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brass handles for sterling tub faucet

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 02:55:42

The faucet acts as a water transporter,The quality of its quality is directly related to people's physical health and experience experience.,Therefore, for the purchase of the faucet, you can't just simply.,Qualified faucet is the preferred standard of consumers。Can facing the current quality of water tap products,How can we buy a high quality faucet??Xiaobian teaches you a few tricks today.,Fully classification,Master the faucet,Is this still worried that you can't buy a good faucet??

brass handles for sterling tub faucet

one、Faucet classification:

(brass handles for sterling tub faucet)There are many kinds of faucets,Usually distinguish by functionality and use,Such as kitchen faucet、Basin faucet、Bathtub faucet,Collectively“Three-piece set,It is best to choose a dedicated faucet when you purchase the faucet.,For example, install it with a bin faucet to the kitchen sink,Due to too low height,Bring a lot of inconvenience。

1、Bathtub faucet:Two outlet,A connecting bath,A brunette ,Shower。

(brass handles for sterling tub faucet)2、Basin faucet:This faucet is shorter、Low,Mainly for people to wash goods、Cleansing。

(brass handles for sterling tub faucet)3、Multi-function kitchen faucet:If there is a hot water pipeline in the kitchen,This faucet should also be double。in addition,The sweater of the kitchen faucet is higher、Longer,Some hose design,Washing food。

From the structure,Can also be divided into three categories

1、Single handle:This type of faucet uses a more popular ceramic spool as a seal.,The advantage is that the switch flexible,Temperature adjustment,long lasting;Pricing is medium,Family choice for relatively loose economic conditions。

2、belt90Degree switch faucet:This type of faucet is also sealed with ceramic chip,It is based on the traditional two-handed handle,Change the original rubber seal for ceramic sheet sealing,Rotating the handle when opening and closing90Can,Adjusting on both sides of the cold hot water,It is characterized by open convenience,Styles;Moderate price,Is the preferred material of mass consumers。

3、Traditional spiral rose、Rubber dense faucet:It is large,Easy to repair;The price is relatively low。

(brass handles for sterling tub faucet)In terms of general mid-range consumption,The above three faucets can be selected,Among them90Spend switch More ideal。Single handle Faucet More luxurious style,There are also more purchases when you are.。

Besides,There are still many special features on the market. Faucet 。For example with a film function,The faucet built-in unique diaphragm device can remove impurities in water,Corlifa launched Faucet A series is a good choice;Emperor Mima Hengwen Faucet,Wax temperature control valve core,Make the water temperature instant to request,Error is less than0.5Degrees Celsius,When the water temperature exceeds40Celsius,The lead will also limit the flow,Prevent burns,Reflected a complete user design。

two、Faucet purchase method

First look at the appearance。High quality faucet processing fine,Good surface is good,Can be close to the effect of the mirror and is not true。

Secondly,When turning the faucet handle,There is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch.,Confused and unimpeded,Not slippery,Inferior faucet's gap,Blocked。

(brass handles for sterling tub faucet)Once again, check each component,Especially whether the main components assembly is close,Nice faucet valve body、The handle is all made of brass,Self-weight,Apex。

Finally, you want to identify the tag.。Generally, regular goods have brand logo for manufacturers,Some non-regular products or some of the quality products are often only pasted with some paper labels.,Even no tag,Be sure to pay attention when purchasing。