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albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube

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Copper alloy refers to an alloy formed by adding one or several other elements on the basis of pure copper。The classification of copper alloys is still well understood。Copper alloys come in many colors,Types of copper alloys that are not copper,have different colors,Copper alloys are mainly purple、yellow、Cyan and other colors。when oxidized,Copper alloys can also change color。Let's talk about the die casting process of copper alloy.。Alloys composed of one or several other elements of copper alloys of different compositions,do you know?e.g. silicon brass,Casting performance is better,The process is characterized by sequential solidification process,Medium-injection gating system,Smaller size of dark riser。There are also bronze and aluminum brass.,They have better flowability in terms of casting properties,Easy to form concentrated shrinkage cavities,Very easy to oxidize。Let's talk about the knowledge about the classification of copper alloys right away.。

There are many ways to classify copper alloys,There are many types of。So let's talk about the classification of copper alloys:

1、brass:Refers to copper and zinc based alloys,It can be subdivided into simple brass and complex brass,In the complex brass, the third group is named nickel brass、Silicon Brass etc.;

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)2、bronze:Refers to except copper nickel、Copper-based alloys other than copper-zinc alloys,The main varieties are tin bronze、aluminum bronze、special bronze(Also known as high copper alloy);

3、white copper:Refers to copper-nickel alloys;

4、copper:Refers to pure copper,The main varieties are oxygen-free copper、copper、Phosphorus deoxidized copper、silver copper。

1、Unalloyed Copper:Unalloyed copper including high purity copper、tough copper、Deoxidized copper、Oxygen-free copper, etc.,habitually,People refer to unalloyed copper as red copper or pure copper,Also called red copper。

2、Other copper alloys belong to alloy copper。my country and Russia divide alloy copper into brass、bronze and cupronickel,Then divide the small alloy series in the big class。

1、Copper alloy for electrical and thermal conductivity(Mainly unalloyed copper and microalloyed copper。

2、Structural copper alloys:Almost all copper alloys are included。

3、Corrosion Resistant Copper Alloy:Mainly tin brass、aluminum brass、Various non-white copper、aluminum bronze、Titanium bronze etc.。

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)4、Wear-resistant copper alloy:mainly lead、tin、aluminum、Manganese and other elements complex brass、Aluminum bronze etc.。

5、Free Cutting Copper Alloys:copper-lead、copper-tellurium、copper-Antimony and other alloys。

6、Elastic copper alloy:Mainly antimony bronze、aluminum bronze、Beryllium Bronze、Titanium bronze etc.。

7、Damping Copper Alloy:High manganese copper alloy, etc.。

8、Art copper alloy:pure copper、simple single copper、Tin bronze、aluminum bronze、white copper, etc.。

1、Cast copper alloy:casting,Can also be used for deformation processing。

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)2、Deformed copper alloy:Deformed copper alloys can be used for casting。

3、Cast copper alloy and deformed copper alloy can be subdivided into red copper for casting、brass、bronze and cupronickel。

The knowledge of copper alloy classification is introduced above。Copper alloy as a processing material,There are also many kinds。Let's talk about the classification of copper alloy processing materials:Divided into plates、Strip、foil、Arrangement、pipe、bar、Eight varieties of wire rods and profiles(Commonly known as eight categories)。usually,When the thickness of the strip is less than0.1Foil in mm(my country's customs said the thickness is less than0.15mm for foil),Division of bar and wire except straight and reel,Usually the diameter will be less than5mm in coil shape called wire,And those supplied in straight strips are called small sticks。

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)1、Copper alloy sheet, strip and foil:Copper alloy sheet, strip and foil products are classified as sheets according to their external dimensions and sizes.、Strip、Strip and Foil。

(1)Copper alloy sheet

The last rolling state of copper alloy sheet, strip and foil products is divided into hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet

The common size range of hot rolled sheet is:4~150mm(thickness)×200~3000mm(width)×500~6000mmlength。Common sizes of cold rolled sheets are:0.2~12mm(thickness)×100~3000mm(thickness)×500~6000mm(length).

The state of the sheet product includes the hot rolled state(R)、soft state(M)、semi-hard(Y2)、hard state(Y)、extra hard(T)and heat-treated(CS).

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)(2)Copper alloy strip

(3)Copper alloy strip

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)The strip size range is0.05~3mm(thickness)10~1000mm(width),Supply in rolls。The state of strip products is divided into soft state(M)、semi-hard(Y2)、hard state(Y)、Extra hardness(T).

