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which instrument with a straight brass tube

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East Confucius:What is the difference between the copper tube instrument and the wood tube instrument?What kind of kind?

the difference:The principle of the pronunciation of the tube musical instrument and the copper tube instrument,This is the most essential difference。Wooden tube musical instrument is voiced by air flow;The copper pipe instrument relies on the air pressure change of the player's lip and the instrument itself is connected.“Additional tube”Method to change the sound。Wooden tube musical instrument,Voice,Strength,Play an important role in the ensemble,It is also very important solo instrument;The tone characteristics of the copper pipe instrument are majestic、brilliant、warm,Volume is big and broad。

Wooden tube instrument:Wooden tube instrument includes flute、Picoli、Twians、clarinet、Saxophone、Rowless and bass tube,They all have a hollow tube that can blow air.。The name of the wood tube instrument is because they are beginning to be wooden.,But now many wood tube instruments are also manufactured with metals and plastic。The history of the tube musical instrument is long,The original flute that is roughly in the ancient human leg bones, the original flute of the hole is the ancestor of the wood tube instrument.。Modern wood tube instruments are similar to Reeds used in folk music、The musical instrument of the flute and the class。

which instrument with a straight brass tube

Wooden tube instruments can be divided into three categories from pronunciation methods:

1、Airflow directly blows the blow hole to make the tube vibration pronunciation。Such as,flute,Picoli。

2、Airflow through the double spring blowing into the pipe post vibration pronunciation。Twians,British tube,Big pipe and bass。

3、Airflow through the single spring blowing into the pipe post vibration pronunciation。Clarinet,Bass single spring tube。Various tube musical instruments are very rich and beautiful。

(which instrument with a straight brass tube)Wooden tube instruments can be divided into two categories from pronunciation principles:

1、The first class is pronounced according to the principle of opening,Broom spring tube such as conical column,New Flutes of Large Tube and Crucifidium Cylindrical Pipe。This type of instrument uses the same basic natealing[Octave],Get high-altitude tone than the basic sound。

2、Second class pronunciation according to the lane,Single spring tube instrument such as direct blow cylindrical tube,This kind of instrument is played with the same finger.,Ultra-blowing, issued more than 12 degrees of basic sound(Add a pure five degree than the basic sound)Flood。This type of instrument can only blow the third and fifth flungers,say[Five-degree instrument]。

Copper tube instrument:Copper tube instrument(Brass Instrument),It is a musical instrument that causes the airflow to blow the mouth and cause the lips vibration。They are also known as“ labrosones ”,Field means“Lips vibrating musical instrument”(Baines)。To change the sound on the button instrument,There are two ways to do:one、Depression button change the length of the pipe;two、The airflow blown by the player changes the vibration frequency of the lips.。

which instrument with a straight brass tube

Modern copper tube instruments generally have two families:

1、Button copper tube instrument is made of several buttons combinations(Generally3or4indivual,But also7Or7Order),Adjust the length of the tube by the needs of the player's finger。This family includes except for the long signature(Trombone)All modern copper tube instruments outside:

①High musicians:small(Trumpet)、Short(Cornet)、Fu Luog(Flugelhorn)。

②Contributor:Round number(French Horn)、Roll round(Mellophone)。

③Secondary musicians:Low voice(Euphonium)、Secondary tone(Baritone)。

④Low musicians:large(tuba)、Solar number(Sousaphone)、Length(Trombone)。

⑤And the sack series used by the outdoor band(Saxhorn)。

2、Tube copper tube instrument:Use pull tube to change the length of the pipe。The main instrument of the tuber instrument is a long family,But press the keyboard to be used occasionally,Especially in Jazz。Ancestors of the familySackbutNational musical instrumentBazookaIt is also a tube family。