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boat transom brass drain tubes amazon

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(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)Amazon River is called mother river in Brazil,Amazon River Delta is connected to the South Atlantic,Port Belens in the Delta is the largest port of Amazon River。Tour Amazon River enriched my navigation practice,Let me be full,We have witnested Brazilian football to excite the crew。Of course,Most memorable,Still experienced uniquePSCan examination。


boat transom brass drain tubes amazon

  This ship arrived in front of the port,The crew members are very exciting。

  A new crew said:Brazil and Argentina belong to the Latin American Harbor Countries Association,I am last in Argentina last time.PSCan examination,Just half a year,PSCNot check,You can take a look at Brazil's football.。

  Old crew follow one sentence:Brazil is not only the football uncommon,PSCDon't have a feature!


boat transom brass drain tubes amazon

  The second day of berthing,2Famous clothes、Wear printPSCSword security cap checkor to check the ship。

  Front of the ship,They first observed the overall maintenance status of the hull at the terminal.、Front and rear cable appearance、Mooring and anti-mouse instance;

  Front and rear scale、Load line and the definition of the showboard sign。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  In the process of boarding the ship,Nice to the ramp、pedal、safe net、armrest、Lifting steel wire and the safety of the beam。After accepting the security guard of the ladder,Ask the ladder security value duty:“How many crew members are on board?”“15name。”

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Subsequently,Bull crewPSCThe inspectors received the captain of the captain.。

  Next,It is a nervousPSCan examination...

  Certificate file check

  The captain politely invited two physical fitness.、Serious inspectors,Handed an unleaded ArgentinaPSCReport。After the inspection official:Just half a year,Routine inspection。Check officers are not high,But it sounds serious serious。

  The inspection official in the captain room first inspected the ship certificate/Nautical log:

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Ship certificate

  Safety equipment certificate;

  Safety constructor;

  Radio safety certificate;

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)  Loading Certificate;

  Solid bulk safety operation rules(CoF/BCCode);

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)  Dangerous goods rules;

  Prevent pollution certificate;

  Dangerous goods meet the certificate;

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Nautical log

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Oil recording book garbage record book,Fire Life Maintenance Records, etc.。When checking to the ballast water management plan, turn to the home page,Seeing the approved agency written in Chinese,Covering Chinese stamp,Ask which the plan is approved by this plan?The captain truthfully answered。

  Review the minimum age of the crew through the list of crew;View quantity and positions in accordance with the minimum cappere;View the validity of the crew health certificate;Ask the ship's emergency training and instructions,Captain takes the manual,The inspection official did not look,Instead, the destination certificate and driver of the cadre crewGMDSSCertificate;When checking the special training certificate of the sea boat crew,Carefully read the proficiency of the life boat and the rescue training certificate,And asked a sentence:“Is there a long training certificate??”

  The captain is in the heart.,This is a project that has never been checked.。

  But the check officer did not wait for an answer,But close the file。

  Equipment Operation Check

  Subsequently,The inspection official came to the driver's counter test universal alert,Strain alarm。Check the rope equipment and validity,Three districts with fire life and maintenance records。

  Check the ship nautical equipment carefully:radar,Electrode,Magnetic,Slight light、Number and voice number,Signal light,Plot,Nautical books,International signal table,depth sounder,Metrical reading,Hudm angle indicator,Host revolution table,Side push display(If there is)。Communication navigation inspected automatic alert,2182Receiver,Composite radio,MFRadio equipment,MF/HFRadio equipment,INMARSAShipshore Station Communication System,Auxiliary equipment,maintain/Device copy,Shoregi support file,Radio log and operation/Maintenance record,Dimension,VHFfacility,DSC,Accept safety information facilities,Two-way radio walkie-talkie,EPIRBEmergency radio indicator,SARTRadar Speaker,Emergency Power Supply。

  See the cheerful inspection、Skilled operation,Young driver pinched a sweat,He said:He used to be a captain。

  Home check

  The inspection official came to the living office to check and request:Health cleaning,Unsenectable;illumination,ventilation,Heating,Pipeline,Cable insulation meets the requirements of the Convention。

  The inspection official attaches great importance to the living office、illumination、Take warmer system or equipment,Pay attention to whether there is insufficient illumination or bulb naked,View cable insulation or unsafe hidden dangers through the overall status of the external table of the security device。

  The inspectors require public health facilities in good condition,Bathroom drainage unit no block,Shower nozzle、Toilet clean,Floor wall tile。When I saw a bathroom with a tile,Require repair,And remind:“Ground tiles in all home、Waterproof coating is not easy to clean,Not only is more hygienic, but it is easy to happen。”then,At the same time, a crew room was examined and the floor covering was inspected.,Open the hot and cold faucet,Identify if there is insufficient water supply or no hot water,Brainstop-deploying card,Then exit the crew room satisfactorily。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon) 

boat transom brass drain tubes amazon

  Medical room、Kitchen examination

  Prosecutor to the medical room to sweep the tidy,We have witnessed the storage of medical equipment and stretch storage。

