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central brass leg tub faucet

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The faucet is the most inconspicuous one in the equipment.,Many people basically don't care how to choose the faucet?In fact, don't look at the faucet.,Volume,But everyday water must pass it,The quality of the lead is directly related to your water experience.。After check-in, I found that the faucet is leaking.、Block、Rust, etc. is also very bad,Especially the faucet is made of various metals.,Release the harmful metal elements of the human body after corrosion,Dividing the water you drink every day is poisonous。

(central brass leg tub faucet)So how to choose a leading leader is particularly important,The structure of the faucet has three basic elements:main body、Plating and spool。An analysis of the faucet purchase point for you。

one、Faucet main purchase point

The main body of the faucet is torso,The common leading main materials on the market are brass、Alloy and stainless steel。The material of the leader determines the quality of water quality and water。

1、brass/Copper alloy faucet

central brass leg tub faucet

Brass or copper alloy is the best leading material,Wear-resistant、preservative、long lasting,fair price。And copper has antibacterial antibacterial effects,Copper alloy can be divided into52、55、59and62copper,in59Copper is considered to be the most suitable copper proportion,The copper metal content is58%-60%Copper alloy between。

Buying considerations:The copper alloy will contain lead,Pay attention to lead content,Try to choose low lead faucet,Caution to see if there is a low-lead logo,Otherwise, the human body is harmful to the human body with a high-profile faucet with high lead.。

2、Alloy faucet

central brass leg tub faucet

It is basically all gold on the market.,Among them, zinc alloys are most common,Zinc alloy is based on zinc,Add aluminum、copper、magnesium、cadmium、lead、Alloys composed of other elements such as titanium。This alloy is very easy to corrode,Release the metal element to the human body after corroding,I don't recommend this metal to do a leader.。

Buying considerations:Aluminum alloy appearance and brass,But the feel and quality are different.,When you purchase, you should use your hand.,If it is too cheap faucet, it is possible to be made。

3、Stainless steel faucet

central brass leg tub faucet

There are many people used by stainless steel faucets.,Acid-resistant、Narrative、preservative,Contrast brass/Copper alloy faucet shape,The price is also a little more expensive。

Buying considerations:It is considered when purchasing304Stainless steel sign,Don't buy201Stainless steel is easy to corrode。

Leader main material summary:

price:Stainless steel>brass/Copper alloy>alloy

performance:brass/Copper alloy>Stainless steel>alloy

Flag material:brass/Copper alloy>Stainless steel>alloy

two、Faucet plating purchase point

(central brass leg tub faucet)In order to increase the durability of the faucet,Reduce the faucet due to moist,Will be plated against the faucet。Currently, the mode is mainly plated,Chrome、Nickel plating、Titanium, etc.。In addition, there are paint and brushed processes.。

central brass leg tub faucet(central brass leg tub faucet)


Chrome is most common,Hardness and wear resistance,And it is not easy to change in a humid environment.,Can stay luster for a long time,A kind of silver。

2、Nickel plating

Nickel-plated corrosion resistance and stability are good,Can resist water vapor,Stable in humid environment。

3、Titanium-plated alloy

(central brass leg tub faucet)Titanium-plated alloy surface smooth,High reflectivity,Gloss is good,Decoration is very good,But the process is complex,More expensive。

(central brass leg tub faucet)4、Paint

The paint faucet looks very last,But the paint is easy to fall off,Not durability is not enough。


Brushed process can achieve various textures,Foggy、Mirror、Effect of relief。It looks rough,But tat it very delicate,It is a popular process in recent years.。

(central brass leg tub faucet)Plating material summary:

Nickel plating、Chrome is more suitable,fair price,Good corrosion resistance。Brushedraft can also be, but prices are more expensive,Pastoral and titanium-plated alloys have less people。

Good electroplating looks like a mirror,No oxide spot,Use your mouth to the faucet surface,Will immediately form a layer of water,Good quality products,Water Auto will fade evenly,Quality is not good,The fading speed will be slower and relatively good。

three、Faucet spool purchase point

Water flow size is controlled by the spool,Open the lead in the air every day,So choose a good spool energy absolute leading life and comfort。

Mainly ceramic tab valve、Stainless steel spool、Axial roll。

central brass leg tub faucet

1、Ceramic tab

Ceramic tab and wear resistance,Sealing is good,Water pollution,Some big brands will use ceramic tabs。

2、Stainless steel spool

Stainless steel valve core is not easy to affected by water quality,More practical,Large abrasion resistance,It is easy to leak for time。

3、Axial roll

(central brass leg tub faucet)This type of spool is better in the market.,Easy to pollute water and short life,It is recommended not to buy this spool as much as possible.。

Valve core material summary:

Suitable spool:Ceramic tab>Stainless steel spool>Axial roll

The little faucet is actually condensed a lot of processes.,It is recommended to pick your eyes when you purchase.,Suitable material according to your budget。Try to choose the big brand of products,Quality is relatively affected,The water coming out of the faucet is drinking in your stomach.。