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brass tub faucet handles

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Although the faucet is a small part,But it is necessary for every household.。General people,Unless bad,Otherwise, it is generally not changed.。But this is such a simple and real faucet to make home life more convenient.,Home has a faucet,Washing is not a meal。How does the high quality faucet purchase??

brass tub faucet handles

Divided from function:

1.Triple faucet:Two outlet,A connecting bath,A brunette,Shower。

(brass tub faucet handles)2.Double binak faucet:Used above all types of basins,The water is shorter,Mainly used for washing、Cleansing。

3.Multifunctional faucet:Generally double,Cold hot water。Waterway is higher,Length front end,Some even have hoses,Multi-angle rotation,Washing。

brass tub faucet handles(brass tub faucet handles)

Structure is divided into

1.Single handle。Features flexible,long lasting,Adjusting temperature and convenience。

2.belt90Degree switch faucet。Features on the basis of traditional two-handed handle,Seal with ceramic pieces,Switch faucet rotating handle90Can,Adjusting on both sides of the cold hot water,Open and convenient,Styles,A wide shape。

3.Traditional spiral rose faucet(Rubber seal)。Exuberant,Low price(Currently used)。

(brass tub faucet handles)4.Stainless steel hollow ball seal and sizuble seal faucet。Generally, imported faucet,Some even fully controlled,More expensive。

brass tub faucet handles

Purchase skills

(brass tub faucet handles)Observe look

(brass tub faucet handles)Selection,First observe the appearance,Bubble bubble、Nodes、No scratches for qualified standards。Press the faucet with your fingers when you pick it up.,Fingerprint is very fast,Explain that the coating is good;The finish pattern is more likely, the more flowers are different.。

Gently turn the handle

Whether it is flexible,There is no blocking hysteresis。Switch no slit、Easy、Not slippery faucet is better。Inferior gap,Blocked。

(brass tub faucet handles)brass tub faucet handles(brass tub faucet handles)

Tap the lead body

LookWhether the sound is dull,And carefully observe the leader interface,See if it is copper,If you strike, the sound is crisp,It may be a material such as stainless steel.,Relatively worse。

See all parts of the lead

Especially whether the main components assembly is close,Nice faucet valve body、The handle is all made of brass,Self-weight,Apex。

Check all parts of the faucet

(brass tub faucet handles)Whether the assembly is closely sound。General single-handed mixed faucet is accompanied by installation dimension diagrams and instruction manuals at the factory。Check if the accessories are complete,General accessories should be installed:Full set of fixed bolts and fixed copper sheets and gaskets;Full set of flour water purifiers;Two water pipes。

brass tub faucet handles

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