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This year4month since,In the jurisdiction of the Xincun Police Station in Jingdezhen City, there have been many cases where the water supply pipes of residential quarters and shops along the street were cut off.,Theft of copper water pipe joints,Disruption of water supply to hundreds of households,brought great inconvenience to the lives of residents。

(brass tube inside fitting)

  Do things for the people,Solve the case and protect people's livelihood。Xincun Police Station immediately organized the force to investigate the case,Judging the location and time of the incident,It was found that the suspects committed crimes mostly in the middle of the night,And in the blind spot of the monitoring probe。to this end,The Xincun police station immediately formulated a set of action plans to integrate combat and defense.,Adjust the daily patrol time and route,Reduce the time and scope of suspects committing crimes,In addition, take advantage of the suspect's luck,Arrange policemen in civilian clothes to stagger patrol time in areas prone to crime。Through the efforts of all the police,4moon26In the evening, when the suspect Huang committed the crime again, he was found by the patrolling police in plain clothes.,catch him on the spot。

brass tube inside fitting(brass tube inside fitting)

  According to Huang,It is the copper fitting of the stolen water pipe,2021year3month since,Dozens of sneaking into residential areas to cut water pipes,Residents involved、Hundreds of shops。He went to the crime site during the day to step on,Observe the monitoring probe distribution,And record the patrol time and route of the police station,In the middle of the night, the crime begins。the night of the arrest,He specifically waited on the side of the road until the patrol car passed before committing the crime,I didn't know the police had set up for him.“trap”。

(source:Jingdezhen Online)