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brass tube 7mm od

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Hello everyone,This demolition is Mitsubishi motor.KY 1.5Pixabay,5.17efficiency,It is the current Sale of Mitsubishi Electric1.5Air conditioning,High-end models with the highest energy efficiency。

KYIt is also a model that Mitsubishi motor is high.,But in the official product introduction,Function is not a lot,In addition to the inner machine with open cleaning design,There is also a domainPlusVersion function,supportWifiremote control,Unique outstanding function,The lowest operation of running noise。

(brass tube 7mm od)I have been full of curiosity for this air conditioner.,Don't understand so expensive,This time I finally found the machine to remove it.。

  • Indoor model:MSZ-KY12VFK
  • Outdoor model:MUZ-KY12VF
brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5Pixabay:800(Without a valve)×550×285mm

Mitsubishi1.5Air conditioning outdoor machine is this size,The back of the outer unit is still a plastic protection net。

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Valve with plastic protective case

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Outer unit parameters

  • Refrigerant:R32/970g
  • Outer machine quality:32kg
  • Manufacturing date:2021year1moon

althoughR32Refrigerant has become popular in domestic air conditioners,Mitsubishi motor air conditioner is still usingR410aRefrigerant。this timeKYFinallyR32Refrigerant,And the amount of charge is up to970g,Now2The air conditioner is also charged so much。

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Disassemble the upper cover,Confirmation is a two-row condenser,Hand-controlled plate,With metal fire board

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Electric control board,More filters,Very large area

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Positive and back dismantage

brass tube 7mm od(brass tube 7mm od)MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Double-row condenser,Each row12Group,common48Root copper tube

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,The length of the fin part of the copper pipe is about90cm

Since the two-row condenser is not aligned,Be88cmand91cm,So take an intermediate integer90cmAs a single copper length。

Copper tube length:48root×90cm,Total43Meter。

  • MitsubishiKYNew level:Copper tube total43Meter
  • MitsubishiKTNew secondary:Copper tube total43Meter
  • FujitsuKGCBNew secondary:Copper tube total43Meter
  • MatsushitaR1New level:Copper tube total40.3Meter
  • Beautiful style new level:Copper tube total42.5Meter
  • Gree Yunjia new level:Copper tube total40Meter

MitsubishiKYNew level outer machine condenser heatup area,Is the same as their new secondary air conditioner,And Fujitsu new second level and Panasonic new level and domestic new level differ。

brass tube 7mm od(brass tube 7mm od)MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Copper tube outer diameter7mm

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Field fanφ400mm(φA diameter)

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Outer machine fan motor,Use Wolong55wDC

(brass tube 7mm od)Mitsubishi1.5Pixin secondary air conditioner,All use55wDC,The old model is a puffy motor。2021year,Mitsubishi motor new energy efficiency has been replaced with a Wolong motor。

Why is Mitsubishi Motor to replace the Panasonic to Wolong?,The news I heard is,Some problems in Panasonic motor supply,May affect production progress。On the other hand, the Wolong Motor is now very quality.,Failure rate and other indicators have been lower than the Chichus motor。

Wolong motor is now a micro-motor giant of the home appliance industry,Chairman of the Micro Mechanic Industry Association,exist10Country and region39Division factory and four R & D centers。Wolong motor2004Annual and Panasonic establish a joint venture company,And in development,Subsequent Wuhan motor、Beautiful flag of Qingjiang motor、Haier Zhang Qi Haier Motor、AustriaATB(European three motor)、American General Electric Small Industrial Motor, etc.。

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Mitsubishi motorKVB092FMAMCSingle rotor compressor,Displacement9.2cc

MitsubishiKYUse Guangzhou Mitsubishi productionKVB092compressor,existSEER 60(60HzRated revolution),Cooling capacity3055w,Rated power consumption920w,COPEnergy efficiency3.32。

