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Survey、Public apology,Wal-Mart China is still on。

Not long ago,A customer of Shenzhen found a date of production of imported beer tank in Wal-Mart supermarket,Traces that are being applied and reprint,So suspect Wal-Mart sales expired product。5moon14day,Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration for the investigation of Wal-Mart China。5moon20day,Wal-Mart China released a paper late“Apology statement”。

(brass tubes walmart)6Wal-Mart is only apologized after the day,Still maintaining a consistent“arrogant”。But this retail giant is in China,But it is already the past。

once Upon a time,On weekends, Wal-Mart supermarket is a happy thing for many people.。Product department store is full of,diverse、cheap price,Rely against these,This1996Annual foreign-funded retail brand in China is unlimited。

But recently,Wal-Mart is troublesome。Before being investigated,Wal-Mart4At the end of the month, it is exposed to invest in China.130Home store for sale,Wal-Mart China has to rumor。From a few years ago,Wal-Mart China Frequency Shop、Operating performance growth,Also attracted the attention of the outside world。

Wal-Mart's business,China is already“fade”。

Control“Turn over”Uncommon

“Such a big supermarket actually dares this。Is the crime cost too low??”When the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration released the report,Some users expressed indignation on social platforms。

Shenzhen Wal-Mart“Turn over”The product,Is a Lithuanian Kanaci chooses beer。According to the information provided by the reporter,The date of production printed under the beer tank2020year10moon5day,And the trace of the altered can still be seen.,The original production date of being coated is2020year5moon5day。5moon11day,Wal-Mart China has informs the national store to remove this beer。

AIFinance and Society contact Wal-Mart China asked this after,The other party only sent a Wal-Mart China5moon20Daily announcement as a reply。The statement apologizes and explains,According to the results of its initial survey,The application of the production date is in“Production processes”;Currently,All other goods involved in the goods and the supplier have been removed,Cooperation with this supplier has stopped。

(brass tubes walmart)But for the follow-up to strengthen the action in product control,Wal-Mart China does not give more information。

Wal-Mart is“arrogant”of。Domestic consumer dispute around this foreign retail giant,Also have not stopped。“Wal-Mart staff attitude,It's too arrogant.。There have been several times I ask them some information and packaging products, they need help.,They will not care about me。”A customer complained。

andAIFinance and economics also found,Wal-Mart's control“Black history”Much,Not allowed to apply this pile of beer production date。

2011Year,Wal-Mart has fallen into“Price signing”,According to the notification of the National Development and Reform Commission,Some stores sold in some stores such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour does not match the price of the price,The stores involved were5010,000 fines。same year“315”eve,Wal-Mart Chongqing a store has an expiration bag board duck“Secondary processing”And selling events,After investigation,Total208The kilogram has been sold to consumers,Chongqing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce implements administrative punishment,And administrate about Wal-Mart management personnel。

same year8moon,Many Chongqing Wal-Mart Supermarket is suspected of selling counterfeiting“Green pork”,Higher price with low price“Green food”Sale。Two months later,Wal-Mart ChinaCEOChen Yaochang resigned。

Chongqing store has repeated problems,However, the Director of the Food Flow Regulators of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Chongqing, ZHO Zaowong,Wal-Mart is still arrogant when receiving law enforcement departments、Reject cooperation。

2014year8moon,A senior employee in Wal-Mart, Shenzhen, exposed its sneak shot of food processing insider video,The content includes the oil used for half a month、Replace more than one month,And use expired hapfor rice to make fast food sales, etc.。Thereafter,Including the reporter4Employees were taken by Wal-Mart“Serious violation of the company's rules and regulations,At the same time, significant damage to the company”Be dismissed。

Day eye display,Wal-Mart(China)Investment Co., Ltd2013Announced15Administrative punishment,Content involves food illegal acts、Infringing consumer rights、Health food illegal behavior, etc.。

Shop、Selling rumors

If the quality of the control may be due to suppliers or some personal behavior,So constantly selling、Shop news,Then torture to Wal-Mart's business model。

Before the beer event,One about Wal-Mart“Sell your body”Beautiful rumors appear,Hereby,Wal-Mart intends to put the northeast of the Chinese market、About the North China area130Home stores all sell to the beauty,Sell30One hundred million U.S. dollars(Joining195Billion)。

Wal-Mart ChinaAIFinance and economics,This is a rumor,“No need to make any comments on the market rumors,But condemn the rumor of the rumors of the normal operation of the company。”

But Wal-Mart has been caught in the doubts of returning stores and performance.。

This year4moon,Wal-Mart closed Guangzhou、Nanchang、Huzhou、Shangqiu's4Homemarket。5moon,Wal-Mart closed two stores in Jiangxi。Here,Wal-Mart China respondingAIFinance and economics,“China is a market full of development opportunities,We are full of confidence in China's economy and market。We regularly review the performance of the store to ensure continuous optimization of our business.,Opening or closed shops are normal initiatives for daily operations in the retail industry.。”

But in2020year8moon,Wal-Mart is when the old shop in Beijing Zhichun Road,Property security is informational“Can't afford rent”。