  View the smoke shield to the kitchen,Wipe with hand and wipe,Judging the exhaust pipe system。View,Whether the operation is neat,Lightweight;Ask if food drinking water is a special pipeline and water cabinet,Where is it?,Unscrew the faucet,Put water into the transparent glass cup of dried eye to watch whether the pure non-free。Enjoy the meal in the cookware,Identify whether preservation。

  Check the storage facilities and storage of food and drinking water、Refrigeration effect of the refrigerator,And ask the food is supplied in that port,Voyage time。When telling him that the next Hong Kong is the upstream of Santa,Will also supplement food,The inspection official did not ask again。

  Pass through the lounge,Intercourse,Enclose health facilities and the health environment of the relevant service office。The inspectors see a self-closed door to pull the hook,Personally pick up,And check the auto-off effect,Warn:“The self-closing door is hooked to pull the role of fire prevention。”The captain said it will not appear again.。


boat transom brass drain tubes amazon

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)  Protection facility check

  Checkman attaches importance to accident prevention,Check the personal safety protection of dangerous parts and closed spaces and prevent the prevention facilities in the crew's work injury accident,Ask the oxygen system,And check the oxygen system,Check the anti-noise plug that enters the cabin,Self-breathing apparatus。Workplace lighting style,Corridor without stack of concentrates and paints,Go throughout,Roots are reliable,The opening is equipped with chains and warning signs。Mooring cable or equipment meets the requirements。View Cabin Guardiard Channel,Confirm that it is not allowed to be bundled,Slip rope。When you see the cabin escape channel, you have a rope slip and the clearance is satisfied.。

  The captain told the examination official:Safety supervisors,Responsible for preventing accidents under the leadership of the captain。The inspection official said the thumbs up。

  Check life-saving equipment:Savior to save the aliasing list of salvation,Capive red flames and view valid;Take the same method to rescue the boat;Significant to the appearance of gas rising life;Shot of the housing of the rigid life raft;Check the situation;Take the life of the life-saving placement;Check lifeboat/Falling device for rescue boat,Motivate the flexibility of the limit switch,Found that the suspension machine limit switch does not have a water。The accompanying crew immediately opened the adjustment repair with a screwdriver。

  Ask the lifemaking circle of the lifeboat;The number of life jackets;Immerse;Insulation facilities。View wireless to life;Life raft mobile radio facility;EPIRB’S;Emergency two-way intercom communication;Life raft;Rescue boat logo;Lifeboat equipment reset facility;Life buoyancy equipment。Check the life of the life-saving group to meet the total number of people on board。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Check officer to check,Problem from time to time:Lifeboat posted with paint traces,Lifeboat deck left sidelighting fixture loose,Lifeboat and lifebura release operation instructions did not post under emergency lighting。

  “Immediately correct。”The captain issued an order to the crew。Several crew quickly posted new reflective belts,Tight screw,Reproprate the operating instructions。

  It is found that the life-saving static water pressure release is not in the position and there is no reflective logo.,did not qualified。Three or two words did not say turns,Reload it immediately,And hit the logo。

  None of the cabin one life jacket no whistle,Three running retrieves a new whistle。

  Check for shipping and measures to prevent fire;Fixed fire extinguishing device and operating instructions;Firefighters are equipped with and equipment;Startup of the emergency pump;Ventilate,Fireproof board,Tube valve,Quick-opening valve,Control facility;International Tongchi joint and its accessories。

  Check the overall security:Test water mixing door hydraulic and other closed devices;Signal and display of emergency;Posted by safety map;Conversion,deck,beam,Ship shell and anti-collision bulkhead,Ship shell damage is standard,Ballast,The inspection of fuel and other liquid cabins evaluates the stability and strength of the ship.;The venery and the venter of the ship ladder are not rotted.。

  Check emergency system

  Check officer carefully inspects emergency system,View each emergency lighting and identification of the driver。To check the battery and switch between emergency power generation;Test emergency rudder and straight call,Familiarity and operation of observing the location of the crew's position of the rudder start switch。Evaluate overall electrical equipment。When checking between the servo, the inspection official pointed out:The steering gear is closed to the chamber door should be closed。The crew tells the captain:“Just now, it is necessary to check it.。”The captain took a head.,Did not explain to the inspection official。

  The keen inspectors pointed out that the battery emergency lighting and steering gear room emergency lightless light。The crew sounds。

