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central brass tub faucet parts

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(central brass tub faucet parts)Everybody knows,The faucet is a thousand million families in daily life.,Its quality directly affects the convenience of life。

Valve is the core accessories of the faucet,Equivalent to the faucet“heart”。

central brass tub faucet parts

The most common spool is now divided into three:Ceramic tab、Steel ball spool and shaft roll。

(central brass tub faucet parts)1、Ceramic spool:

This is currently the most popular type of faucet spool,Relative to the spool of other materials,Ceramic sheets of high quality ceramic valve cores are molded with dry powder,Tunneling tunnel furnace,Automatically polish twice with double-disc、Cleaning,So high strength、durable,Such high-light cleanliness、Super-fine ground high aluminum porcelain,Long service life。But the ceramic spool also is in shortcomings,High quality requirements,Water quality with more impurities will affect its service life。

central brass tub faucet parts(central brass tub faucet parts)

Generally,Ceramic spools can be divided into stainless steel ceramic spools in bulk case、Copper ceramic spool and resin ceramic。

(central brass tub faucet parts)central brass tub faucet parts

Stainless steel ceramic spool

(central brass tub faucet parts)central brass tub faucet parts(central brass tub faucet parts)Brass ceramic spool

central brass tub faucet parts

Resin ceramic spool

2、Stainless steel ball spool:stainlessSteel ball spool is a new type of spool material,Its quality requirements for the production of the raw materials of the spool are relatively high。Requirements for use environment,Generally not erosion,Not also worried about the life of life。Therefore, there is a bad area in the homes. It is recommended to use this type of faucet.。in addition,This type of product removal and installation are very convenient,But the price is slightly expensive,Usually used201Pretend304Material。

central brass tub faucet parts(central brass tub faucet parts)

Generally in the home improvement,Common ball valve spool products are gas ball valves,Also use on the pipeline in the water in the home。The most used in the general family is through the straight and three-way types.。

central brass tub faucet parts(central brass tub faucet parts)

central brass tub faucet parts

3、Axial roll:easy to use,Comfort,The entire valve shaft is integrated,Easy to install repair and replacement。Its main feature is the wear resistance、Aging。However, the shaft roll valve is calculated as a vintage model.,It is now slowly unable to meet people's pursuit of spools.,Therefore, the scope of application is also reduced.。

(central brass tub faucet parts)There is also a rubber spool that is now there is not much.,Slow open valve core,Multi-use in the screw opening of the cast iron faucet,It has been basically eliminated.。

central brass tub faucet parts

Top-level spool manufacturing plant is Spain track,It is manufacturedValve temperature deviation range control0.05°— 0.1°between,go through100Ten thousand times(National standard30Ten thousand times)Switch fatigue test and1.6MPAHigh strength water pressure test,Easy and flexible,Water circle。

In addition, there is HungarianKelle(KEROX)company。The world's largest supplier of leading ceramic spools。17Series45The annual output of the specification of the specification has exceeded1800General。There is also a big brand is Italian Sosa-core,Generally, it is more important in China.。

central brass tub faucet parts

Some faucet brands also like to advertise their own spools using these top brands.,Sukler、TOTO;But the top leading brands are their own valve core.,Or customize style from these parts,Such as high instrument、Hans Gya, etc.。

(central brass tub faucet parts)In addition, there is Taiwan's Kangqin(KCG)Valve and longjunction spool,Also quite good brand。There are also some domestic manufacturers to produce the spool,Like、Wanhai、Hansen、Hante and other domestic spools,Quality is also relying on。

(central brass tub faucet parts)The spool determines the basic life of a faucet。

central brass tub faucet parts

If the faucet occurs、Leak,Don't have to exchange new faucets。After all, this year is not easy.,Can try to change a spool,And the split is not complicated,You can do it yourself。

1、Figure:Generally faucet handle has a red blue small plastic cover,Remove the decorative cap on this handle,Ball up the hexagonal small wrench,Turn down the fixed screw clockwise。Take a little bit to force the faucet,You can remove the faucet handle。

central brass tub faucet parts

Remove the leader

2、Cutting the decorative cover on the faucet,Generally,This decorative cover will be a bit tight,After all, there will be scale after use.,It's a bit possible to get down and screw down.。(Remember not to twist too tight when installing,Convenient to disassemble)。

central brass tub faucet parts

Rotary decoration cover

3、Figure:Take out the water leakage ceramic spool。

central brass tub faucet parts

Take out the spool

4、Before loading new spool,Open a little water valve,Rinse the valve body with water flow,Exclude impurities,Then replace the new spool。

central brass tub faucet parts

Loading new spool

5、After loading new spool,Celese,Be careful not to be too tight,Tightness should be moderate(Loosely leakage,Tight the next inconvenience),Press the clockwise direction to turn the spool to adjust the pole until it does not move,Then install the handle,Screws and decorative caps。

central brass tub faucet parts(central brass tub faucet parts)Packaged leader,Complete the spool replacement

finally,Water tap spools as much as possible using domestic well-known brand spools or imported ceramic spools,It is not easy to have a long service life、Leakage problem,Use。

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