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First seamless steel pipe factory(New China“First”)

Anshan Steel Seamless Steel Tube Factory is a modern factory that produces seamless steel pipes in my country.。1953year10moon27day,Angang seamless steel pipe factory automatic rolling unit hot test is successful,Successfully rolled out the first seamless steel pipe of New China。10moon31Day afternoon,Seamless steel pipe factory completion acceptance handover signing ceremony,Officially announced that seamless steel pipe factory project completed and put into production。


Valley Shengzhang:88age,Angang seamless steel pipe factory first worker,Original hot two-storey director

“I am responsible for watching fire,Look at the instrument,The temperature in the furnace cannot exceed1300Degrees Celsius,Otherwise, the billet is changed.。”Valley Shengzhang memories。Heating,What he has to do is burning the solid round steel seamless pipe blank in the heating furnace,This is the first step in rolling seamless steel pipe。Next,The billet is flying forward to the roller of the punch.,Take a sharp round hole from the middle than the steerable thimble,Steel pipe shape appears,Rolling pipeline,All machine rolling the wall rolling uniform,Diameter to make the caliber of the tube,Correction machine straightening steel pipe,Tube holder。“Thus, the tube is seamless。”Valley Shengzhang said。

The seamless steel pipe is relative to the slit tube,Welded tube,Responsive pressure differences at seams,There is a risk of cracking or high temperature and high pressure environments。If a slit tube can be used as a cobbhot when burning coal foors,So seamless steel pipes are coal、Electricity、oil、mechanical、Automobile and national defense industries are indispensable,Relying on imports not only cost huge,And unable to meet demand。

then,Seamless steel pipe factory equipment manufactured by Soviet Union,Soviet experts also help to train construction、Install、Production、Maintenance and other professionals。

1953year10moon27Day afternoon2Half-half,Newly built Anshan Iron and Steel Company Seamless Steel Tube Factory,The hot test started。Workshop temperature is high,But attending the test、The peers of the cadres are more hot。

finally,The first seamless steel pipe is smoothly rolled out。Angang seamless steel pipe factory first factory man Yang figure people wrote in the memory of the article:“go through3Hot test rolled,Seamless steel pipe product quality improvement。10moon28One level of the day rolled out55.8%;29Japanese products increase79%;30The day is further improved.82.5%。”

Use this as a starting point,Second、The third seamless steel pipe factory has been built,A batch of management、Technical cadres and workers go out here。Unremitting efforts,Reform and Opening40For many years,Angang seamless steel pipe factory steel pipe production1245Tens of tons,Outstanding contributions to national industrial development。