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can i use brass tubes for bbq burner

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 08:49:20

It is summer,Another season of eating barbecue。Hot evening,Come a spicy barbecue string,With a glass of ice beer,This is probably the happy summer.。Many people like to eat in the barbecue store.,Move a small horse,A circle,Thermal,And be sure to sit outdown,Especially feel。but,do you know,It can also feel a barbecue yourself.,The key is,Save costs。As long as you can make a barbecue,A whole summer's barbecue is solved,Let's see how to make a barbecue.,

1.Bricks and wire mesh。First use bricks, a rectangular base,Long and high1Meter,Width0.5Meter,Then use it to the top2-3Layer brick around a circle,Need to be empty,Then put the wire mesh on the top one.。

can i use brass tubes for bbq burner(can i use brass tubes for bbq burner)

2.Iron and iron bars。Find some iron pieces and iron bars in the home,According to the size you need,Welding iron sheet into a no-coated,No side,Four iron bars sold in four corners,Long time。If there is no tool for welding at home,Can go to the maintenance station to borrow。

can i use brass tubes for bbq burner

3.Use waste iron box。Generally,There are some unused waste iron boxes at home.,First fully clean it,Then cut the uppermost iron,Can put carbon carbon inside the iron box,so,A simple barbecue is done。

can i use brass tubes for bbq burner

The above is a method of several homemade grills,Easy,Come in use countless times,low cost,Very practical。