Mitsubishi motor compressorR410aTime calledSNBseries,R32Time upgrade to the presentSVBseries。Mitsubishi motor air conditioning,Mitsubishi motor compressor used,It is dedicated to home brands,Currently soldKVB092Compressor cooling is2970w,Power consumption945w,COPEnergy efficiency3.14。

0.18Energy efficiency difference,It is very big for the compressor.。

Here you still have to mention,Mitsubishi motorSVB092Double rotor compressor,Currently in Japan,Models sold in Japan and Hong Kong, Hong Kong,NissanSVB092compressor。Domestic sales of Mitsubishi motor home air conditioner,Are the compressors of Guangzhou Mitsubishi,Guangzhou products are onlyKVB092Single rotor,Not produceSVB092Dual rotor,Is a little regret。However, Guangzhou Mitsubishi isKVB102andKVB120This large discharge single rotor compressor,I took it out.。

Many places where Mitsubishi motor compressors can speak,Write an article separately behind,Continue to see the disassembly。

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Use three flower electronic expansion valves

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Use three flower four-way valve

(brass tube 7mm od)brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Inner machine size:859×297×252mm

brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,DomainPlus

(brass tube 7mm od)brass tube 7mm od

MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,Inner machine parameters

This Mitsubishi motorKY,Outer machine manufacturing date is2021year1moon,Inner machine is2021year5moon,I have currently demolished Mitsubishi Motor Air Conditioning,Outer and inner machine production date is not right。

brass tube 7mm od(brass tube 7mm od)MitsubishiKY 1.5A new level,remote control

MitsubishiKYConfiguration summary and personal opinion

  •   compressor:MitsubishiKVB092FMAMCSingle rotor compressor,Displacement9.2cc
  •   Refrigerant:R32/970g
  • Outer unit heat exchanger:2Row×12Group48root0.9Rice copper tube,Total length43Meter
  • External wind fan motor:55wWolong DC motor,φ400mmBlade
  • Extra-depth:800(Without a valve)×550×285mm
  •  External machine weight:32kg
  • Electronic expansion valve:Three flowers
  • Inner machine wide:859×297×252mm
  •  Inner machine weight:12kg
  •  Circulating air volume:660m³/h
  • Connection tube length:4Meter
  •  After-sales policy:Three years,Compressor five-year warranty

After disassembly confirmation,MitsubishiKYThe outdoor unit,Use specialized Mitsubishi motor9.2cccompressor,Compressor energy efficiency,Three flower electronic expansion valve,55wWolong DC high power motor,Condenser2Row48root7mmCopper tube total43Meter,Refrigerant970gram。

MitsubishiKYBeKTUpgrade,ConfigureKTThere is a relatively large improvement。

In terms of indoor unit,KYandKTSame,Configure the whole worldPlus,In addition to scanning ground temperature,Can also scan the wall and human body position,Realize wind blown people、Airmobile,And the air conditioner runs at low power after leaving the room。

brass tube 7mm od

KYIndoor machine ratioKTtoo muchWiFiFunction。

brass tube 7mm od

Same external machineKY,and

(brass tube 7mm od)总的来说,Inner machineKYRefrigerantKTMitsubishi,内机多了WiFiWireless adapter,整体看配置不错,In general。

brass tube 7mm od(brass tube 7mm od)放一个彩蛋,三菱电机KY和JX,Function

brass tube 7mm od(brass tube 7mm od)

最后,A new level,我认为ZFJ、AHJ和KY这三款值得推荐。

(brass tube 7mm od)ZFJ是9.2cc压缩机+55wand+2排换热器,Same external machine,In fact, it is the same outdoor unitA new level售价最低的一款。

AHJPut a colored eggZFJ基础上,MitsubishiPlus版本,and,在秦岭淮河以南的潮湿地区实用性大。

KY是三菱电机1.5匹中,Demolition Mitsubishi Motor Air Conditioning,运行噪声更为安静,带全域慧眼Plus,如果不需要独立除湿,gram,那就买KY。

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