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brass tube amazon

Whether in China or abroad,Pursue“beautiful”Is a female eternal theme,So how do you draw a nature?、Clear makeup,It is also a topic that many love beauty have always been concerned.。Developed in the world,It is not difficult to see the pursuit of women in the beauty industry.。According to a certain beauty website user survey results,84%Female users clearly say that makeup every day。in,70% of women have higher requirements for themselves,You must complete your makeup before going out.,all『Makeup』Presence。77%Women's users average daily make-up time for half an hour。If you are regularly visitedYouTubewebsite,It is not difficult to findYouTubeThere are many very active beauty masters,They share with fans and makeup skills and experience。

So today we will choose the beauty makeup,Tools for female makeup needed dailymakeup sponge andmakeup brush To do a choice analysis

1.Competition and market analysis

brass tube amazon

Data analysis tools in the selection system,We compare two keywords,usually,If the total number of associated products is higher than10000,Then the product is a high competitive category.,But the lower the value, the smaller the level of competition。Data compared by keyword,We can see thatmakeup spongeThe total number of related products is80000,Comparemakeup brushLess than the total number of related products,Two key words are high competitive categories,butmakeup spongeThe level of competition is far less thanmakeup brush。

2. Demand trend

Best SellerThe number represents the market receipt of the product.。We can see from the data compared to keywordsmakeup spongeofbest sellerQuantity7indivual,makeup brushofbest sellerQuantity8indivual,Two productsbest sellerNear the value and the demand is。But according to the results of competition analysis,Recommended productmakeup sponge。

(brass tube amazon)Makeup spongeCommon number of products is7Description did not appear in a big brand overphalt,Small and medium-sized sellers can also compete for a place。

(brass tube amazon)Let's take another key term comment trend.。Keywords commentary area can react to demand trends to a certain extent,Only the product is sold to receive comments。We only look here5Star's comment trend, Bundle1、2、3and4Rowing。

brass tube amazonbrass tube amazon

In the comment trend of one month and three months,makeup spongeDemand is a trend。


brass tube amazon

Analysis by paying the number of buyers,We can see,black,10More popular。

(brass tube amazon)4.Product selling point

Analysis by keyword text,We found that the focus of buyers' attention is in the following aspects.:

1、Be uncomfortable

(brass tube amazon)2、Bad makeup

(brass tube amazon)3、Have a powder

4、After absorbing water, too soft support is not enough.,Situation of floating powder after use

brass tube amazon

Pass the above information,Places for the most bad reviews for products,We need to pay attention to when choosing suppliers,And optimize the product。If we can successfully optimize the places where such products on the market,So to seize the market opportunity,Very important role。

5.New pricing

existAmazonSearch product keywords through naturemakeup spongeCheck:

1、haveBest SellerandAmazon’s ChoiceTag product price

(brass tube amazon)2、BSR top100Prices for products

3、At the same time, the keyword search results are passed through the system.100Analysis of the price of the product:

brass tube amazon

in conclusion:New product pricing suggestion4.99 - 8.99US gold attracts to attract flow and conversion rate,And increase black,10Set into variants。

6.Evaluation strategy

method one:You can release a cheap, And the product that is easy to send as a variant,Perform test。If it is a product from the delivery, Be sure to pay attention to the speed and quantity, Don't be determined by Amazon to brush orders。

Method Two:Quickly promote new products through production lottery coupons。First, develop good measures and budget(Depending on the actual situation of our own products)。Then print the produced lottery tickets out in the corresponding product packaging。

Method three:pass throughUPCUpload aloneListing,Gain1-2Post-evaluationListingIncorporate,This method still has the risk of shredning,cautionListingAccount security。

7.Advertising Strategy

(brass tube amazon)Advertising, It is recommended to set an automatic bidding advertisement after obtaining the evaluation.,New product is recommended to consider the default bidding:$2,EachListing/ASINbudget$30sky。((Budget for reference only). If you can't use it,Suggestion(Click on the ad for the test);

(brass tube amazon)Automatic advertising is easy to causeACosrise(ACoSIt is recommended to master30%Within,The lower the lower, the better);

(brass tube amazon)Automatic advertising has no deny keyword,Need to negate the keyword setting?

(brass tube amazon)Whether the page is related to obvious bad reviews?

Page picture、Whether the copy is reached?

Why did the customer have left after clicking?

Whether the product price is positioned,Not significantly higher than other competitors orBest Seller?(source:Hui network service number)

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