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(brass tubes with gemstones)“Bronze culture is the west”,This is the statement of some experts in China.。

(brass tubes with gemstones)They have a copy“World Metallurgy History”:

brass tubes with gemstones

but,They are in this paragraph“World Metallurgy History”inside,Record the present5200year,The earliest casting of Meso Nama“Red copper frog”,But no record,Far away6500 Year 7000 year——Exactly,Be from now on6700Brass and brass ring unearthed from Jiangzhai sites in China 。

brass tubes with gemstones

They are in this paragraph“World Metallurgy History”inside,Record the present5000year-Far away4500year,Small items in the Near East,But no record,Far away5000year,Single-blade bronze knife unearthed unearthed in Majiayn cultural sites。

brass tubes with gemstones(brass tubes with gemstones)

This is certainly not the archaeological information they have not received in China.,They are our Chinese experts,Instead of being an expert in foreign countries.。

The reason why our Chinese bronze and bronze,Cannot be included in them“World Metallurgy History”,Because of,These Chinese experts said,China's“Longshan culture and Yangshao culture sites have sporadic copper outsoled,But it is not enough to indicate that East Asia entered the copperstone and used the times.”。

(brass tubes with gemstones)Ha ha,What is called“Copperstone”Era?

We have only unearthed from sporadic copper in China.,At once“Not enough”Indicates that our China has entered“Copperstone”era;Some copper copper in West Asia unearthed,At once“sufficient”Indicates that they have entered“Copperstone”era。

So,Isolated copper in West Asia,How much is it??How much size is it??

It is just more than our China.,And there is no unearthed scale,Then you can call“Copperstone”Period??

Compared with the bronze of our Chinese business land unearthed,They have the number of copper copper copper,Can also be called“Copperstone”Period??

(brass tubes with gemstones)Siya area,How much bronze is unearthed??Is there any total number?,More than a bronze Ding, a Chinese business hall, is also heavy.?

brass tubes with gemstones

Our Chinese Commercial Dynasty bronze Ding,Just one800Multikg heavy。

And our Chinese business champion,There is more than one bronze Ding。

Silver bronze,Total,Is there a bronze of our Chinese business champion??

(brass tubes with gemstones)That reflects how big bronze casting and use size in their West Asia areas.?

Then you can explain,They have entered Western Asia.“Copperstone”Period??

The key is,Are they found in the Sianzia's excited copper mine??Are they found in West Asia with abiner and cast copper??

They did not have the site of the copper mine found,They have not been refined and found to cast copper.,What to say,That a total of tens of pounds of bronze,It is from them in West Asia.,Not from our China, China?

What to say,Only dozens of pounds of bronzes unearthed in West Asia,I have already entered it.“Copperstone”era,And our China is not.?

(brass tubes with gemstones)Of course,China's China,There is no mining of copper ore, found,There is also a site that has not been refined and casting the copper.。

but,China's China,Give us a history of casting and use bronzes.。

Are they there in West Asia??Is there a history of casting and use bronzes??

brass tubes with gemstones

《Hist·Fengchan book》Record:“The bronze of Emperor,Casting Dingzhan。”

《World·Work》Record:“蚩 especially five soldiers,Pigeon、spear、halberd、Chili、Ram。”

《tube·Land number》Record:“Teach ten years,And the mountains of Gula,Gold,蚩 蚩 受 and 之 之 为、Pure white、spear、halberd,Be a year,Phactus princes。之 山,Gold,Especially,之、Higgo(Brush)。Be a year,Phase the princes 12”。

You can think of,Can make swords、Pure white、spear、Splendid,Can only be bronze,Not brass or gold。

because,At that time,I still don't know to find mines and open mines.,People only have a copper ore in the flood,It is likely to pick up the copper ores that expose the surface.,Cracking copper and casting copper。

but,one way or another,5000Many years ago,China has been able to refine bronze,and,Use their manufacturer and weapons。

This is not only a history of history.,It is also unearthed from the real thing.。

Only bronzes are unearthed from West Asia,No mining and abnormal copper sites,There is no history record,Our Chinese experts,What,It is said that the bronzes of people in West Asia are not circulated from China.,Instead, their bronzes in West Asia have flowed into us China.?

