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amazon.com danko brass tub strainer

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Friends of fish farming should know the importance of filtration system,We do not rule out that some people can keep their tanks very clean without a filter system。However,In most cases a filter is one of the necessary equipment to ensure water quality。

amazon.com danko brass tub strainer(amazon.com danko brass tub strainer)

There are many types of filters,There are many brands of filters。Generally speaking,according to the size of your fish tank,and the type of fish in your tank,to decide what filter to choose。 Below we will introduce the various types of filters to you.。

Hanging Waterfall Filter

like its name,It is hanging on the back of the fish tank,is the most common filter type。his english nameHang-On-Back (HOB) Filter

This type of filter is ideal for smaller tanks,The filtration capacity of this filter is medium,The water flow is relatively slow,They all use filters。Below are the pros and cons of this filter,

(amazon.com danko brass tub strainer)advantage

  • Suitable for freshwater and marine fish
  • is the easiest filter to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for all types of fish tanks
  • Inexpensive,cheaper


  • relatively loud noise
  • In addition, the filter material should be cleaned and maintained frequently
(amazon.com danko brass tub strainer)amazon.com danko brass tub strainer

sponge filter

like its name,It is mainly filtered through the sponge,Sponge filters are big and small,It can also be stacked together to form a very large sponge filter for use in large fish tanks,Sponge filters are great for those little fish and prawns,The flow of water is also slower。In a fish tank for raising small fish and shrimp,This filter is the only option,because it won't suck the fish away。


  • very simple,And it's cheap
  • Maintenance is also very simple,Just take it out and clean it


  • The obvious disadvantage is that there is too little water that can be filtered,That is, less water is filtered in a short period of time.。This is for those fish that produce more feces,it's not enough
  • The volume of this filter is also relatively large,Will take up a lot of space in the tank。

Built-in filter

(amazon.com danko brass tub strainer)This filter is also relatively common,Generally speaking,It will have a filter function composed of sponge and filter material。This filter is mainly placed completely inside the fish tank,This filter is mainly suitable for relatively small fish tanks。Its filtering capacity is relatively small.。Therefore, if there are many fish in the fish tank,Or the fish produce a lot of feces,then it doesn't fit。


  • relatively cheap
  • The filter makes no noise,very quiet
  • Water flow can be adjusted, Generally speaking, the sound of water flow is relatively small


  • Because this filter is completely inside the fish tank,hard to hide,Therefore, it relatively affects the appearance
  • Not suitable for large fish tanks
  • The filtering ability is also poor,Usually only one or two sponges

barrel filter

amazon.com danko brass tub strainer

This filter is external,The filtering ability is very strong。The scope of application is also very wide,Generally speaking, as long as the tank is not particularly small,can use this filter。If you want to keep the water clear,Then this filter is the best choice。I personally recommend this filter as well。


  • Good quality,Very strong filtering ability
  • You can hide the filter in the cabinet below,totally invisible,It doesn't affect the beauty
  • Relatively easy to maintain


  • This filter is more expensive than other filters
  • It is also relatively more complicated to maintain than other filters
  • This barrel filter is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish, Also great for large fish tanks。

The above are our four most common filters,There are some other types of filters,Those filters are not very suitable for beginners。Or only professional players will do it,Many are custom made。I won't introduce it here。

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