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brass tube weldeing

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-17 02:41:23

Brass welding method:gas welding、Carbon arc welding、Manual arc welding and argon arc welding。

1.Brass gas welding

Due to the low temperature of the gas welding flame,When welding, the evaporation of zinc in brass is less than when welding.,So in brass welding,Air welding is the most common method。

brass tube weldeing

Brake welding is used:Silk221、Silk222Silk224Wait,Silicon in these welded wires、tin、Element of iron,Ability to prevent and reduce evaporation of zinc in the molten pool and burn,It is helpful to ensure the performance of the weld and prevent the gas generated。Flux for gas-weld brass often uses two categories of solid powder and gas flux,Gas flux consists of methyl borate and methanol;Flux such as gas301。

(brass tube weldeing)2.Brass's handmade arc welding

Welding brass removed copper227Copper237outside,Homemade electrodes can also be used。

(brass tube weldeing)Copper electric arc welding,DC power contact should be used,Electrode。Pre-welder welding surface should be cleaned up。Slope angle should generally should not be less than60~70°,To improve weld formation,Welcomes should be preheated150~250℃。

brass tube weldeing(brass tube weldeing)

Short arc welding should be welded during operation,Do not be horizontally and swing before and after,Only straight moving,High speed is high。Seawater、Brass welding of corrosion media such as ammonia gas,Neffled after welding,To eliminate welding stress。

3.Brass's handmade argon arc welding

Brass handmade argon arc welding can be used in standard brass wire:Silk221、Silk222Silk224,It is also possible to use a material having the same components of the base material as a filler material.。

brass tube weldeing

Welding can be used in direct current,Can also be exchanged。AC welding,Zinc evaporation is light than DC。Usually no preheating before welding,Only the thickness of the plate is preheated.。Welding speed should be as fast as possible。

Welding should be heated after welding300~400℃Annealing,Eliminate welding stress,To prevent the weld from crack during use。

4.Brass carbon arc welding

Brass carbon arc welding,Selection of wire according to the ingredients of the base221、Silk222、Silk224Welding wire,Homemade brass welding wire is also available。Welding can be used301Waiting。Welding should be short arc operation,To reduce zinc evaporation and burn。