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In that no call、The era of mobile phone and other communication equipment,People can only rely on the horses and letters to convey the distance of the distance。The invention of the phone thoroughly changed people's lifestyle,Call the phone,Can be close to each other's distance,Pass endless thoughts。The phone is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions in communication technology to date.,Xiaobian as a proper hand-controlled and collection,Today, I will introduce you to the brief history and collection of British vintage phones.。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Image comes from the network

Telephone in the UK

Talk on the phone,The most familiar name is Alexander·Glaham·Bell(Alexander Graham Bell) ,He1876Relevant patents for the phone,And have a huge impact on the development of Europe and the United States.。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Bell, using a telephone,Image comes from the network

(brass rectangular tube uk)However, the phone is transmitted to the UK but not because Bell,But thanks to the first generation Kairen Men's Willians·Tomson(William Thomson)。1877year,Tomson introduced the Phone in Bell invented by Glasgow, British Science Promotion Association。

brass rectangular tube uk(brass rectangular tube uk)▲ British physicist、The father of thermodynamics,William·Sir Thompson(Sir William Thomson),Image from the network

1878year,Bell demonstrates how to use the phone to Victoria Queen。Bell is in London in Waited Island in Queen.、Kas and Southampton dialed the phone。Subsequently,Bell founded the first telephone company at that time in London.The Telephone Company Ltd (Bell's Patents),Almost monopolized the British telephone communication market。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲1878year《London Times》Report Bell to the Victorian Queen of UK,Image comes from the network

But the good is not long,1879year9moon6day,Be known as“Invented king”Thomas·Edison(Thomas Edison)Also created a telephone company in LondonEdison Telephone Company,And with the price advantage, becoming the biggest competitor of Bell Telephone.。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Bell and Edison founded the telephone communication company brochure,Image from the network

totally unexpected,These two foreign companies that seize the British market eventually defeated local units.——British Post Office(AbbreviationGPO)。1880year5moon,Bell and Edison have merged into a joint telephone company because of many factors such as patent dispute and market competition.United Telephone Company(Abbreviation:UTC),Found soon was taken“limit”action,GPOOfficially became the giant of the British telephone communication market。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲ Joint Telephone Company Brochure,Image from the network

After,The British Post Office began setting up a public telephone booth in public places such as railway stations and integrated stores.,Subsequently evolved into the current British street iconic red telephone booth。With the relationship between English and Germany, it is more tense,Perfect telephone communication network and convenient communication methods become critical。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:1908The first public telephone booth in Nottingham, UK,right:British iconic red telephone booth,Image from the network

The British Post Office is finally1912Take over all the country's telephone communications company,And is committed to developing underground telephone networks across the country to deal with the arrival of war.。Also from this time,Telephone gradually popularized from commercial,Popularize the social ordinary family from the private government of the top society。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Image comes from the network

(brass rectangular tube uk)This stage starting in the UK communication industry,The phone mainly uses hand-shaped magnet power and copies.,There are two dry batteries for hand-shaking magnetic phones.,Hand-shaped magnet generator,People who call the phone need to shake the handle to charge the phone.,After the phone company's adapter can get the message to help him connect him to call the call.,When the call is over,Both parties need to shake the handle again,Inform the transfer of the call。And the copont call is centrally supplied by the telephone exchange to the signal and call power supply.,No longer use hand shake magnet generator。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Early telephone adapter,Image comes from the network

(brass rectangular tube uk)until1930-1960year,Rotating dial phone appears(Rotary Dial Telephone),This phone needs to be manually rotated in order to call the number dial to call.。1960Years later,Type dial-up phone is launched on the market(Press Button Telephone),People don't need to operate like rotary dialing phones,Press the number directly to call the phone.。Recalling the officials,Which old-fashioned mark is in memory?

brass rectangular tube uk

▲GPO746Series Button Phone,Image comes from the network

now,Collection of vintage telephones gradually become a hot flow in the collection,These phones reflect both people's aesthetic demand,I also witnessed the development of an era.。

