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It is said that,90%Men have done such a thing:When you go to the toilet、Bathroom,Will sneak a bit of people next door,Silent in your heart……

Xiao Jiu once seen a news:A man from Malaysia,Since the length of your own,Looking for a secret recipe everywhere。One day,The small advertisement on the roadside makes him see“Reborn”Hope,Else1000Multiple dollars,Buy an advertisement“Increase”。

(brass tube length)As a result, I received the goods.,Just a magnifying glass

brass tube length(brass tube length)

Many male pairs“length”Worry,Think this is related to strength and dignity。Part of the person“Film”Impact,think“per capita18cm”Is normal level,real or fake?

(brass tube length)today,Let's talk about this topic.。

one、Men's normal length,What should it be?

Strive to win a winner is male“nature”,And some time,The size is also dark“Strong”,Even someone will feel inferior。So,What kind of length is considered“standard”Woolen cloth?According to different scholars,this“standard”Difference。

1、Different scholars measure the different lengths

The table below shows the measured different scholars.、Chinese male average length in natural state,Data is a bit“history”In,But still can be used as a reference foundation for the length of our adult male。

brass tube length

2、Professor Wu Weide's measurement method

brass tube length

The above table comes from the length measurement method and error study from Professor Wu Weide,It shows the length average of Chinese adult men in natural state is8.20cm,DuangThe average length in the status is13.65cm。

3、《Chinese Journal of Male Science》Measurement study

《Chinese Journal of Male Science》One study show:The natural length of Chinese adult men is4.82~6.78cm。

Seem,Chinese men are really disease problems unless there is a problem,Otherwise, most people are still within the qualified range,No need。

At this time, some people may not be unachable.:Why is Europe and American men like this?,Gather?to this end,Some experts conducted global research,The result is found,Even Europe and the United States,Male can reach18cmAlso very small,Number of evaluations around the world is approximately12.4cm。

brass tube length(brass tube length)

First action:Kemcer

Male“Small brother”The length has inexplicable entanglement,Just like it is high169.9,still170Same,Even when the parthere is unhappy,Will suspect it is not your own problem。

actually,The measurement of the length is also awkward,Not just put the ruler one can。Some looks like a short“Small brother”,Just beingEffect of subcutaneous fat,Visual display。

So,How to measure the true size correctly??

(brass tube length)1、Length measurement

Clamp the top coronary groove with thumb and forefinger,Keep a flat,Make it fully stretched,Use the ruler to hold the scorpion joint office,Measuring the length of the urethum to the root,This is“Small brother”of“Real body”In。

brass tube length

2、Rough measurement

Rough measurement,It is measured around the position of the middle.,The length of the circumference is generally7~12cm。

three、Compared with the length,More important is tips

One12500Multi-person(6291Men and6272Female)Participated global health survey results show:94%Male and87%Women think,Hardness is an important condition for satisfactory life。

Generally,Hardness reaches4Level level,Both parties can get a better experience。

What is a level four level??Metaphor for the nearest objects in our lives,That is a hardness of a fresh cucumber.。

(brass tube length)brass tube length

Length“Natural”of,But hardness can be improved。Just need to pass two actions,Can help the little brothers practiced“Tough guy”。

First action:Kemcer

Resting in bed,Legs,Place your fingers between the brothers and ass,Try to contract muscles,Will feel the muscle population contraction,Finger is slightly moving;Keep5-10Second,Then relax,Tighten5-10Second,Cycle。

Second action:Deep squat

(brass tube length)The practitioner is behind behind or after the brain,Squatting to the knee90°,Slowly stand up;Squat2~3Second,still1~2Second,Kneel up2Second。

brass tube length

finally,Xiao Jiu is going to sublimate。

Whether it is long,Soft hard is good,More than life is more“Skill”。Bedroom atmosphere,双方情感的投入,Both parties' investment。毕竟,Will make your partner satisfied“灵药”。

after all:

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