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Xinhua Net Nanjing6moon18Sun(Pang Size)Mo Zhenhu、Peach translucent、Qinhuai fishing……Jinling forty-eight scenes,Various,Zijin, Nanjing。These views,Along with his fingertips,Carrying over gold and silver,The flow is full of generation。

fine brass tube

Li Jianjun production Jinling forty-eight scene silver plate(Vacation Take a photo)

(fine brass tube)His name is Li Jianjun,Is a national intangible cultural heritage——Nanjing gold and silver fine working provincial representative inheritors。21age,Because of a chance,He met this skill that was referred to in the world.,Become a gold and silverware。now,He has been more than half a year,But still unique,Focus on these gold and silver objects that have been accompanying him.。“I am gold and silver fine work40Year。40Year,I have done 10,000 pieces of works,Most of these still serve the people。”Li Jianjun said。

Li Jianjun and gold and silver fine work,Be an accidental,It is inevitable。“then,Metal Crafts Factory should recruit a batch of painting talents,I thought that the metal craft sounded very boring.,But I really like painting,I will take the exam.。Li Jianjun recalls,“At that time,Master teaches us,Do these gold and silver objects,Be careful,To have toughness。”

Deep tillage in gold and silver fine work skills40year,Li Jianjun thinks the most,Still how to innovate。in life,Li Jianjun has always been a person,Jinling scenery、Cultural relics in the museum,Can bring inspiration to him。“This work is engraved in Nanjing Hujiang Building.,Do this work,I have to draw a draft at home.,This is not enough,I also went to Nanjing, I also wrote to Nanjing.。”Li Jianjun picked up his carved Wenjianglou silver disk。

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