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can a tube cutter cut brass

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Laser cutting machine factory has hundreds of people in Foshan,Like a Hongshan laser、Parkson Laser is a relatively well-known brand,Pan Yang laser is the show,Professional R & D team,Can independently write laser pipe control procedures,Continuously improve the functions of laser pipe cutters。Company firmly believes that creating strong China,Innovation can change the concept of the world,Continuous innovation,Helping companies with innovative equipment,Go to win peers。

Pan Yang laser has13The cutting pipe manufacturing experience,have15000Fang production base,200Many professional employees,Two technical research and development centers。Introduce advanced production technology at home and abroad,Strictly control every detail,And strictly follow5SStandards provide after-sales service,Provide a cost-effective laser pipe and high quality service for companies。

(can a tube cutter cut brass)can a tube cutter cut brass

Laser pipe

Panyang laser pipe cutting machine manufacturer manufactured cutting machine with fast cutting speed,High precision,Fully automatic upper and lower materials,Slope cutting,Multiple functions such as slag in the tube,Can cut a variety of carbon steel、Stainless steel、brass、Copper、Aluminum alloy different metal materials,Tube、Square tube、Work steel、Trough、Angle steel、Alcohoids can easily,One machine to achieve a variety of cutting processes。

Foshan laser cutting machine manufacturers which is good,Evaluation standard,Watch technology,After the sale,Also see demand。Which laser pipe cutting machine you have?,Welcome to share。

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