Main types of British old phone collection

After the official's development of the phone and the development of the British communication industry have a certain understanding,Xiaobiany points, current collectors, more popular, popular, British vintage telephones, for enthusiasts。

Wall-mounted phone(Wall Telephone)

Wall-mounted telephone is one of the first phones that appear on the market,Pretty19After the end of the century20century30Beginning of the ageThe phone is mainly made of oak,Less part use walnuts,The relatively scarce of walnuts,Collection value is also relatively high。Physical shape is rectangular,External suspender、Microphone and other components。Since the shape looks very similar to the camera at the time,Therefore, it is also known asCamera Telephones。There is still a small editor of this phone, I don't know how to translate、Funeral alias——Coffin Telephones(Coffin phone?!)……Cough,Xiaobian is still a few styles of watching the official wall-mounted phone。

brass rectangular tube uk(brass rectangular tube uk)▲Wood wall-mounted phone diagram,Image comes from the network

a.Two boxes/Three boxed wall-mounted calls

Two/Three Box Wall PhoneIs the earliest type of wall-mounted telephone,Early model inside an magnetic motor,Fill the electricity by shaking the handle,Some models in the later stage did not,Powered by communication company。

(brass rectangular tube uk)brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Bell Telephone Company's two box wall,model5730B;right:Bell Telephone Company's three-box wall,19end of the century20Century,Image from the network

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Hand-shaking charging,Image comes from the network

b.Violin wall-mounted phone

Fiddleback Wall TelephoneThe name of this type of wall-mounted phone is from its shape,exist1890Mid-era1900At the beginning of the yearWestern Electric,CenturyandCouch&SeeleyMade of manufacturers。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Violin wall-mounted phone,Image comes from the network

c.Photo frame wall-mounted phone

Picture Frame Front Wall PhoneIt is the later collectors for easy distinguishment,A name is further taken from the profile characteristics of the wall-mounted phone,The microphone of this type of phone is usually carved in a box.,Just like a photo frame。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Photo frame wall-mounted phone;right:Ordinary wall-mounted phone;Image comes from the network


Candlestick(Candlestick Telephone)Also known as“Desktop vertical phone”(Upright Desk Stands Telephone )exist1890Year1920Annual production。Early candlestick phone with wooden earpiece and base,1900Nickel-plated brass after year、Electric or hard rubber production。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Candlestick diagram,Image comes from the network

Candlesticks are still having a lot of collection needs in the collection circles,especially1900Nickel plating model(Nickel-plated Models),Most of this model is black and silver combination。Candlesticks are classified from the shape and there are many kinds.。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Nickel-plated candlestick phone,modelTS460 / TS462,1904-1912year;right:Keeping the original green line,1900-1935year,Science Museum in London, UK,Image comes from the network

(brass rectangular tube uk)a.Big pot belly candlestick

Potbelly Candlestick TelephoneThe column part of this type of phone raised,Just like vintage big belly stove。

(brass rectangular tube uk)brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Potbelly Candlestick Telephone,right:Pot-bellied Stove;Image comes from the network

b.Golf candlestick

Golfball Candlestick TelephoneThe part of the middle of the column is like a golf ball.,It is a common candlestick type in the early days of the UK.,Depend onWestern Electricmanufacture,Divided into version of the British Post Office Authorized(GPO)And version of private enterprises(NTC),inNTCMultiple receiver。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:GPOVersion of golf candlestick;right:NTCVersion of golf phone,20Century;Image from the network

At that time, there were some candlesticks based on the column shape.,for example:Pencil Shaft(Pencil shaft)、Tapered Shaft(Cone shaft)、Rope Shaft(Rope shaft)、Roman Column(Roman column)Wait。have to be aware of is,Usually difficult to distinguish from appearance different manufacturers,But the manufacturer will mark the name or trademark around the telephone handset and the earpiece,Style number and copyright date, etc.。

(brass rectangular tube uk)brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Pencil Shaft Candlestick;right:Tapered ShaftCandlestick;Image comes from the network

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:Rope Shaft Candlestick;right:Roman ColumnCandlestick;Image comes from the network

