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fixing tube brass pipes

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“Go to the new home discovery to change,ButPVCTube is not enough,There are not many lazy cancer,downstairsStoreBought two。Can apertilrity tell me,This tubeOne pinch is flat,The ____ does not work!The boss insists that only change,Replacement、colour、Weight is different from samples.。Helpless and drive to the building materials market,Spend money,Time is wasteful,Miniature,How should the hydropower tube buy??”

fixing tube brass pipes

Non-professional channel purchase,low qualityPVCTube,One pinch is flat

PVCThe tube will crack(but“One pinch is flat”No need to endure any more),high qualityPVCTube、Sewage tube、Electrician casing is no problem,Listen to Xiaobian,action!

one、Old brother——plastic pipe1-PVCTube:

PVC:polyvinyl chloride

Years ago,PVCTube accounts for the total amount of plastic tubes55%,User use,In recent yearsPPRTube shock。Home different specifications4-15Yuan/Meter。due toPVCTube,soNever use water pipes,If you can only use it as45℃Give a water pipe。So as a drainage、Sewage tube、Electrical casing use this still no problem,Zhongcai、Great star、Yifeng is an excellent optional brand。

fixing tube brass pipes

(fixing tube brass pipes)PVCPipe,Zhongcai、Great star、Yifeng is an optional brand

Identification method:

  1. Look thick,Whether the thickness is uniform,Too thin、The two ends are different,More inferior quality。

  2. (fixing tube brass pipes)Look color,Huangfa black,No gloss、Inner wall rough glitch,More inferior quality。

  3. 掂 weight,Take it in your hand and flutter,More inferior quality。

“To be usedPVCTube,Go to the professional platform to buy。”

two、Strong mainstream——plastic pipe-PPRTube:

(fixing tube brass pipes)PPR:polypropylene random

Recently renovated,PPRMore suitable as a water pipe,Especially for water pipes,Energy warm、Floor heating、Drinking pure water、Central air conditioning system, etc.。Home different specifications15-30Element per meter。

fixing tube brass pipes

PPRPipe quality is better,Market mainstream

1. Material

PPRHigh temperature resistance,Maximum operating temperature95℃。The internal addition of the fiber layer is calledF-PPR,Can be used as a water pipe directly drinking water。Poor qualityPPRTube is easy to break,Good quality tube is subject to flattening but not crack。have to be aware of is,Good qualityPPRTube even with high temperatures,Can not help low temperature,General10℃The following will become crisp,The simplest isWinter,SecondlySlow cutting。low qualityPPRInvisible cracks,Easy to leak accident,Black oil is formed in the inferior pipeline after time.,is harmful to health。

2. colour

generallyPPRTube is different fromPVCTube will have colors,Green,There are also white,Zhongcai launches curry。

3. Installation process

(fixing tube brass pipes)PPRTube uses soil iron“PPRFuser”,Briefly, it is pushed together.。Work less。

(fixing tube brass pipes)fixing tube brass pipes

PPRTube uses a weld for connection installation

“UsePPRTube,Price / performance,Remember to buy a professional platform。”

three、Tuyi Zone——stainless steel pipe、Metal tube:

fixing tube brass pipes

stainless steel pipe,Explosion、preservative

1. Material

Stainless steel pipes and metal tube costs but safer,haveExplosion、preservativeCharacteristics,Stainless steel surface smooth burr is not easy to save。Home different specifications40-100YuanPer meter

2. Installation process

Use dedicated steel card fixed,More secureSafety。Insufficient place lies in,Installing cut requires special tools、Rough tube cannot be bent to use take over、Installation cost is higher than plastic tube,In addition, after the installation is complete,Need to apply anti-rust oil to maintain。

fixing tube brass pipes

(fixing tube brass pipes)Stainless steel pipe tailor,High construction cost

3. Copper tube——High-end tube that needs to knock on the blackboard

Copper tube,It is the industry that is recognized as the highest-end water pipe,Especially for the performance of hot water,Is the price too high。Five-star hotels generally use copper tubes,The mainstream of drinking water pipes in developed countries is also a copper tube。Copper tubeSterilize,99%Bacteria in the copper tube5After the hour。Beijing Union Hospital has been used with copper tubes80year。Copper tube is usually installed using welding process,Life does not leak。

The above is the hydropower pipeline that Xiaobian's home improvement can be used.,Two plastic tubesPVCTube、PPRTube、不锈钢Remember to go to the professional platform to buy branded pipes和土豪黄铜All three pipes are available,Stainless Steel Tube and Local Brass Tube,记得去专业平台购买品牌管材,Owners and foremen can rest assured to choose according to their own situation。

fixing tube brass pipes

(fixing tube brass pipes)Save more time and effort,不出门选靠谱管材,he bought


Tube,要更加及时科普,It's flattened,正确决策。One-stop Internet Auxiliary Materials Shopping Platform、选材技巧、Do not go out to choose reliable pipes。

(fixing tube brass pipes)fixing tube brass pipes

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