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last term,We explain in detail the second half of Amazon's first shipment:After the goods are cleared from the destination country,How to ship to Amazon warehouse?interested partners,clickAmazon head trip | After customs clearance in the destination country, the goods will be shipped to Amazon's warehouse3way

Sellers can choose their own carrier,or join【Amazon Partnered Carrier Program】。So what are the advantages of the program and how to join the program??This issue will explain the plan。

(amazon round brass tubes bulk)❓what is a carrier?simply understood as:The logistics provider responsible for transporting the goods to the Amazon warehouse。

(amazon round brass tubes bulk)

one、What is the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program?

(amazon round brass tubes bulk)The program serves major brand sellers,Allows them to ship packages to Amazon's fulfillment centers at relatively low cost。Sellers only need to attach an Amazon-provided shipping label to each package,The goods can then be handed over to their carrier,Or ask the carrier to come to the seller's own warehouse to pick up the goods。

Amazon Partnered Carrier Program Option Available in Continental U.S. 48 In-state small package delivery (SPD) and LTL (LTL) and vehicle transportation (FTL) shipment。


  • small parcel express(SPD)is the seller throughDHL、UPS、FedEx or local postal service to Amazon warehousesmall shipment。small parcel express (SPD) Items in should be usedPacked in individual boxes,and each box should be affixed withshipping label。Small package delivery via an Amazon-partnered carrier:Each shipment can only have up to 200 boxes。
  • LTL(LTL)and vehicle transportation(FTL)shipment willMultiple individual boxes are mixed on pallets for shipping。Maximum per shipment5000boxes。

two、Amazon Partner Small Parcel Express Carrier(SPD)

(amazon round brass tubes bulk)1、plan explained:Partnered Carriers Offer Larger Discount Rates,And the fee will be charged to the seller's account as the inbound shipping fee。The minimum chargeable starting weight for partnered carrier shipments is 1 lb。For weight less than 1 pound shipment,will press 1 pounds charge。Amazon will offer printable shipping labels,For carrier use。Rates apply to continental U.S. 48 In-state delivery。After the seller agrees to the deduction 24 Cancel the service within hours。After completing the shipment,The seller hands the package to the pickup driver。Or deliver the package to the carrier drop-off location of the seller's choice。

(amazon round brass tubes bulk)2、Billable Weight and Shipping Calculations:

The billable weight is used to estimate shipping costs。Billable weight is dimensional weight or shipment weight(whichever is greater)。

  • Shipment weight refers to the actual weight of the shipment,Based on the weight of each box。
  • Dimensional weight reflects package density based on box size。
  • Amazon based on shipment packaging information(Box Weight and Dimensions)and billable weight to estimate shipping。

3、Create a process:

in the standardized shipment creation process,Sellers can take advantage of shipping discounts offered by Amazon。

1、in this workflow【select carrier】on the interface,choose【small parcel express】as your shipping method,and select【Amazon Partnered Carrier】As a small parcel courier carrier。

2、click【save and continue】。

3、Enter the number of packages and the weight of each package。

  • This workflow will provide the estimated cost of the shipment。If you accept this fee,Amazon will charge your account for this shipping fee。If you decline this fee,you will return to【select carrier】interface,so that you can choose another carrier option。
  • If you want to pay after accepting the fee 24 Cancel within hours,then you can【freight】click in step【Cancellation fee】to cancel shipping for this shipment,then use another carrier。
  • Cancelling a shipment will not cancel partnered carrier shipping charges。If it has passed since you accepted the fee 24 Hour,then you will not be able to cancel this fee or get a refund。

4、When you have your shipment ready,Please give the box to the scheduled pickup driver,Or send the package to the local carrier drop-off point of your choice。

three、Amazon Cooperative LTL(LTL)and truckload carriers(FTL)

1、plan explained:If the total weight of your shipment exceeds 150 lb,Consider using a LTL or full truckload partner carrier。

2、Shipment requirements:

To use a LTL or full truckload partnered carrier,Sellers must meet the following shipment requirements:

  • A stacker or forklift for placing pallets on a truck
  • The truck arrives at your pickup address without a hitch,or you can useLift door service

Notice: LTL shipments using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program must be placed on a pallet。Amazon's partnered carriers will reject non-pallet shipments,Also known as a bulk shipment。

Each shipment requires a size of 40 x 48 inches GMA standard B 4-way fork wooden pallet of grade or higher。also,Please provide the following information,make sure it's accurate:

  • Shipping Ready Date,so that the pallet can be 8 Pick up before
  • Pallet Quantity When Estimated
  • Weight per pallet
  • cargo class

important:1、Failure to prepare shipments by the stated shipment readiness date may result in delays or rejections。2、If you are not sure about the cargo class of your shipment,Please select the default【Estimate my cargo class】Options。If you provide the wrong cargo class for your shipment,Amazon may ban you from entering a cargo class,And instead, Amazon estimates the cargo grade。

