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danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

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danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

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(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)JALO HOME

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)JALO HOME ∣ ISSUE 006

Kohler just a mid-level brand,You can use the money to buy Kohler real high-end goods

My neighbor,It is American TV fans,Home renovation is taking the American luxury line,Decoration materials used are top,To say that a brick,The use of the home is actually the most expensive tileIMOLA;200Dollars to a little tile,Put up a wall;Daikin central air-conditioning,The same apartment,Someone's home is a drag six,His nine home improvement is a drag,With two outdoor units。

So high-class standard,I was a no-brainer,Leading his family、Showers、These toilets can best embody the quality decoration is something definitely useHans Gya(Hansgrohe),evenVilleroy & Boch(Villeroy Boch)。

But,one day,I saw his door scattered over the ground of Kohler box,Get a look,Faucet and toilet,They are installedCorler!!!

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

I'm sorry for them。This can only say that they do not really understand,The key is,The money did not spend less。

Kohler can only be considered a mid-level brand,To set up factories in China as early as more than,Route go large。Because advertisers do well(still remember“To build a house worthy of Kohler faucet”Picture it),Chinese people think that this is a premium brand。

actually,Throughout the sanitary field,Whether leader、Showers、toilet,Or basin,tub,You use the money to buy Kohler,You can buy a higher quality product to raise high-end products。


Kohler friend to buy a non-let me prove in the end is not a high-end Kohler,I can only“Ha ha”In。Analogy,It's like the difference between Volkswagen and Audi brand,You have to ask people in the industry,We all recognize。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

1Hans Gya(hansgrohe)Faucet、Showers

At present, you can buy the best quality faucets and showers,German Hansgrohe,Price really expensive,But things are really good。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)Leading this thing,There will not be much difference between the top Material,The main differences in the design。As I understand it,Hansiyage has been able to lead relatively,They might be in terms of design,He has been leading the trend(The largest number of Red Dot Award)。

Their products are a good number of series,To facilitate the search or research,I have marked in English。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)■ The low end isRutgers(Logis)Fu Kesi(Foucs)series

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Rutgers Series 71090000

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Fu Kesi series 31730000

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)■ In the end isMetris(Metris)andTalis(Talis)series,Talis is taking the Western classical style。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Metris kitchen faucet

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Talis series 14118000

■ These are relatively high-endPura Vida(Puravida)series,It is characterized by white,Not just chrome-plated copper。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Pura Vida Series 15070400

■ Hansgrohe real high-end series calledAxor(AXOR ),The series design is more impressive,Of course, the price is a lot more expensive。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hans Gya Axor series

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Hansgrohe shower

Hansgrohe domestic store,In general actually home or inside Macalline,High price bizarre。The cheapest leader,Also2000Element,General shower,All5000-6000Element。

As the domestic dealers Hansgrohe was quite strict control,Domestic dealers buy on Taobao selling Hansgrohe not much cheaper。Taobao there are five hundred dollars can buy a lot of Hansgrohe,Some of them claim to be for projects。But this risk is very large,After all, the tap water inlet flow is not,It is in contact with the skin。

so,The best way to buy Hansgrohe,It is to go to Germany to buy。

Two roads,OwnAmoy sea,orPurchase

I recommend purchasing,Because peace of mind,I myself buy in Taobao on behalf of the German leader had more Hansiyage、Showers,Genuine。The cheapest 汉斯格雅福 Kesi Long head,About purchasing700-1000Yuan,Kohler buy than at home not much expensive,But the quality is absolutely not the same thing。


If you really think your Hansgrohe,That GROHE is a good alternative。It is said that,Hansgrohe and Grohe decades ago of the same family,But I've been to several high-instrument shop,Decoration quality and taste than the often shabby neighbor with her Hansgrohe,And not too shabby got a little。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)Showers aspects,Grohe Hansgrohe can not keep up,But leading,small differences。Hansgrohe has factories in Shanghai Songjiang,So Grohe's sales are always telling you must've,To ensure that their products are German goods,Because China did not plant。

Buy Grohe,Germany is also going to buy,And also his or sea Amoy purchasing。But the price for the,The cheapest brilliance,Can also be more elegant than Hansge100-200Block,It has been directly close to the price of Coloror。

Still just said,The high instrument is not as good as Hans Gya,But material,These two brands are similar,Not a Kohler ratio。so,If you are not very interested, you are more inquiry.,Higyi is a good alternative。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Gao Yi bathroom faucet

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)Gaoti kitchen faucet

3Kadwei(Kaldewei)Steel bathtub

The bathtub is not a high frequency product,But can effectively improve life quality,It is recommended to buy or buy it.。There are several materials in the bathtub.,Widely knownAcrylic bathtub,Because of the cheap,Domestic sales largest。But because of the emergence of online shopping,Cast iron tubSteel bathtubandArtificial stone bathtubThese higher products,In fact, it is also expensive.。

When I decorate myself,I bought the artificial stone bath for the factory to foreign manufacturers.,Pantry at home。But if you know the German Kadwi Steel Bathtub,Maybe a different choice,Because Kadwei is cheap,Quality is not bad。

