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czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace

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czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace

Seiko inlaid

In daily life, let's love to use turquoise to do everything a wide range of braces.,Have players launched a whimsy,I want to know that turquoise is made of gold.?

Hongyi thinks that turquoise is made of gold to give people a visual effect on color. This is a big place.,But if it is not properly, it will bring you a little trouble.,What is the situation is not properly??For example, we will often use various separators to often strings.,Such as gold septum,That is, it adds a beautiful and reduced wear between the beads.,But if we are a string of turquoise leaders, you give it a separator with gold, this is not appropriate.,It is known to know turquoise fear of metal,Long-term and metal touch friction will make turquoise black,Turquoise with soft hardness may also be worn。

czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace

Customized Eiffal Tit Ring

So we rarely see the turquoise premium gold on the market.,why?In fact, this is determined by the hardness of the two,Gold should be a metal with the highest hardness.,The hardness of turquoise is relatively low.,Both, if it is delivered together,High hardness gold may wear turquoise,Causes a certain damage to turquoise。If you spend a lot of expensive, buy a high-porcelain turquoise,Put this turquoise gold,I accidentally marked it by gold.,Then you have to pay。

Trust us also know,If we want to give a turquoise to adjust the separator,Try to avoid the metal separator,It is to prevent the diaphragm from moving the metal.,Also the same。

Don't the turquoise can allocate gold??

In fact, it is not,In ancient times, there is a precedent for turquoise-forming gold.,More than the archaeologist5000Amate ago, ancient Egyptian queen mummies,Found4Turquoise mosaic gold bracelet,They still have a light color when they are unearthed.。

czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace

Customer custom bracelet(Non-ancient cultural relic)

(czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace)

See these gold bracelets,Let's find turquoise to formulate gold still very good.。

In addition, many jewelery brands also love to make turquoise to form gold to make a variety of jewelery,Fang FACKAY,However, through the situation of the jewelry part is turquoise production,And gold just uses a necklace or a quitter,Put up,The degree of wear is greatly reduced。

czech turquoise tube bead brass necklace

Turquoise inlaid jewelry black sky

Friends who have read this article have never been understood in this regard.,Don't make a mistake in the future,Pine stone with gold is beautiful,But I will remember to be separated.,There is no problem with the mosaic class.,Since there is basically no wear。Friends who love this article remember to pay attention to Turquoise Encyclopedia and give turquina encyclopedia.,If you have other people who don't understand or have a unique opinion, I can talk to me in the future.,Can also reply in the comment area,Good comment will be topped,Xiaobian sincerely thank you for reading!