  Test alarm system sound signal takes more time,Test universal alarm;Fire alarm;Steer;Cask alert in the cabin test:Machine control alarm;Unmanned cabin alert;Boiler alarm,Substrate machine alarm,Especially。Wastewater well warning test,Because it is generally necessary to use long rod to mention the float to alarm,In the pastPSCThere are not many inspections.,But Brazil did not let this,A trial3indivual,Be willing to give it。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  The sound and light alarm test is constantly,Atmosphere tense,Crew pillow,Which alert test is not,I will immediately rush to repair。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Other inspections

  Cargo operation inspection:Cargo cabin and load line;Prevent overload;Dangerous goods,If there is,Its packaging/Capacity。Remind the sailing scale,Amazon River Navigation needs to pay attention to the sailing,Ship scale。

  Deck inspection:View loading and unloading equipment;Cargo and hatred;Cabin cover,Cabin,Mobile,Folding,Canvas, etc.;window,Porthole;door;ventilation,Air tube and housing;Opened;Confucius/Tablet;Cargo entrance;drainage hole,import;Drain;Wooden ship's fastening gear。

  The detailed inspectors found that the porthole of the smoking room is not water,Carpenter is moving to repair the rubber。

  Check before and after:Cable,Cable cable;Anchorage facility,Winge and anchor machine,Pedestal,Joystick brake,Deck lamp,Carefully view anchor facilities,Anchor chain rust etching,Connecting links and lead seals,Anchor,Anchor,Anchor lamp。Point out the straw machine hydraulic system pipe drip oil。

  Ask the propeller tube,Auxiliary machinery,Main propulsion device,Auxiliary machine。View sewage pump arrangement。Require cabin cleaning;View dangerous machine components/Anti-touch device,Auxiliary boiler hot water wells must not have non-metal pipelines。Auxiliary boiler ignition system is required to be in safe working condition,no tempering condition。

  pass from checking,The inspector pointed out:Auxiliary boiler and steam piping insulation and protective layer loose,The oil tank measuring tube cap is not in place,The staff of the engine department immediately started the repair。There is a life jacket in the engine room without the English name of the ship,Three pairs will be printed immediately。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Brazil attaches great importance to environmental protection,Detailed inspection of the pollution prevention by-lawsIrequired:Oil Record Book;Oil Emission Control;residual oil on board;Oil-water separation;Water separator;Tank Pump,Piping and fuel tank discharge arrangements;Oil Emission Monitoring and Control Systems;15PPMalarm device;oil-water interface detector;Standard drain fitting;pollution report;Ship Type Design Name。

  The inspector returns to the captain's room,Take out the inspection report form,ready to fill,Crew nervous outside the door,whisper:Inspections found so many flaws,an idealPSCreport??

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  Captain takes advantage of the gap,Chatted with the inspector about topics that everyone loves to hear——football,The atmosphere is heating up,Compliment the inspector not only is experienced and knowledgeablePSCway,And have a strong physique,Must have been a great football player when he was young。he said brazilPSCInspection has its own characteristics。captain chimes in:Brazil's football is more distinctive,Watching Brazilian football is an art。The inspector looked excited......

  Amazon River Ballast Water Management Requirements

  Early smell of BrazilPSCrigorous,This experience is verified。Taking this opportunity is a good opportunity for the captain to learn。So the captain asked the inspector for advice on the management of ballast water for ships going to Brazil,Ask him to explain how to comply with the management requirements for ballast water in the Amazon River。

  he talks:Brazil attaches importance to Amazon River's water resources and environmental protection,Brazilian port authorities make it mandatory for all arriving ships to report their ballast water management:When the master has good reason to believe that changing the ballast water will endanger the safety of the ship、stability、or when the crew and passengers on board are safe,Ballast water replacement can be dispensed with。but,without valid reason(For example, safety reasons or route restrictions, etc.)Failure to replace ballast water will result in penalties。due to the、unloading or other reasons,The port authority will report by checking the ship's ballast water,water samples to determine compliance with its regulations。

(boat transom brass drain tubes amazon)

  During this period,From time to time, there are reports that the crew members have completed rectification according to the requirements of the inspector。

  Domestic sewage shall not be discharged during the voyage of the Amazon River,It needs to be transferred to the ballast tank on the ship,The colors of the Amazon water are exchanged in the port of Santarem,Transparent to the upstream river,Downstream the river turns yellow,When the ship sails through the clear water line,Vivid and beautiful landscape。

  The inspector happily issued a defect-free report

  we talked enthusiastically,The serious inspector's expression relaxed,And happily issued a defect-free report。

  Experience summary is not flawed,but by checking,I did find my wheelPSCsome security risks,gave us a wake-up call,We deeply feel that there are still some weak links that need to be corrected immediately。

  After the inspector disembarks,I use the example,conduct training,learn a lesson,The crew is convinced。And take this motivation to carry out self-examination and self-correction,learn by analogy,Further improve the ship's safety management system。

source:Wang Chengbao, retired captain of COSCO SHIPPING