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cut small brass tube

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During the maintenance of refrigeration equipment,If the length of the pipe is too long,At this time, the pipeline needs to be cut。Due to the strict requirements of the refrigeration cycle system of the air conditioner,Metal shavings from cutting copper pipes can clog the refrigeration system。therefore,When cutting pipes, special tools must be selected for cutting,The tool usually used when cutting the pipe is the pipe cutter,The following figure shows the physical appearance of the pipe cutter。

(cut small brass tube)cut small brass tube

The specific operation method of pipe cutting is as follows:

1、Adjust the feed knob of the pipe cutter first,Raise the cutter blade,Make the distance between the blade and the roller to accommodate the pipe to be cut,As shown below1shown。

2、Place the copper pipe to be cut between the cutter blade and the roller,And the copper pipe and the blade of the pipe cutter should be vertical,As shown below2shown。

cut small brass tube

3、Slowly adjust the feed knob at the end of the pipe cutter,Align the blade of the pipe cutter vertically with the wall of the copper pipe,As shown below3shown。

4、Grab the copper pipe by hand,Or clamp the copper pipe with expanding splint to prevent the pipe from slipping,Then turn the cutter,Rotate it clockwise around the copper tube,As shown below4shown。

(cut small brass tube)cut small brass tube(cut small brass tube)

5、When the pipe cutter makes one revolution around the copper pipe,Adjust the feed knob at the end of the pipe cutter,Make sure the copper tube is evenly stressed between the cutter blade and the rollers,As shown below5shown。

cut small brass tube

6、Keep turning the cutter,Cut copper pipe wall with blade,and adjust the feed knob。Adjust the feed knob every turn,until the copper pipe is cut,As shown below6shown。It is worth noting that,In the process of cutting the pipe, always pay attention that the roller and the blade should be pressed vertically to the copper pipe,Never twist sideways;At the same time to prevent the knife from being too fast、too deep,so as not to break the blade。

cut small brass tube

7、Copper pipe after cutting with pipe cutter,As shown below。

cut small brass tube

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