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cutting a brass tube

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【Guide】Laser technology technology is particularly suitable for processing of various metal pipes。Relative to manual saw、Sawser saw、Roller extrusion、Grinding wheel cutting、Traditional pipe cutting methods such as gas welding cutting,Whether it is precision or processing efficiency,Too many advanced。Therefore, the application prospect of the laser processing technology is very broad.。

Pipe laser cutting system has advantages in a conventional processing means for a variety of processing methods of space free surfaces and curves.。In the process of machining, the pipe cutting surface should be guaranteed.,To achieve the required length of the pipe blank。Domestic traditional pipe cutting methods are difficult to meet the needs of mass production,And the pipe parts processed by these conventional processing methods,Cutting surface processing quality is uncomfortable,Some even produce processing defects such as deformation and collapse。Pipe except for cutting,Some still need other forms of processing,Such as:Floral cutting for decoration and lamp,Helix、Sinusoidal、Cosine,Marketer, etc.。These forms of pipe processing If the traditional processing method is used,Not only low processing efficiency,And it is difficult to achieve ideal processing requirements,Some even cannot work。Production practice,The key to the cutting of pipe is to maximize the elimination of cutting quality defects.,To meet the processing requirements of pipe。Perforated for complex pipe、Slot、Tutaneous or lateral addition,Pipe laser cutting system can greatly guarantee the quality of processing。

cutting a brass tube

Laser processing metal pipe has a narrow slit width、Heat affected area、Cutting speed is fast、Flexible、Higher points such as incision and tool wear.,And easier to achieve automated and intelligent production modes。Pipe laser cutting system cutting pipe(Including 正 正、Slope、Forming cutting, etc.),The width of the incision is generally0.1~0.3mm,Cutting efficiency can be improved compared to traditional processing methods8~20Multiplication,Processing cost reduction70%~90%,Save15% ~30%Material loss。Traditional processing methods require multi-channel continuous processes to complete,Advanced pipe laser cutting system with automatic upper and lower materials can be in place。

cutting a brass tube

Due to pipe cutting(Especially for small pipe diameters)Time,Slag attached to the inner wall of the pipe,Most of the heat generated by the workpiece is absorbed by the workpiece,When the cutting density is large,Often cause overheating pipe,Corner and square tube,Severe influence of incision quality,Even can't cut。Currently, the quality problems existing during the cutting process of laser pipe:Part catalog、Part corner、Cutting surface tilt,And cut circular parts or can't be closed, etc.,Directly leading to severe waste of pipes and low cutting production efficiency。Therefore, to strengthen in-depth research on these aspects。

Professional pipe kit software is a large number of controls、high efficiency、Foundation and prerequisites for high quality cutting production。Putting in computer through professional pipe cutting software、Kit、Detailed segmentation programming,generateNCCutting program,Then perform a large length metal pipe full trip automatic laser cutting。When changing the diameter or shape of the pipe,Just modify the program,Therefore, it is highly studied for the development of pipe cutting software.。

Realize the raw steel pipe from the above、delivery、Finished finished tube decimal、Transfer all the automation of the entire process of the next link next to the pipeline,It is the technology solution for many laser equipment enterprises.,Also mainstream。Laser companies continue to strengthen the research on pipe laser cutting automatic production lines and is also very important。