3、cargo class

Cargo class is a standardized classification system,Used to determine billable weight and risk for shipments。The cargo class is between 50 arrive 500 between。Ensure accurate packaging information is provided when creating a shipment。This information is used to estimate the cargo class。If your shipment's cargo class appears to be too low,The system displays a warning to show the estimated cargo class。If you are not sure about the cargo class of your shipment,please at【send/replenishment】workflow【freight】step selection【Estimate my cargo class】Options。The system will ask the seller to accept Amazon's estimated shipment level。Shipments with estimated cargo class rejected require further review。If there are repeated problems with the packaging information entered by the seller,Amazon may ban sellers from rejecting estimated shipment grades。

4、LTL Lifting Door Service

If there is no stacker or forklift,You can still request liftgate service from the carrier,So use Amazon's LTL service。To be eligible to use the service,Your shipment must not exceed 12 pallets,and the weight must not exceed 20,000 lb。

Notice: All partnered LTL carriers support liftgate。When contacting a partnered carrier,Be sure to request a liftgate for pickup。

To use liftgate service,Please do the following:

  1. After the shipment is created,choose【LTL (LTL)】as【Delivery Method】,choose【Amazon Cooperation】Be【Transport carrier】。
  2. Contact the carrier,And ask them to provide trucks with lifting doors。
  3. Acquired with the carrier。
  4. Put the shipment in the trick,And can be taken to the truck when the shipment is arrived。The carrier will not move to move by manpower。
  5. Amazon will assign you to the carrier and create a bill of lading,The bill of lading will be sent to you via email and view it in the seller platform.

5、Create process:

  1. choose【Steam transfer (LTL)】,Then specify whether to use the Amazon cooperation carrier。
  2. If you choose to use your own carrier to deliver,please choose【Distribution mode】(air transport、Shipping or land transport)To explain how you plan to transport the shipment,So Amazon is better preparing to accept your inventory。
  3. Under the packaging of the shipment,Provide accurate information about items in each package,Including each of each box ASIN quantity、The required weight and size of the packaging and any relevant validity period/Shelf life。
  4. Click【Generate packaging tags】。
  5. Post Amazon logistics shipment number label to the outside of each packing box,In order to see these labels when the support center is opened。
  6. Enter a fully packaged torch height(The ideal height of the trumpet and packaging is 50 inch)、Each beat weight(The maximum weight of the non-stacked trap is 1,500 lb,The maximum weight of the stackable trap is 750 lb),And the total number of transes。
  7. Specifies whether the package of the package can be stacked。The total height of the two trapping is not exceeded 100 inch(Each trick 50 inch),The height of non-stacked transes should not exceed 72 inch。
  8. If you have different heights and weights,Please click【Add another row】To add more trick definitions。Each shipment can be available 26 No stackless trap and 52 Stackless trap。
  9. exist【Transportation ready date】Down,Enter the shipment in local time 8:00 Previously ready to supply the date。
  10. Confirm your contact information correctly。Please make sure your fax information is blank or provides your fax number。To modify contact information,Please click【Change contact】。
  11. from【Cargo level】Select the goods level in the drop-down list。If you don't know the goods level,please choose【Estimate my goods level】,Amazon will be estimated for you。
  12. Provide the declaration value of the shipment。
  13. After adding the full shot information,Click【calculate】To estimate shipping costs。
  14. choose【I agree to these terms and conditions】,then click【Receive charge】。
  15. choose【Shipping date】,Enter the date you want to deliver inventory to the carrier。This date can help Amazon is ready to receive your inventory。After you confirm the delivery,Can change the date。
  16. exist【Contranel label】Down,Enter the number of beats you want to send。
  17. Click【Print tray】。Each Amazon logistics torch number tab of each of your shipment will generate four copies。Amazon Logistics Trust Number Tag contains information that the operation center is used to verify the shipments。
  18. The center of the top of each stretched film wrapped in the shipment is attached to a Amazon logistics torch number tag, respectively.。
  19. Click【Complete the shipment】To complete and confirm your shipments。

emphasize:If you choose Amazon cooperation carrier,There should be two labels on each box in your shipment.:Address tag for the contract,as well asA Amazon logistics shipment number tag,It includes information on the operation center to verify the container to reach and in the box.。Amazon Logistics Parts Number Tags will not be used by the contractor,Cannot be used to transport your box。Please make sure to post the correct label for each packing。

about【Amazon Cooperation Carrier Program】Refer to Amazon's official original text:

Amazon Partnered Carrier program options


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