(4)Copper alloy strip(Also known as copper tape):Strip thickness between sheet and strip,The size range is generally:0.2~10mm(thickness)×50~100mm(width)×1500~2000mm(length)。Commonly used strip products are pure copper strips、Brass strip、Bronze bar etc.。

(5)Copper alloy foil:Domestic copper processing foil refers to the thickness of0.05mmSheets and strips of the following,Foreign refers to the thickness of0.1mSheets and strips of the following,All rolled copper foil(Rolled copper foil),Does not include electrolytic copper foil。

Commonly used foil products are pure copper foil、brass foil、bronze foil、white copper foil。

Foil sizes range from:0.05~0.1mm(thickness)×40~600mm(width),Supply in rolls,The length should generally not be less than5000mm,soft state(M)and hard state(Y)。Copper alloy foil products are mostly hard,Thickness not more than0.02mmof pure copper products are generally also hard。

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)2、Copper alloy pipe rod and wire:Copper alloy pipes, rods and wires are subdivided into pipes according to the shape of the product、Bar and Wire。

(1)Copper alloy pipe:Pipe is divided into round、trapezoid、triangle、Rectangular and square tubes,Its size range is:0.5~360mm(outer diameter)×0.1~50mm(wall thickness),Available in straight strips or rolls,The state of the product Extruded state(R)、soft state(M)、soft state(M2)、hard state(Y)、semi-hard(Y2)、1/3hard state(Y3)product。

(2)Copper alloy bar:Copper alloy rods are divided into copper alloy round rods、Copper alloy hexagonal bar、Copper alloy square bar、Copper alloy rectangular bar and copper alloy lead bar,Its size range is3~120mm(diameter)×500~5000(length),Straight supply,The state of the product Extruded state(R)、soft state(M)、Forged state(M2)、hard state(Y)、semi-hard(Y2)、soft aging(TF00)、hard aging(TF04)product。

(3)Copper alloy wire rod:Copper wire rod refers to the billet for the production of wire rods,Also called copper wire rod。Bright rod and black rod,Black bars are hot rolled from boat-shaped ingots on a tandem pass mill,Severely oxidized surface,has been largely eliminated。The diameter of the wire rod is6~20mmbetween,By continuous casting and rolling or upward lead(or level)Continuous casting production。

The classification of copper alloys is finished,Let's talk about the development trend of copper alloys:

1、Highly purified:The main purpose of high purification is to improve the conductivity of the material as much as possible、thermal conductivity。The copper content of industrial copper is determined by99.90%arrive99.95%,again99.99%(4N)even higher,as copper99.9999%(6N)of ultrapure copper,Impurity content requirements are also more stringent。as oxygen(O)amount by0.01%~0.05%decrease to0.001%~0.006%,until0.0002%~0.0003%。Minimize impurities on conduction、The effect of thermal conductivity。Typical application examples are high-purity copper for network transmission connection wires、High-purity oxygen-free copper for electric vacuum devices、Precision guidance and high-fidelity signal transmission and single crystal copper and ultra-pure copper for superconductors, etc.。

compared to polycrystalline copper,The tensile strength of single crystal copper is reduced24.71%,Elongation increased2.39times,Area shrinkage increased4.14times,The resistivity is reduced31.7%,less than1.72×10-8Ω·m,Its oxygen content is less than5×10-6,The hydrogen content is less than0。。。5×10-6,density greater than8.92t/m3.

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)Another aspect of the development of copper alloy materials in the direction of high purification is that in microalloyed copper alloys, high purification of the copper alloy matrix is required.,,In order to ensure that the material has a higher comprehensive performance。

2、microalloying:The purpose of microalloying is to sacrifice minimal electrical and thermal conductivity for other properties,such as a substantial increase in strength。if join0.1%left and right iron(Fe)、magnesium(Mg)、tellurium(Te)、silicon(Si))、silver(Ag)、titanium(Ti)、chromium(Cr)or pickaxe(Zr)、rare earth elements, etc.,can increase its strength、hardness、Resistance to softening temperature or machinability, etc.。Micro-alloyed copper is one of the hot spots in the development of copper alloy materials。Oxygen tough copper and high-strength and high-conductivity copper alloys are the most important microalloyed coppers。

The concept of oxygenated copper is relative to oxygen-free copper,Its copper content is99.90%above,Equivalent to ordinary pure copper,But its oxygen content is controlled at0.005%~0.02%,At the same time, the electrical conductivity can be100%IACSabove。This is because an appropriate amount of oxygen has a certain oxidative effect on the intergranular impurity elements.,Cleans the substrate to a certain extent。The biggest feature of aerobic copper production is the low cost of its raw materials,The use of low-grade red copper old materials to produce oxygenated copper materials equivalent to high electrical and thermal conductivity。

