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dallas brass tuba

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(dallas brass tuba)、

dallas brass tuba

in modern interior design,Brass is an extremely alluring element。Brass furniture and lighting warm the space,Adds a sophisticated sophistication,Takes modern homes away from the more typical minimalist design vocabulary that usually consists of cool stainless steel or aluminum finishes。

(dallas brass tuba)today,Xiaobian will take you to see this multi-purpose、How tempting alloys shine in these spaces?


Wall sconces and gilded mirrors

dallas brass tuba(dallas brass tuba)The Ritz-Carlton in Los AngelesWoodson&Rummerfielddesign,The palatial entrance features a brass wall sconce,Adjacent Salvador Dali style gilded mirror and columnar stone console。


recliner base decoration

dallas brass tuba

This Dallas home isEmily Summers Studio 54design,A sculptural chaise longue with a brass base sits in the bedroom。


mini chandelier

dallas brass tuba

Alvar AaltoforArtek Designed brass pendant lights serve in this dark dining room。furniture includesEamesShell and Wire Chairs。


Ram head sculpture

dallas brass tuba

in East Hampton, New York,Depend onMichael Haverlandhome designed by architects,The dining table consists of a pair of polished brass ram-head sculptural bases with a glass top above them,base byMilordAntique Company'sAlain Chervetdesign。

“Brass furniture and lighting warm the space,adds a sophisticated charm,”Haveran says。“Brass frees modern homes from the more typical minimalist design vocabulary that usually consists of cool stainless steel or aluminum finishes。”


Combination coffee table

dallas brass tuba

kalman and kravis(Cullman &Kravis)in Sagaponack, New York(Sagaponack)designed a house,Philip in the living room·Ciquili(Philippe Hiquily)Designed70S Brass & Mahogany Coffee Table,and Bernd·gockler antiques co.(Bernd Goeckler)Roberta·Rida(Roberta Rida)designed lamps。

(dallas brass tuba)06

bed end stool

dallas brass tuba

Madeleine, designer of this Los Angeles bedroom·Stewart says:“brass——Especially brass that is given a natural patina——Adds warmth and depth that chrome and nickel can't achieve。”

(dallas brass tuba)“I love that we mix metals in this room。brass,Especially the fine details of these tables,Complements the ultra-modern style of the polished stainless steel bed frame。”


Fisherman's Lamp

dallas brass tuba

For lakeside houses in the Netherlands,Riviere InteriorsCommissioned now retiredJean Browndesigned this brass and steel light fixture。“Inspired by an old Mediterranean fisherman's lamp,US20Saw it in Marseille many years ago”Riviere InteriorsofRobert Youngsaid。

“Fishermen polish old brass reflectors,They would swing the lamp over the sea with a long, right-angled arm,then burn it bright,to attract small fish!”



dallas brass tuba

David·Collins(David Collins)Simon·Rollins(Simon Rawlings)Say:“I like lights that are really sculptural and equally effective when there are no lights。”he added,Chandelier in Bangkok living room inspired by a brooch。

“brass,”Rollins explained,“A very special contrast to handmade plaster and glossy lacquer。We made this piece in Thailand, where the project is located,It has become an iconic part of this residence。”



dallas brass tuba

in Scottsdale, Arizona,simple·host&Associatescompany designed house,A brass chandelier hangs above the dining table。Less shiny elements in the space include stone walls、Light oak floors and Persian rugs。


slim base

dallas brass tuba(dallas brass tuba)Samantha·Todd Hunt(Samantha Todhunter)designed this country house in france,Here are three glass tables with brass bases。