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brass shower and tub

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 09:21:17

The biggest dispute in the bathroom decoration must be that the bath is good or the shower is good.,Even I have recently received a lot of regrets that I installed my friends who have installed the bathtub.,Consult how to transform the bathtub into a shower room。Today, I just sorted with everyone about the bathroom decoration.,Interested friends can look down。

brass shower and tub(brass shower and tub)

Who is more practical in the bathtub and shower

(brass shower and tub)To analyze the bathtub is good or the shower is good.,Need to see from a few different angles,The first is practical,After all, life is not a moment.,Is a process of repeating,Of course, it is more important to take a bath every day.,So in practicality,Shower taking a bathtub。Because the bathtub needs to put water in advance,When the shower is turned on, you can use it directly.,Reduce the process of waiting。

(brass shower and tub)brass shower and tub

Who is smaller in the bathtub and shower?

(brass shower and tub)Analysis of the bathtub is good or the second angle of the shower is,Various space size,It is clear,The space occupied by the bathtub is far greater than the shower.,So the current popular small-area house does not have prerequisites for installing the bathtub。Again from the perspective of saving water,no doubt,Shower is more than the bathtub,said with no exaggeration,The bathtub is filled with water, catching a small amount of shower.。

brass shower and tub

Who is healthier in the bathtub and shower

Finally, analyze from a healthy perspective.,After each use of the bath, you must clean the health to ensure hygiene.,Shower does not have to。And women can't take a bath during the physiological period,Easy to affect health。The bathtub is a very private cleaner,Family who is not suitable for family members,If it is not clean,It is easy to cause pathogenesis。

brass shower and tub

Comprehensive different perspectives,It has been solved with a bathtub or a shower.,Obviously shower is more practical,And do not occupy a place,Save water and healthy hygiene。It is no wonder that the friends who have installed the bathtub have begun to regret it.,How do we consult how to transform the bathtub into a shower room,In fact, local transformation is also very simple.,Just contact professional housing maintenance company master to come to the door,Reconstruction program,Talking about the price and then constructing it.。Friends who need it can consult me privately.,I explain in detail again.。

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