Back desktop phone

The desktop phone appearing in the later period is a relatively common vintage phone type.,The handset and microphone are designed to integrate,Variety and models are also rich。

(brass rectangular tube uk)brass rectangular tube uk(brass rectangular tube uk)▲Image comes from the network

a.# 100 & 200series

Telephone No.162exist1929Annual launch,Telephone No. 232,YesNo.162Improvement version,At1935Annual launch,until1950Commercial after year,arrive1970I gradually exited the market around the year.,Is a relatively long period of time。In addition to conventional black,then100 & 200The series also launched rare red、green、Ivory white,Because the color is rare,So this type of phone collection is also higher。There is a small drawer that can be opened at the bottom of it.,Convenient to store small cards with phone numbers。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲superior:SiemensforGPOproducedNo.162telephone,1930year;Down:GPO No.232Telephone,1936year;Image comes from the network

brass rectangular tube uk

▲100 & 200Series of phones;Image comes from the network

b.“GPO 700 ”series

(brass rectangular tube uk)This kind of phone is in1959Year706Series launched,1967The year is also launched746series,Maintains the shape of a traditional rotary dial telephone。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Left:GPO 706,Plessey(PLA)At1966Annual manufacturing;right:GPO 746F Depend onPlessey,Speke,Liverpool(SPK)At1969Annual manufacturing(69/1);Image comes from the network

c.Ericofon TelephoneSeries andTrimphoneseries

Besides,At that time, some fashion models have been launched.,This type is small and light、Unique integrated integrated design20Century six、Become a fashion during the seventy-yearstyle。

brass rectangular tube uk(brass rectangular tube uk)▲Ericofon 700telephone,British Post Office,At the bottom there“ERICOFON”Word,Collection of UKV&AMuseum,Picture of official website

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Trimphonetelephone,1980Era,Collection in the British Science Museum,Picture of official website

(brass rectangular tube uk)With the popularity of the public,Manufacturers also dig holistic and launch some unique and fun and ornamental calls.。Because this type of telephone is less,So the collection value is also relatively high。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲ 1936Yida Dali is the British poetEdward JamesCustomized lobster,2016Year of Jess London Auction84.5Thousand pound deals,Picture of Christie's official website

(brass rectangular tube uk)Genie Telephone

(brass rectangular tube uk)This is called“Elf”Phone,Unique appearance,Overall egg shape,Line smooth and simple。The handset and the base are integrated,Button is designed in the middle。This phone hasTSR 8023andTSR 8022Two models,At1983I was introduced in the UK。

brass rectangular tube uk

▲“Genie”telephone,model8022A,A.P.Besson Ltd.manufacture,1983year,Collection in the British Science Museum,Picture of official website

(brass rectangular tube uk)Dawn Telephone

This phone1981year3Month in the UK,Depend onNorthern Telecom(UK)Ltd.manufacture,Shape is a bit like a flying saucer,At that time there was light yellow、Avocado Green and White Colors Alternative。

(brass rectangular tube uk)brass rectangular tube uk

▲Dawn Telephone,Image comes from the network

Eiger Telephone

This phone1981World,PictureAType version,The shape uses the texture of the imitation stone。Xiaobian brain made the picture of this phone at that time,I don't care, I thought I took the block brick.……

brass rectangular tube uk

▲Eiger Telephone AType,Image comes from the network

Kiddiness,British old telephone、shape、Model difference,There will be differences in favorite value。In general,The sooner the era、Small style、Material special vintage phone is more worth collecting。

British Vintage Phone CollectionTips

(brass rectangular tube uk)1.Pay attention to distinguishing vintage phones and retro/Antique telephone,In advance,Carefully understand the type and characteristics of telephone production in different periods。

2.Carefully observe the material of the phone、trademark、Era and model。

(brass rectangular tube uk)3.Rare material production of phone collection is very high,Such as walnut、Precious metals, etc.。

4.1912Most of the old prints produced by British after the year“GPO”Word;1912Before the year, most of the trademarks of the manufacturer company。

5.Vintage phones with commemorative significance and limited number are collectibles that are not missed.,If you encounter, you must carefully identify。

brass rectangular tube uk

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