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boat transom brass drain tubes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 19:40:40

(boat transom brass drain tubes)Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Dai Hui Trainee Li Chaoxia

(boat transom brass drain tubes)Ship pollutant,How to timely from board“move”Go on the shore?

8moon13Day morning,Hubei Daily, the full media reporter found the answer in the Changhang Group Wuhan Huarantine Station。turn out to be,Ships on the Yangtze River,His domestic garbage、domestic sewage、Oil sewage achievement collection、take over、transport、Disposal closed loop management。

Wuhan Baoshan Port Area,“Send2689No”Stop Wuhan Huarantine Station。This professional ship“Belly drum”,Shipment contaminants such as domestic sewage,This is3Heaven10Multiple ships collected“Raise”。

Rainpoint hits the captain Zhao Yulin's life jacket,He wipes the rain on his face,Bending the yellow sewage tube of the fist in the shore joint。

(boat transom brass drain tubes)“Start opening pump!”I heard the instructions from the walkie-talkie,Zhao Yulin launched drainage pump,Boat“Bang”Voice,A sewage flows from the cabin along the pipe in the bottom of the ship。

“Send2689No”Pipes at every hour31Flow speed of cubic meters,Two hours62Cubic meter life sewage pumping into the bottom of the ship。

Reporter saw,The whole process is implemented in full closure management,Do not let a drop of sewage flow into the Yangtze River。

(boat transom brass drain tubes)Where is the bottom of the boat??

On the two large screens in the boat,Display the liquid level of the sewage collection、temperature、Pressure and other indicators。Information operator Li Shuai introduced,Through Internet of Things Technology,One-button reception,Ship sewage can quickly transport to the shore。

According to reports,The sewage of the ship pumped into the bottom of the ship,Renewal from the boat,Soy the river bank,Then along the near3Busway,Transfer to specialized construction wastewater treatment plants。After a disposal plant“Drum”,“Change”Clear water,For pouring flowers、Road cleaning, etc.,Realize recycling。Solid domestic garbage is loaded back to the sanitation department。

source: Hubei Daily