According to Wal-Mart2020Financial report,Its quantity in China's retail stores412Family。And according to China's Chain Business Association data,exist2014The total number of Werma stores has reached441Family,exist2019year,The number of Wal-Mart stores is442Family。Seven years of time,Wal-Mart's store in China does not increase。And in contraction with this,Be in2019year,Wal-Mart China also announced,future5-7Plans to open in China during the year500Home stores and cloud warehouses。

according toAIFinancial and Economic News,from2016Year2020year,Wal-Mart4It's closed in China.80House store。

brass tubes walmart

Wal-Mart, continuously passing the newspaper news,In China, it has already passed the most scenery moment.。

According to Wal-Mart's earnings,already2011year,Wal-Mart China has lost its loss1.17One hundred million U.S. dollars。since2014Start from year,There is no more than two digits in the growth rate of Wal-Mart China.。

2019Fivaphth Year Finance,I have been called Wal-Mart by the outside world.“The best performance in the past ten years”,Wal-Mart Camp1388One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth1.8%。After the report is released, the stock price of Wal-Mart has risen4%。But this mainly benefits from Wal-Mart United States, including stores、E-commerce business and full channel products,At that time, it was a bang scale.——US e-commerce business growth is reached43%。

But also2019year,Wal-Mart China shut down Qingdao、Jinan、Hangzhou and other places14Home store,Its annual international market net sales is1208.24One hundred million U.S. dollars,in,The net sales in China is107.02One hundred million U.S. dollars,Proportion8.86%,Low than Mexico and Central America、U.K、Canada and other regions。

exist2021Finance year,Factors that promote the consumption demand for food sunstrictions based on the epidemic,Wal-Mart China is selling in full fiscal year114.3One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth7.11%。But2022The first quarter of fiscal year(2021year2moon1day-4moon30day)Financial report,Wal-Mart International Sales is273One hundred million U.S. dollars,Large decline,Among them, it will no longer reveal data from Wal-Mart China.。

Ding Li State, retail and marketing expertAIFinance and economics analysis,China has now entered business3.0era,“Line store is commercial1.0era,E-commerce2.0era,Social business is3.0era,That is, social platform represented by shake faster,Also started from the original simple content。”therefore,he thinks,Wal-Mart China's sales decline,Closely related to domestic business environment。

“Small profit”Fail,Store at dusk

Always,“Cheap”Is the label in Wal-Mart in the mind of the country。It reduces costs through large-scale procurement of global,Occupational market with low price strategies,A further increase in the supply chain management。

Wal-Mart said,It has always adhered to local procurement in China.,I have neared very early2Wanjia China suppliers have established cooperative relations,Sales products,Local product exceeds95%。The biggest advantage of domestic local procurement is the low cost,But once the cost is rising,Wal-Mart's price advantage,It is difficult to keep it.。

(brass tubes walmart)This is the most Wal-Mart anxiety。With the development of mobile Internet and e-commerce,The domestic consumer market presents users' large-scale e-commerce and home business.、New retail industry transfer of community group purchases,This makes Wal-Mart“Small profit”Business model slowly fail。

(brass tubes walmart)In question and answer community,Have someone asks,“Why Wal-Mart China is not working??”The first answer below is:“Online shopping demand,The entity is basically in the store's rental state,no income。”

(brass tubes walmart)Head giant aura,Wal-Mart's store site selection often requires good location、Venue。Due to Wal-Mart's line drainage capacity,Real estate owners will also give discounts on rent。But now,As the entity retail is constantly impacted by e-commerce,Wal-Mart's drainage capacity is weakened,At the same time, it also faces the problem of rising rent.。

Ding Liguo said,“Retail big store at the last century90In the middle of the age, I started to enter the Chinese market.,Generally speaking, the rental contract of physical stores is20year。During this time,The cost of domestic commercial real estate is very fast,Wait20The large limit of the year,I will inevitably affect the renewal of the original old store。”

In this situation,Wal-Mart“Shop”It's not difficult to understand。

Wal-Mart also has a effort to do transformation。2010Start from year,Wal-Mart United States opens the e-commerce website“Buy buy”model,to2018year,Has been acquired20Yujiatui Company,Home e-commerce、Footwear e-commerce、Outdoors e-commerce, etc.。but2019Fiscal year,The total sales of Wal-Mart America is3316.66One hundred million U.S. dollars,The sales associated with e-commerce accounts are only4.73%,With little success。It is worth noting that,This year has84Billion“Other losses”,Including35US dollars are derived from the market-value taxation caused by investment in Jingdong.。

Wal-Mart China has been working hard in e-commerce.。already2010year,Wal-Mart China's Sam member store launched online shopping services in China。but2014year,With the rise of China e-commerce,Wal-Mart China's sales growth rate from24.5%Slimming0.24%。

Later,Wal-Mart China accelerated the progress of e-commerce business。Wal-Mart has been full-owned acquisition1Store;And Jingdong cooperation,200Home stores access Jingdong to home platform;2020year,Wal-Mart strategy investment new Dada5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Pictured in fresh business super offline、Strengthen the strength on the online cooperation。also,Wal-Mart also launched a code purchase、Self-help cash register and other intelligent features,Open WeChat applet,The purpose is to retail the transfer of online。