How much,They have entered Western Asia.“Copperstone”era,And our Chinese historical records are not counted,It does not count the real thing unearthed.?

This double standard,These experts from our China,Is it too slippery??

(brass tubes with gemstones)further,We can also ask:If it is the West Asian, you know the bronze smelting and casting.,So,How do they understand the principles of smelting and casting??

How do they know?,Copper ore can be refined from copper??

How do they know?,Different ores can refine different alloy copies——Bronze and brass?

In our China,These,But it is not a problem.。

(brass tubes with gemstones)because,We have a woman in China“Refining five-color stone”Ah。

brass tubes with gemstones

Women's“Refining stone replenishment”of“Five-color stone”inside,Don't there be green copper ore??

Green copper ore is burning,Can you refine copper??

here,We will explain,Female“Refining five-color stone”True meaning。

Jin Yu Zhanghua《Mission》say:“Stone,Golden root。Shi flows,Aquatic wood,Wood。”

You can think of,Female era in metal has not yet appeared,China's China“Five elements”middle,It is impossible to have“gold”Elements。

At that time“Five-line student”relation,that is“Stone water、Aquatic wood、Wooden fire、Raft、Rockstone”;“Seck wooden、Pitch、Torker、Hydrazine、Rock stone”。

brass tubes with gemstones

Female“Refining five-color stone”,It is to be held“Rock stone”Religious activity,To prevent“Stone water” ,To reach the purpose of reducing flood disasters。

Due to the held“Rock stone”Religious activities,Use five colors of stones,This is easy to select green copper ore.。

Green copper ore is used in hot calcination,Once the right temperature is achieved,It will naturally refine the copper inside.。

Far away6700Shaanxi Jiangzhai Site ago,Outdooted brass sheet and brass tube,It should be that people at the time,Hold“Refining stone replenishment”Emergencies of religious rituals。

Not only“Refining stone replenishment”s legend,we still have”Refining stone replenishment“Physical evidence。

brass tubes with gemstones

In the distance5500-5000An annual manual building of the Niuhe beam site,Archaeologists found more than 2,000 buckets。

These crucibles,Of course it is used to hold“Refining stone replenishment”Religious props。

Received5000Yellow Emperor Evil,Shaanxi Tongchuan City Hongya Neolithic Site,It is unearthed with small crucibles used to alchem.。

brass tubes with gemstones

From big crucible to small crucible,That explains people at the time,It has been aware of the importance of temperature for mineral changes.。

By small crucible,It is easy to increase temperature,Promoting various chemical reactions of minerals。

(brass tubes with gemstones)So,Red Mountain Culture Nihe Beam Site,Is it a female?“Refining stone replenishment”Place?

That's of course not。

(brass tubes with gemstones)In our historical legend,Have a famous historical figure——“Shao Wei Jin Tian” 。

brass tubes with gemstones

He is the owner of Hongshan Culture Nihe Liang Site。

《Mountain sea·East》Record:“Big and outside the East China Sea,Shaozhi country,Shao Wei Confucianism,Abandon their phenquence”。

This means this means,“Young”Before the Emperor,Jianzhi, Jianguo, Shandong,Because the power does not catch,Let the emperor。

《Emperor》Record:“Shaozhen,Cordial,Qingyang,Ji surname also。……Female Dream,Born,Is for Xuanzhu。邑 邑 poor,Imperial,Qufu,Saused or poor。Land in the North。”

this“Young”——The location of Xuanuo,In front《East》Consistent,Are in Shandong。

However,《Mountain sea·Xishan Jing》Record:“West Two hundred miles,say 长 山,His God,Shaoxue。Its beast,Its birds。Dynasty jade。Falsew member。God also,Main secret agent。”

Why is this“Young”,Also as a white emperor,Run to the West to become the god of the West?

actually,“Hate”So“Daymurs”,Be with“Dongfeng Taishan”Mean。

(brass tubes with gemstones)“Young”Ration“Young”,that's because,He with“Too”Fuxi,Shandong,have“Dongfeng Taishan”Work。

