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cutting a slot in small brass tube

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The house water pipe slot is a small matter.,But it is actually a very important technology.,Did not do well,I can't cry in the future.!

1、Before the groove:Confirm the direction of the water pipe and equipment

first,To design a drawing and room structure according to the decoration design,Determine the water tube is a ceiling,Still walk。

cutting a slot in small brass tube

(cutting a slot in small brass tube)at the same time,Also confirm the water purifier、Water heater、toilet、Washing water equipment、Installation method and whether hot water needs。

2、Slotting construction:Pay attention to process specifications

① Communication before construction:After consultation with the construction personnel,Construction can be officially started。Waterman master first with ink line,Snap the route that needs to take tube。

(cutting a slot in small brass tube)cutting a slot in small brass tube

②Open slot:Cut the machine with special tools to cut the slot,Return to the electric hammer。

Important reminder:Construction,Pay attention to don't cut steel bars,To avoid affecting housing quality and safety。

cutting a slot in small brass tube

3、Slot size:Specific standard requirement

(cutting a slot in small brass tube)In addition to the order of slots,Also pay attention,Slotted width、depth、Altitude, etc.。Wall tank width:Single slot4cm,Dual slot10cm;Wall tank depth:Approximately3-4cm。

Height,It is necessary according to the specific requirements of different water equipment.。

(Xiaobian here secretly tells you,Common standards are like this)

(cutting a slot in small brass tube)cutting a slot in small brass tube

(cutting a slot in small brass tube)4、Slotting construction:Election of hydraulist is very important

These specifications are constructed,It is necessary to operate by a professional watermaster.。so,Water tank,Also choose the mask。

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