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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 22:08:05

(brass bed tube replacement)Have friends asking,Is the pipeline in the house is also property management??For the issue of public pipelines,How to replace the iron pipeline of the old house?

(brass bed tube replacement)This is more professional,It is the property must be managed.,Property management is generally public pipelines。

How to identify the family is a public pipeline or a home?

General public pipes are all upstairs,A pipeline vertical vertical,Generally we call public pipelines。

Horizontal tube,Horizontal tube connected to vertical tube,It's the home.,The property will not take,But any problem arising from the public pipeline of the property。

Because we are all of the business costs,Housing is old to repair, etc.。So now,We are more dizzy.,Some old houses are relatively low at the time.,Take the pipeline of cast iron,Especially the kind of sewer pipe,Flavor,Some steel pipes are some cast iron。Home began to transform,All adoptPVCPipeline。

Does the state are unified??

This has not been implemented to each household,Jiayuan encounters a lot of old communities,Special old community,Pipeline has been usedPVCPipeline。

This friend's home is commercial and residential house.,Tube in the house。

Some vertical pipes are in your house,But actually is public pipeline。But if you have already renovated the renovation,It's better to use it.PVCPipeline,The water pipe is usedPVCpipeline。

So in fact, there is no way to change public pipelines.,Outstanding thing,The property is going to find you.,Right?

But we have a processPVCConnect it to the connectors between the cast iron tube,Guarantee the horizontal tube in your home,Both use nowPVCTube。

He said that he wants to ask,The horizontal tube is actually changeable,Please install,Still please replace?

Make a property,The property will definitely ask him to collect money,This is a charge。

Is the pipe provided yourself??Still if a good property,The property will provide a service in this area?

Some old community properties provide this service,But very old community,There may be no such service capabilities in the property,Generally, I may find some home improvement company or finish renovation.,Solve some pain points in this area,There is no problem in technology。

But the cast iron pipe is not changed.,You change your family., But upstairs will never change downstairs. ,This is a way to distinguish between the public pipeline with their own households.。

But no matter what,I must communicate first with the property.,Right?

(brass bed tube replacement)correct。