Fuxi,Is the predecessor of Hongshan culture、Far away8000Year to the distance6500The owner of the cultural and Zhao Baogou culture in the Northeast China。

brass tubes with gemstones

Far away7100year,Zhao Baogou culture conquer and destroyed the magnetic mountain culture in Hebei。

Far away7000year,Zhao Baogou culture conquer and destroyed the cultural culture of Henan。

This is the 庖 庖 record recorded in history“Defense people”。

庖 庖 is the mother of Fuxi。

庖 庖 庖“Defense people”,In fact, Fuxi is“Defense people”。

(brass tubes with gemstones)brass tubes with gemstones

And 燧 人 is the master of Magnetic Mountain Culture and Li Gang Culture in Central Plains.。

After the Fuxiande entered the main Central Plains,At once“Mu De Wang,Inventory,Dongfeng Taishan”,result,Finally“Established a 111st year”。

Why is Fuxi?“Mu De Wang,Inventory,Dongfeng Taishan”Woolen cloth?

(brass tubes with gemstones)This is the time“Five elements culture”Cause trouble。

because,At the time“Five elements culture”,Promote“Stone wheel ring”Concept,Promote“spring”Is an“Stone wheel ring”First season,and“Wooden at Spring,In the east”。

Just Fu Fuxi“Defense people”,They think they are in a new one“Stone wheel ring”First season。

so,They think that the god of the blessing of their tribes is“Wood god”,and“Wooden at Spring,In the east”,They must“Mu De Wang,Inventory,Dongfeng Taishan”。

Due to the Taishan area at the time,There is also an indigenous culture,Beixin culture。

so,Fuxi“Dongfeng Taishan”,I was a strong resistance of the owners of Beixin Culture in Taishan.。

(brass tubes with gemstones)Taishan area is now“Taishan stone dare”Custom,It is the indigenous resistance of Shandong area.“Dongfeng Taishan”The customs left。

brass tubes with gemstones

Since Fuxi's and Shandong's War situation is the enemy,formed“Longma spirit sea crane”Situation(“Dragon horse”It was the totem of Fuxi at that time.,“Sea crane”It was the totem of Northern Culture in Northern Culture.),This has caused the flight of the people who are conquered by Fuxi in the Central Plains.。

(brass tubes with gemstones)then,Coexist“Water by water,Bay and wish”。

Congratulations is the descendant of 燧 人 氏,Zhu Rong is Fuxi。

It is a slave,Is the ruler;The spirit of the spirit is the slave owner,Be the ruler。

Cooperate“Water by water,Bay and wish”when,Western girls come to support——“Kill Black Dragon”。

(brass tubes with gemstones)Fuxi's totem is a dragon,them“Taking the dragon”,“Black dragon”,Is a tribe in their tribes。

In this situation,Fuxi“Established a 111st year”In。

This incident is happening6500Forehead。

Henan Xiangyang Western Water Level Site,Outartedly a distance6500Year“Heaven tomb”。

brass tubes with gemstones

This“Heaven tomb”There is a dragon、Tiger、deer、Spider and other cultural symbols。

And these cultural symbols,At that time, there were only Zhao Baogou culture.,Her cultural type,At that time, there was no such cultural symbols.。

Means of,This“Heaven tomb”It belongs to Zhao Baogou culture,Showing Zhao Baogou Cultural Ethnic Groups came to Central Plains。

but,At the Central Plains,Zhao Baogou Cultural Type Ruins,It is only this one,No branch。

and,After another,Zhao Baogou culture in Northeast China,It turns into a Hongshan culture;at the same time,The South Bank of the Yangtze River and the two sides of Hanjiang,There is also a kind of teenage culture that advocates jade culture as Hongshan culture.。

This not only confesses the Fuxi“Established a 111st year”History record,and,Also confirmed“Fuxi Funeral South County,Or 曰 in the west of Shanyang”Record。

