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brass tub faucets and hand shower

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Want to make a high comfort,We will start from the layout、Wet separation design、Non-slip、Deodes, etc.,But decided to shower comfort,Alternately, the choice of shower!Rich people1010,000 yuan to buy a shower,I am not so rich.,But it is not necessary to pick it up.!

first,It is the function of the shower.。

brass tub faucets and hand shower(brass tub faucets and hand shower)

● basic functions:Shower+Faucet,Can go up and down,High practicality。

● Constant temperature function,Can vary by water temperature,Automatically adjust hot and cold water ratio,Reach the constant temperature effect,Relative intelligence。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● Boost function,Having high-level friends often feel low water pressure,Shower out of water,Bathing comfort is low,Then we can consider adding shower,Lift the shower and water pressure。

● Water-saving function,It is the meaning of the surface,Can save water shower。

● Air injection,Shower with air injection function,Water is more soft,High comfort,

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● Shower+spray gun,Increase the gun function,Can make the bathroom inside the bathroom、Toilet, etc.。

(brass tub faucets and hand shower)but,The function of the shower is not more, the better.,You can choose your own most intended2-3Item function,Purchase。

Water water selection


Hand-held shower is our most most commonly used shower↓↓

brass tub faucets and hand shower

Can hang on the wall,Can also take it in your hand,High use is high,Select it absolutely no problem。

2、Top spray

Some people think that the top spray is super comfortable,Others think that the top spray is compared with chicken ribs.。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

The top spray is characterized by:Installed on the top,Exuberant,High comfort;But some people are not used to。In fact, there are conditions,Two together。

Material selection

(brass tub faucets and hand shower)Shower,the most important,Or the material choice;Determined later durability,And water health issues。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● Shot material:Common is copper and stainless steel。

● Copper sprinkle head,High corrosion resistance、Not easy to accumulate、Not easy to breed bacteria,From the quality,Is the best choice;But copper shower overall price is too high,Weight is also biased,Hand-held shower,Maybe comfort is not too high。

● Can choose the whole copper,It is recommended to choose the leading bronze,Cost-effective。

● Stainless steel price is low,High wear resistance,But long-term use is easy to leak,Summing phenomenon。Can choose according to its own economy。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● Water hole material,Choose silicone,When you purchase, you can see if the silicone material is soft.,Convenient for later cleaning and maintenance。

brass tub faucets and hand shower(brass tub faucets and hand shower)

● Spool:The sprinkle spool determines the health of water,Common materials have ceramics、Stainless steel、Copper;Comparison,Ceramic high temperature,And it will not rust in the later stage,Is the material to choose more。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● hose:That is, it is the outlet pipe connected below the head.,Common materials choose stainless steel、PVC;In general,Stainless steel durability will be better,PVCEasy to age later。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

● Corner valve:The angle valve is the switch to control the cold hot water below the shower.,Choose copper。

Selection of installation mode,There are two main types of:Black、Concealed。

brass tub faucets and hand shower

△Black:All pipes are exposed outside;

● Advantages are later maintenance、Replacement parts are relatively simple,Piey friends with related skills,You can do it yourself。

(brass tub faucets and hand shower)● Disadvantages are a bit less poor。

(brass tub faucets and hand shower)brass tub faucets and hand shower(brass tub faucets and hand shower)

△Concealed:That is to put all pipes,Buried in the wall。

● Advantages are more simple and generous,Aesthetic。

● Disadvantages,I am afraid that there is no way to change myself.,To request professional repairs。

How to choose these two,Mainly see what you are mere?。Decoration is a university,Big to hard design,Small to hardware,Be careful,Cautious;But it is precisely because we pay、time、financial resources,Let the new home become meaningful,Let the house full of belonging。

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