Kadwe, Germany is the only world in the world.3.5Millimeter thick steel plate bath,Quality is obviously better acrylic,Light than the cast iron bath。Currently on Taobao,3000-4000Yuan can buy,This is only equivalent to Kohler andTOTOAcrylic bathtub price。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Kadwi bathtub model144-7

4Cast iron bathtub for domestic export manufacturers

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)When you don't know how to get the bathroom products,I have to go home every time.,Will around Klele orTOTOCast iron tub taking a circle,It is really beautiful,Especially in your tank。But the price is too expensive.,Generally, more than 10,000 yuan。Koler's sales will tell you,Cast iron products are Colle's traditional strength(Glazed),Almost no opponent(German does not do this)。This is also good,But Kohle's cast iron products are really too high.,A cast iron water basin is expensive3000many。

How to do?Online search。

Answer here,I found three(Should not stop so much)Factory to do cast iron products abroad,Two in Hebei,A family in Shandong。They all opened their own stores on Taobao.,General cast iron tub3000Yuan can buy,General cast iron water basin is about1000Yuan。Because it is a foreign country,Their process level will not be poor,And use it is also imported glaze。only,If you buy a cast iron product,You have to do two preparations,Handling and installation。Handling and installing the cast iron bathtail must be a lot of money,Install the water basin,To find a heavy wall to hang,otherwise,Cabinet can't help。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Kohler Cast Iron bathtub modelK-45595T

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

TOTOCast iron tub

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Export cast iron bath


I finally said that I have the most experienced part.:toilet。

Is such that,Initially I thought the best-looking toilet is the Mamma series of Kohler.,New classical style,Elegant and noble。Later, there was a difference between Intercontinental Hotel.,I found that the toilet in the people's bathroom is good.,The glaze looks thick and soft,Pattern deep atmosphere,Obviously not Kohle。Look at the next trademark on the hunter,OriginallyVilleroy Boch(Only the treasure),I only know that this porcelain brand still has a toilet.。Search online,Also went to the store.,I found that only the baby bucket is really expensive,China has no factory is pure imported,The cheapest4000-5000Yuan。

From this to open the toilet research tour。Soon I found Duravit next to the Hansgya store.(Duravit),Because these two cooperation agreements,Many Hans Gya faucets,In the store is installed on the basin of Duravit。Dulavite's toilet,Should be admitted to the only treasure,Glazed and pattern,Duyuan Charler。more importantly,Several toilets of Dulavite,Online price is actually cheap

This news must be widely reported,Widely advertising,Widely advertising!

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Colle Mema series toilet modelK-3429T

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Duravit toilet model216001

Dulavite's toilet is better than Kikeler?Ok in china,Porcelain glazed,Fortunately in design,High-end atmosphere。See the picture, you may think Kokhama is even better,Then I advise you to see two toilets with you.,I will see it when I look at it.。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)Duravite's toilet,Relatively low-end2000I can get it in the Yuan.,This price is less than or equal to the midpart toilet。As for why it is so cheap,The first is Duravite's pricing strategy.,Secondly, they have a factory in Chongqing.,And continue to expand capacity。

6High-end brand of domestic bathroom

finally,It's time to support domestic goods.,Don't say that I am pulling,I was serious,There is indeed cost-effective product here.。

First popularize common sense,China is now the world's hardware production,Guangdong、Fujian、Three primary products in Zhejiang。Guangdong is currently based on an alphabetic,Products are exported,Self-owned brand is weak。Xiamen and Nan'an, Fujian,A total of substantials have been,but2008After the financial crisis, I gradually began to wake up.,Create your own high-end brand,Although the progress is not fast,But you can estimate the product quality from their determination.。

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)To know,You can encounter any brand of faucets in the market.、Shower,May be their production,Just hanging different brands。

In the case of confiscation of advertising,I have listed a few names,For your reference,These faucets、Shower design is still poor than foreign countries,But the material is not bad,The price is also very cheap,With Koler,From this, do you know how big the profit of Kohler?,I am really not Blackler.。

they are:Xiamen's Songlin(solux)、Taiwan's Chenglin(gobo)。。。Here are a lot of products that have to be a red dot.。

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

Songlin Spring Water Potted Faucet

What is the red dot prize??

Red dot(Red dot design award)Source from Germany,Is the main award in the international industrial design,International design“Oscar”Claim。Many common products in our lives,Both red dot prize winners,For example, a large number of Apple products。

Due to the current red dot institutionCEOPeter·Zach long-sleeved,Red Point Award has exceeded Germany in recent yearsIFprize、America'sIDEAAward these two previously named design awards。

Red Point Award is currently three:Red Dot Product Design AwardRed Dot Conversion Design AwardandRed Dot Concept Design Award,History、The most important award is the first,The first two have awarded the German。Red Dot Concept Design Award is a bit designed for China.,Most of the winners have come from mainland China.、Taiwan、South Korea,Awards in Singapore。Red Dot Concept Design Awards is relatively large,Has been ridiculed“In the industrial design circle is a laughter”。


Forward to your head in your mind~

danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

(danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass)danco 6n-7h tub shower stem for kohler brass

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