Fuxi“冢 高 高 西”,It is the seat of Shui Shuo, Fuyang, Henan“Heaven tomb”。

Fuxi“Burial”,that is,The old king of Fuxi is dead.,Xin Wang led everyone to flee it to the south bank of the Yangtze River.,Create Daxi Culture,New Wang after death,I am buried in the South。

This leads to the spread of the Northern Red Mountain Culture in the north.,And the southern Daxi culture two parts。

And the owner of Northern Hongshan Culture,that is“Shao Wei Jin Tian”。

“Young”the meaning of,It is that they will finally resend the main Central Plains.,and“Dongfeng Taishan”,Established and that year“Too”Fuxi's same credit。

So,why“Young”Again“Jin Tian”Woolen cloth?

Obvious,This is like the 燧 人 氏“Drill pool”Technology,The name is the same as;“Young”It is because invented“Smelt metal”Technology,It is called“Jin Tian”。

(brass tubes with gemstones)So,why“Young”Be able to“Smelt metal”Technique?

This is of course held with them for a long time.“Refining stone replenishment”Religious ceremony。

Due to Fuxi“Established a 111st year”,Because they“Dongfeng Taishan”From,They have encountered the Northern Culture Ethnic Group“Taishan stone dare”。

And finally leading to them completely failed,Another female“Kill Black Dragon”,Female Sir's Watershed,Belong to the West,And the West is also“stone”。

so,People of Fuxi tribe think,They are defeated“Seck wooden”。

Western Western“Stone god”Help,The North Xin culture ethnic group also has Taishan.“Stone god”Help,This leads to their Vapillance tribe“Wood god”Sensory single force。

so,Since then,Fuxi tribe,It is necessary to regularly“Refining stone replenishment”,To help them Fuxi tribe“Wood god”Defeat“Stone god”。

However,Red Mountain Culture Nihe Beam Site,It is from the distance5500Year began to rise,then,“Jin Tian”Already resended in the main Central Plains。

And before this6500Year to the distance5500Millennium,“Jin Tian”Do you have“Refining stone replenishment”Woolen cloth?Where are they?“Refining stone replenishment”Woolen cloth?

“Jin Tian”It must be“Refining stone replenishment”of,In the distance5500Previous year ago,They are in Kunlun Mountain, Xinjiang“Refining stone replenishment”。

(brass tubes with gemstones)This is“West Two hundred miles,曰 长 山,His God,Shaoxue”s reason。

why“Shao Wei Jin Tian”To be in Kunlun Mountain“Refining stone replenishment”Woolen cloth?

《Mountain sea·Wreath》Record:“South China,Sand's coast,Red water,Mountainous mountain,Name Kunlun。Have a god,Human face,Some of the text is white,Discouraged。It has a weak water,It has a fire mountain,Tap。Someone,hoopoe,Tiger tooth,Leopard tail,Acupoint,西 王 mother。”

West King is the leader of the 庖 庖 部,Because relative to Fuxi is living in the west,so,Fuxi and its descendants call it as the West。

(brass tubes with gemstones)The land of Xi Wang mother is Kunlun Mountain.。

“Kun”,The meaning of its shape is that everyone worships the sun god.;“Roll”,Jubi——“The round of all things Kunlun”。

Kunlun Mountains,Is the religious center and political center of the 庖 庖 部,It is the Shengdi of the Vapillary tribe.,so,Jin Tianzhi has not been developed yet,When there is no main Central Plains,It is often necessary to go to Kunlun Mountain.。

(brass tubes with gemstones)It is because,He will establish a stronghold near Kunlun Mountain,曰“Long mountain”。

thus,Our Chinese experts,By“Discovering and Research of the Site Site in the Xinjiang Region,Filling the bronze smelting technology by the western direction”。

but,History tells us,Xinjiang area is“Jin Tian”Active site,而“Jin Tian”Is the master of Hongshan Culture in Northeast China,Yes“Metal smelting”Founder。

so,Bronze smelting technology,Not spread through the West China,Instead, it is spread throughout Xinjiang.,Western does not master bronze smelting technology,Their small bronze,But after Xinjiang directly trafficking from the East。

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