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brushed brass tub filler

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brushed brass tub filler

Arctic Star Water Treatment Network News:The sewage treatment packing determines the total biomass according to the water quality and treatment degree,Determining the filler variety based on the filler,According to pool type、Select packing categories such as flow and construction installation conditions。Packing material should be non-poisonous、Plunger film,And have quality、high strength、Material anti-aging、Performance of large specific surface area and less than fouling。

one、Classification and performance of filler

1、Hanging packing

Hanging filler includes softness、Semi-soft、Elasticity and combination filler。

1. Soft filler,And easy to break wire、Central rope break, etc.,His life is generally 1 year~2 year。Soft fiber filler,Shape 1 Shown,Specifications 1 Shown。

brushed brass tub filler

2. Half-soft filler has strong bubble cutting performance and the ability of re-clothing cloth、The hair film release effect is better、Do not block, Helping life is soft,However, its theoretical specific surface area is small and cost is high.。Shape 2 Shown,Specifications 2 Shown。

brushed brass tub filler

3. The elastic filler is more soft to the semi-soft filler.,Its 1 Generation structure is brush(See below 3);Its 2 Substitute,And cross section X Yancai,Elastic wire radiosity with the center buckle(See below 4),The filler has a larger void ratio、Higher bubble cutting capacity;Can improve oxygen utilization,Is a kind of energy-saving elastic stereo filler。Specifications 3、4。

brushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub filler

4. Combined filler is given in view of softness、The above disadvantages of semi-softness and absorb the specific surface area of soft filler、Easy film and semi-soft filler、Novel filler with good bubble cut performance,Its sewage treatment is better than soft、Semi-soft filler。The shape of the filler is as shown 5 Shown,Specifications 5 Shown。

brushed brass tub filler

2、Floating packing

Federal filler is also called free swing packing,Its structure is a floating body on the top of the filler,Middle is a hanging packing,Pool bottom is pre-buried or fixed with expansion bolts,Pushing with water and aeration can be free to swing。Suitable for large sewage treatment projects, In particular, the water treatment project is proposed to use suspended filler and fear of accumulation.;More suitable for rivers in large waters、Typical projects such as non-steel brackets such as lakes and other steel brackets are not suitable for suspended bulk。Outer shape 6,Specification parameters such as tables 6 Shown。

brushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub filler

3、Floating filler

(brushed brass tub filler)Suspended filler has sphere、Cylindrical、Francisco, etc.,Non-size、Have a certain weight、Void is also different,Different water quality、Different container structures、Flexibility in different shape fillers、Optimization。The filler characteristics have good oxygenated properties.,Hanging film fast,Mount, Biofilm update performance;long lasting,Replacement simple and other advantages,Has be more and more widely used。Shape 7,8,9,10 Shown,Specification parameters such as tables 7 Shown。

brushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub fillerbrushed brass tub filler(brushed brass tub filler)two、Filler installation

1、Hanging filler installation

a) The assembly of hanging filler needs to be fixed at both ends,Generally, it is advisable to use horizontal and straight pull-out。

b) Contact oxidation tanks should be provided with two layers of hanging brackets,Secure the filler on the bracket on the bracket,The underlying bracket should be higher than the aeration head 200mmabove。Stainless steel pipe、Angle steel、Slot steel and tight rope。

Schematic diagram of filler installation method:

brushed brass tub filler

2、Floating filler installation

(brushed brass tub filler)a) The floating packing only needs to be fixed at the bottom,It is appropriately fixed to pre-buried hooks or expansion bolts on the bottom of the pool.。

(brushed brass tub filler)b)Set layered fixed drawer frame in contact oxidation tank,Fixed on the bottom of the floating packing on the drawer。

c)The old pool renovation can use the bottom end of the faded or concrete pendant fixed floating packing。

d) The filler layer should be higher than the aeration head 200mm above。Filler support should be used with stainless steel tubes、Angle steel、Slot steel and other materials。

Schematic diagram of filler installation method:

brushed brass tub filler(brushed brass tub filler)3、Installation of suspended filler

(brushed brass tub filler)a) Should be in the bottom of the pool,The grid should be higher than the aeration head 200mm above。

b) Input and export setting grid in contact with oxidation pond,The network of the grid should be smaller than the outer shape of the filler。

(brushed brass tub filler)c) Single pool size is large,It is suitable to use the grid to divide the oxidation cell into several units.,Putting a filler within each unit。

d) Single pool length is too large,You can set the gastric device to return the filler of the outlet to the imported end.。

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