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clawfoot tub polished brass soap holder

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When choosing a bathtub,The first thing to consider is size、shape and style、Material。The size of the bathtub depends on the size of the bathroom。If you prefer a corner-mounted tub takes up more space than a typical rectangular tub,Let's see if the bathroom can hold it。in addition,same size bathtub,its depth、width、Length and profile are not the same。If you like deeper water,The location of the waste outlet is higher,If too low,Once the water level exceeds this height,Water will flow out from the drain,The water depth of the bathtub is difficult to reach the required depth;Elderly or disabled people at home,It is better to choose the lower edge,Handrails can also be installed in appropriate positions。

(clawfoot tub polished brass soap holder)

If there is a shower head on top of the bathtub,Then the selected bathtub should be slightly wider,To prevent water from splashing outside;The part of the bathtub below the shower position should be flat,And should choose the style with anti-skid treatment,This ensures safety。Shower heads are available in wall-mounted and in-wall styles,Wall-mounted is more suitable for home use。

If you choose a Jacuzzi,Because it is flushed with an electric pump,Be sure to see if it meets safety standards,Ask a professional to install it on your behalf。

Jets and accessories for bathtubs,with toilet、Basin accessories are the same,Be sure to choose matching products。The selection of its appearance is roughly the same as that of other bathroom products。The quality of the bathtub material mainly depends on whether the surface is smooth or not、Whether the hand mold is smooth or not。Steel and cast iron bathtubs,If the enamel is not well plated,subtle ripples appear。

The firmness of the bathtub needs to be pressed by hand、try with your foot。The quality and thickness of the material is related to the firmness of the bathtub,You can't see it by sight alone,need to press、step on,Feeling of sinking,It means that the hardness is not enough。

How to choose bathroom accessories?

When renovating the bathroom,Distinctive bathroom accessories often add color to the bathroom。Most bathroom accessories today are mirrors、soap bar、tower hanger、Towel rack、roll holder、clothes hooks, etc.。Four elements should be mastered when purchasing bathroom accessories:

1. see package。Three-piece bathroom set to be prepared with yourself(tub、toilet、washbasin)matching the overall style,It should also be consistent with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment.。Frame surface coating for bathroom accessories,At present, except for a small number of plastic-plated,Mostly with polished copper finish,More of a chrome finish。

2. see material。Bathroom accessories have both copper and plastic-plated products,More of a chrome product,Among them, titanium alloy products are the most high-end products,Then there are copper-chromium products、Stainless steel chrome products、Aluminum alloy chrome products、Iron chrome products, etc.。

3. see coating。in chrome products,Common product coating is20microns thick,long time,The material inside is easily oxidized by the air。The workmanship of the copper chrome-plated products is as follows:28microns thick,its compact structure,uniform coating,Use well。

4. see practical。Imported products are mostly titanium alloy and copper chrome plating,Bright and clean,Exquisite and durable,but more expensive。Nowadays, the price of copper chrome plating of some joint venture brands and domestic brands is relatively affordable.,The price of stainless steel chrome plated products is lower。

There are several types of faucets?

(clawfoot tub polished brass soap holder)

1. By material,Can be divided into cast iron、All plastic、all bronze、Alloy material faucet and other categories。

2. By function,Can be divided into basin、tub、take a shower、Faucets such as kitchen sinks。

3. By structure,single-link、Several faucets such as double-type and triple-type。in addition,There are also single handle and double handle points。Single type can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe;Double type can be connected to the cold water pipe at the same time,Faucets mostly used for bathroom vanities and kitchen sinks with hot water supply;Triple type in addition to cooling、Hot water outside two pipes,Shower head is also available,Faucets mainly used in bathtubs。Single handle faucet adjusts the temperature of hot and cold water with one handle;The double handle needs to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature。

4. According to the opening method,Spiral、wrench、Raise and Sensor Faucets。When the screw handle is open,many turns;The wrench handle generally needs to be rotated90Spend;Lift-up handle just lift up to get out of the water;Sensor faucets just put your hand under the faucet,water will automatically。in addition,There is also a time-delayed faucet,After turning off the switch,The water will flow for a few more seconds before it stops,This way, when you turn off the faucet, the dirt on your hands can be rinsed off again.。

5. According to valve core,Can be divided into copper spool、Ceramic valve core and stainless steel valve core, etc.。The most critical factor affecting the quality of the faucet is the valve core。Faucets using copper valve cores are mostly cast iron faucets with screw opening,Now basically eliminated;Ceramic valve core faucet has appeared in recent years,good quality,It is now more common to use;The stainless steel spool is relatively recent,More suitable for areas with poor water quality。