But China's new retail development and speed,Still exceeding Wal-Mart's expectations。Including Mr. Ma、Super species、Qian Mom、New species such as Suning shop continue to emerge。In order to deal with them,2018year4moon,Wal-Mart hatched the first community store in Shenzhen,And in the same year,Once opened8Home community store。

Wal-Mart Community,In fact, it is equivalent to community fresh food supermarkets.,It is generally opened in the community、School around the school,Target customers for their daily household consumer groups,Especially middle-aged。Ding Li is also said,Sinking channel、Community shop,Is a big trend in a consumer field,Essentially、Offline combination,Solve retail“Last kilometer”question。

(brass tubes walmart)But Wal-Mart still did not catch the air in this time.。2019year,Wal-Mart once said that its community store has seen profit prospects.,Quick copy to other parts of the country。According toAIFinancial society,At present, two Wal-Mart communities in Shenzhen have been officially suspended.,Including the first community store opened in Shenzhen。and“Wal-Mart Community”WeChat public account,Also2020year10moon30I haven't updated anything now.。

Unlining the development prospect of community store,2020year,Community group purchase is in China。In order to catch up with the air,Wal-Mart began to test the water community group purchase in the country.,And developed by employees10000Many head,Through WeChat group operation group purchase needs,Provide consumers to provide self-raising services to the community。But this is still“Thunder、Rainpoint”,In the boom of domestic community group purchases,Many community group buyers,Wal-Mart's name has not been mentioned by the outside world.。

brass tubes walmart(brass tubes walmart)

“Sam member”Not a life-saving straw

Continue to the contraction of continuous investment with the big store,Wal-Mart China's Sam Member Store,Still expanded。

Walmartan Mission is generally only open to members,Member price is260Yuan/year,Its business is“big package、Low profit”,That is, the goods sold are more packaging or combined packaging.,Reduce cost,But customers can enjoy relatively low goods prices。

The first Sam member store in China1996Annual settlement Shenzhen,But to cultivate user consumption habits is a long process。until2011year,Sam member store opened6Shop。

Currently,Sam member store operates26House store,Most distributed in Shenzhen、Beijing、Shanghai and other first-tier cities。Provided by Wal-Mart ChinaAIFinancial data,Currently, the domestic Sam member store service exceeds280Ten thousand members,Expected to2022End of the year,Sam will have40-45House opening and in the construction shop。Wal-Mart China,This year9moon,Also open a Sam flagship store in Shanghai。

Entering China's Walmarta Member Store,Wal-Mart China“Breaking”Heavy。Some insiders have revealed to the media,Sam member store has become Wal-Mart in China“Rescue straw”,Currently, Wal-Mart China's profits,There is a half of the Sam member store contribution。

But Wal-Mart China2021In the financial report of fiscal year,The growth of the Sam member store,It is also offset by the weak sales of a large store。

Wal-Mart's Sam Member Store,Main harvest“Middle class”。China ordinary consumers like fresh ingredients,Not used to picking goods,Shopping frequency is also very strong,But Sam member store consumer group,Mainly facing those single purchase、Users with low purchase frequency,Sam member store,Can use a barrel without bottled,Can use the box to load it without a bag。therefore,There is a car at home.、Middle generators with refrigerators and storage,Become a major customer。So,Existing Sam member store is mainly distributed in a first-tier city。

Now,For revenue,exist2022Year45Home,Sam member store coverage,Trying to extend to the second- and third tier cities that have strong economic strength。But can this be successful?,Still an unknown。

Sam member store“high quality、Cost-effective”、Positioning of high-income families in harvesting,Meant,Its store is located、The factors in the population are more affected.,Parking、area、The environmental requirements are also more stringent。The expansion rate of the number of stores must also be affected。So,Although Sam member stores work hard to expand,So far, but still only30House store。

brass tubes walmart

domestic,Sam member store is still facingCostco、Boxer's freshman and other competitors。Especially the box,It sells as a warehouse member store industry“Fresh”of,Have a long time,Compared with,This is the disadvantage of the Sam member store。

Another message display,Carrefour China also turned its attention to the membership model。ThatCEORecently accepting media interviews,Also said to be a member store,Site Shanghai Downtown,The first store will be opened in the fourth quarter of this year.。

Two years ago,Same as a memberCostcoIn Shanghai, the first day of opening,One degree triggering tide,So that they have to take a limited limiting measures。Opening only three days,The price is299DollarCostcoMember card registration number exceeds10Ten thousand。

(brass tubes walmart)But immediately,CostcoI have passed the consumer's queuing message,Compared with the hot scene a few days ago,The passenger flow is also significantly reduced。This is also because a large number of members have found,“大件采购”Large procurement,其实并不适合自己。


“In fact, it is not suitable for yourself.,可以说已经是算是夕阳产业。”The member system is still not enough to become a big store.。而仍然“Rescue straw”的沃尔玛,This kind of business in the big store is indeed very difficult,也已然褪色。

It can be said that it is already a sunset industry.《财经天下》Ding Li is saidAI财经社原创出品,Still,任何渠道、arrogant。违者必究。