiaobian for everyone to organizeThermal water valveHow to install,How to replace the hot and cold water valve core;I hope to help you.,For more renovation knowledge, please continue to pay attention to!