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brass vs copper tube mod

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(brass vs copper tube mod)

on any computer,A small exhaust fan will be installed,The main purpose is to cool the chassis。But for a phone the size of a palm,Installing a fan becomes impractical。For the purpose of heat dissipation,Various mobile phone manufacturers also use their own tricks。This cooling method has gradually entered our field of vision with the rise of gaming mobile phones.,At present, the most famous is the copper pipe cooling。So,Are copper pipes really good for heat dissipation??

brass vs copper tube mod

The original representative of copper tube cooling was Sony,existXperia Z2andXperia Z5 PremiumOn Sony, single copper tube and double copper tube are used for heat dissipation.。The principle of copper tube heat dissipation is to use the excellent thermal conductivity of metal copper and the condensation conversion of the liquid in the copper tube to export the heat in the mobile phone.。

brass vs copper tube mod

Copper tube is hollow design,Built-in small amounts of water or other chemicals,When the phone is above the critical temperature,The water vapor in the heat dissipation copper pipe will take the heat away from the motherboard along the capillary structure;When the water vapor cools down and liquefies,will start to circulate again。After this cooling method has achieved results on Sony,Samsung also borrowed this design,And the latest Meizu16Also equipped with this technology。

brass vs copper tube mod

The copper tube heat dissipation can quickly cool the mobile phone when the mobile phone performs large-scale computing.,LetCPUwithin normal temperature,Ensuring that the system runs smoothly。Efficient heat dissipation also makes it the main force of current heat dissipation。Of course,Handling copper tube heat dissipation,There are many different cooling methods。

brass vs copper tube mod

Thermal Silicon Pad

Users who have experience in disassembly mayCPUA small black cushion on the nuts,it's more than just protectionCPUno wear,More importantly, it is used for fast absorptionCPUtemperature。

brass vs copper tube mod

Graphite heat sink

The inner shell of most mobile phones is covered with a black substance,This material is graphite heat sink,It also uses the heat dissipation and heat resistance properties of graphite。Domestic mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi、Huawei andOVhave been used。Near-black body material of Nubia Rainbow Magic gaming phone,The same principle,able to fully disperse the radiation。

brass vs copper tube mod

physical cooling

Physical cooling is actually an auxiliary cooling method,The purpose is to accelerate the flow of air in the fuselage。Think Nubia Red Devils and Black Shark gaming phones,The main purpose of their peculiar shape is to promote the air circulation of the fuselage。

(brass vs copper tube mod)brass vs copper tube mod

Besides,It is still commonly known as water cooling,In fact, it is a principle of copper tube heat dissipation,It also uses the transformation of water and steam to achieve the purpose of cooling。This principle is similar“The snow is not cold, the snow is cold”This is a common situation in daily life。

brass vs copper tube mod

Integration of cooling system,Make the mobile phone system run more stable,Won't get hot,still quite useful。

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