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faucet newport brass tub filler

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[Summary]Every household is used for a variety of water,Water-saving faucet。But most of the owners don't know what the material's faucet is better.,I don't know if there is so much attention when picking the faucet.,Today, I will have a long time with Xiaobian.!

The popularity of the water valve is the faucet,Is us usually used to control the size switch of the water flow。The update of the faucet is very fast,Previously an old cast iron process,The more useful use is an electro-plated knob,Now mostly use stainless steel single-temperature single-controlled faucet、Kitchen semi-automatic faucet and other styles。So what is the characteristics of the faucets of several materials used??

faucet newport brass tub filler

1、Stainless steel faucet

(faucet newport brass tub filler)Stainless steel tap,And acid resistance、Alkali、Uncomfortable、Do not release harmful substances,Will not pollute the water source。Stainless steel faucet surface does not need to be plated,It only needs to polish it to display its stainless steel very color。

2、All-copper faucet

Pure copper faucet uses all copper purification,Surface chrome-plated treatment,High gloss,Higher anti-wear resistance resistance。It mainly distinguishes the quality of quality in its own copper content and processes.。

faucet newport brass tub filler

3、Plastic faucet

(faucet newport brass tub filler)Plastic faucet color is rich、Mold large quantity production,And relatively other materials,Higher security,AdoptABSPlastic production and processing。But unconventional,Life shortage。

faucet newport brass tub filler

4、Alloy faucet

The price of alloy faucets is compared with all copper faucet,Many low,And this faucet is more likely to produce large-scale production。Among them, zinc alloy is used.,Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body,And very unburable。

(faucet newport brass tub filler)5、Ceramic faucet

Compared with other faucets,Ceramic faucet has no rust,Not oxidize、Not easy to wear the advantage。Ceramic faucet appearance is beautiful,Because the outer casing is also ceramic products。

faucet newport brass tub filler

After understanding the faucet of different materials,We also have to choose the faucet that is suitable for our home.,So what should you pay attention to when you choose??

(faucet newport brass tub filler)1、Look for a brand

The owner should go to a formal famous brand shop when buying a water faucet.,This will have a more perfect after-sales guarantee.,There should be brand logo and after-sales service in the formal faucet box.。

faucet newport brass tub filler

2、Observe the appearance

The faucet is behind the grinding,In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized,Will be plated with a layer of nickel or chromium or the like in which a layer of anti-neutral hydrochloric acid function is plated,Protecting the faucet is not corroded。At the time of purchase,It is best to look at the surface of the faucet without spot、Pore and burnt traces,It is a good product even if there is no glitch and sand.。

faucet newport brass tub filler

3、Detection quality

(faucet newport brass tub filler)The main body of the faucet is generally brass。The higher the purity of brass, the better the quality of the plating.。Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs,Use zinc alloy instead of brass,Zinc alloy plating quality difference,Not corrosion resistance。The owner can use the estimated weight method to identify when purchasing.。

faucet newport brass tub filler

4、Rotating handle

The spool of the faucet is usually a steel ball spheroid and a ceramic spool。Faucet with ceramic spool,It is also more comfortable in hand、Slippery,Open、Close up。When purchasing, you can simply determine the spool when you feel according to the handle.。