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brass vs aluminum drop tube

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(brass vs aluminum drop tube)

brass vs aluminum drop tube

We know the metal。We use many different types of metals to make our high quality metal,Woven and welding network。

(brass vs aluminum drop tube)But which metal is best for your project?The following is this week“Green Construction Committee”Australia“World green construction week”Different types of metals and their respective advantages,Environmental benefit:

(brass vs aluminum drop tube)brass vs aluminum drop tube


Aluminum is a lightweight metal,Even when wearing a hole is also very strong。Because of its amazing performance,Aluminum is one of the most common metal types,You will find。This is the materials needed by architects and designers,No weight,But stable,Sturdy and durable。

Aluminum does not rust - It is not affected by the weather,Corrosion resistance,Unlike temperature fluctuations like other metals。It is also completely recyclable,Due to its flexibility,Many different shapes can be formed。

Aluminum can be completed by a powder coating,It involves coating metal coating electrostatic electrostatically。This not only increases further protection,And add color。

Take a look at these aluminum formation perforated metal panels,We are new value1600Aluminum perforated metal screen wall produced by 10,000 US tennis5Star Grand Green Star Evaluation of Newcastle University Milestone Value9500Wan Dollar New Space Construction and Amazing Way Our Custom Perforated Metal Aluminum Plate for New Flags。

brass vs aluminum drop tube

brass vs aluminum drop tube

Stainless steel

Stainless steel has very high corrosion resistance,More elasticity of wear signs,Is an attractive cleaning metal。 The most common stainless steel grade is304and316,Metal composition。 Select stainless steel grades suitable for expected environments。 304Stainless steel is suitable for most applications,In addition to a strong corrosive environment。 316Enhanced corrosion resistance - Make it an ideal choice for coastal projects。

Walkway tunnel with stainless steel perforated metal ceiling,Sports vision aimed at achieving architects。

brass vs aluminum drop tube


Steel is the foundation of many modern buildings。This is a heavy,Rugged metal,Is the most common metal in the construction industry。But it is not a metal that always supports support. - The development trend of modern buildings is to put steel and glass,Elements such as wood or stones together,Taking a compelling residential and business plan。

Steel can also be recycled,Make it a cost-effective project with the highest intensity project,Environmental solution。

Steel is the cheapest metal type for perforated metal。It is very durable,hard,Can be welded into any shape,Bengled under pressure without breaking or cracking。Due to its cost advantage,When you need a lot of metal,It is most often used。It has low corrosion resistance,But unless the coating。


Industrial grade brass usually used in knitted wire mesh。Composed of copper and zinc,Have good tensile strength and corrosion resistance,Depending on its ingredient,Ideal for industrial and outdoor use。Its amazing aesthetic attractive means it is also a popular decorative and internal and external materials for architectural projects.。

brass vs aluminum drop tube

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