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)High strength and high conductivity copper alloy due to its good comprehensive properties,Favored by material science and technology workers from all over the world,It is the fastest growing class of copper alloys in recent years。The elements added to its microalloying are mainly::P、Fe、Cr、Zr、Ni、Si、Ag、Sn、AlWait,The representative alloy systems are mainlyCu-P、Cu-Fe-PTie、Cu-Ni-SiTie、Cu-Cr、Cu-Cr-ZrTie、Cu-Ag、Cu-Ag–Cr、Cu-Ag-ZrTie、Cu-SnDepartment, etc.,and various rare earth-added alloy systems。The sum of the contents of other components in the alloy can be at least0.01%~0.1%,The maximum generally does not exceed3%。Its common feature is that the material has high strength and high conductivity.。

3、Complex multi-alloying:To further improve the strength of copper and its alloys、Corrosion resistance、Wear resistance and other properties,Or in order to meet some special application requirements,in existing bronze、Brass, etc. are added to the five yuan on the basis of、Six yuan and other components,Realize high elasticity of materials、High wear resistance、High corrosion resistance、Easy cutting and other different functions,multicomponent(four or more components)Alloying becomes another hot topic in copper alloy development,New complex alloys are emerging。Typical alloys are multicomponent manganese brass、Silicon manganese brass、Boron Tin Brass、Lead-free free-cutting copper alloys, etc.。Its common feature is high strength and high toughness,The tensile strength is generally up to600~700MPaabove。E.g,New manganese brassHMn59-2-1-0.5(Cu:58%~59%、Mn:1.8%~2.2%、Al:1.4%~1.7%、Fe:0.36%~0.65%、Si:0.6%~0.9%、Sn:0.1%~0.4%、Pb:0.3%~0.6%、Znmargin),The strength of its control tube reaches600MPaabove,Elongation exceeds20%,hardnessHBexist180above。aluminum brassHAl64-5-4-2(Cu:63.5%~65.5%、Al:4.5%~6.0%、Mn:3.0%~5.0%、Fe:2.0%~3.0%、Pb:0.2%~1.0%、Znmargin),its strength reaches750MPaabove,hardnessHBExceed220。New aluminum bronzeQAl9-5-1-1(Cu:margin、Al:8.0%~10.0%、Ni:4.0%~6.0%、Mn:0.5%~1.5%、Fe:0.5%~1.5%),Its strength is650MPa,Yield strength up to400MPa,Elongation up to14%above。Application of these materials to manufacture automobile synchronizer ring gear、High pressure pump friction pair or electrode copper wedge,Its life is one to several times longer than that of ordinary brass or bronze。

In recent years,With the increasing awareness of environmental protection,Environmental protection has become the theme of the development of world civilization。People pay more attention to lead、beryllium、cadmium、Effects of harmful elements such as arsenic,Lead Free Free Cutting Brass、Beryllium-free highly elastic copper alloy、The development of environmentally friendly copper alloy materials such as arsenic-free corrosion-resistant copper alloys has become one of the important development directions of copper alloy materials.。

4、composite material:There are two main ways of copper alloy material:One is to introduce alloying elements to strengthen the copper matrix to form an alloy;The second is to introduce the second strengthening phase to form composite materials。For example, dispersion-strengthened oxygen-free copper is a typical artificial composite material.,Commonly used disperse particles areAl2O3、ZrO2、Y2O3、ThO2Wait。The artificial composite method refers to the artificial addition of particles of the second phase to the copper、Whiskers or fibers reinforce the copper matrix,By introducing uniformly distributed、Fine、Materials prepared by strengthening copper with good thermally stable oxide particles。The composition of the second phase is generally in1%below or even lower to0.01%,However, the strengthening effect on the material is very obvious,In particular, the high temperature strength of the material is greatly improved。Such asCu-2.5%TiB2(Volume fraction),Conductivity is76%LACS,The tensile strength is675MPa;Cu-0.5%Al2O3(Quality Score)Series alloys,The greenhouse strength of the material can reach500~800MPa,conductivity up to85%LACSabove,exist900℃The strength of the material after burning hydrogen still reaches200~400MPa.

(albion alloys 12 x 1 16 square brass tube)Another type of rapid development is in situ composite materials(self-contained material),In situ composites are those in a copper matrix,A class of composite materials that generate a reinforcing body through an element or an element and a compound of the compound。这类复合材料中的增强体没有界面污染,The reinforcing body in such composite materials does not interface pollution,与传统的人工外加增强体复合材料相比,Have good interface compatibility with the substrate,同时保持较好的韧性和良好的高温性能。Compared to traditional artificial plus enhancement compositesCu-20%Nb(体积分数)Its intensity has a large increase,接近2000Pa;Cu-18%(Maintain better toughness and good high temperature performance)的导电率为66.6%LACS,Such as1450MPa。其他如Cu-Fe、Cu-TaVolume fraction,材料的强度一般可达800~1500MPa.