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brass tub face plate

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 19:22:05

Add an extra plate to the bathtub,No one dares to say tasteless,This practical effect,make people want to pretend

we design home,Will choose to give up the installation of the bathtub because of the small bathroom space,But my friends have higher requirements for the quality of life,When I get home from get off work, I always want to soak in the bathtub,Relax your mind and body。But when their house is renovated, I will visit,The bathtub is really made of bricks in this room that is less than one square meter,And also put a board on top of the bathtub,I really don't know what this is for!Friends after renovating their home,The remaining planks are not used,he justGet this board for the bathtub,Just listen to him and realize that there are so many uses,I have to say he's a little smart.。

(brass tub face plate)brass tub face plate(brass tub face plate)

1.put the phone

Take a bath without looking at anything,It feels boring for so long,Some people like to watch dramas,Some people read books to kill time,But where to put these things?Can't get up and go back and forth from the bathtub to set it up!If you have this board at home,Solve the problem and let it show its importance,It helps us put things like cell phones and books。

Design this board for the bathroom,it doesn't take up much space,insteadcan help us place things,Let us take a bath without feeling any boredom,It can also make its practicality more fully displayed。

brass tub face plate(brass tub face plate)

2.drinking tea

In addition to helping us store supplies, this shelf,It can also hold wine glasses,Some people like to have a glass of red wine while taking a bath,Enjoy that unique and happy moment,Throw some romantic rose petals into your bathtub,Make the bath thing more romantic。those who love tea,Would love to have a cup of tea while taking a bath,You can also put the teacup on this board when you feel comfortable,It can also play a more practical effect。

brass tub face plate(brass tub face plate)

3. Toiletries

We also need to use toiletries in the process of taking a bath,There is no way to give up bath towels and brushes in a humid space,There is such a partition just to help with storage,It is also much more convenient to take for normal use。And with it, what can I put on a mask?,Let us be more refined,Its practicality is also better demonstrated。

brass tub face plate

(brass tub face plate)In addition to placing partitions in the design of the bathtub,You can also put a skid plate outside the bathtub,This reduces the chance of falls due to slippery feet,Especially when there are elderly people and children at home,more likely to occur,We just made this arrangement to reduce the occurrence of safety hazards.。

brass tub face plate

If the bathroom space is ok,At oncePut a mound next to the bathtub,So that it can form the effect of a small coffee table,And the storage capacity is also leverage.。

brass tub face plate

When we get up after taking a bath, the water stains on our bodies will also splatter on the ground.,This will make the ground a slippery state。We take a bath, it relaxes our mind and body,butWhile enjoying comfort, we must also take care of personal safety,We can consider installing this bathtub handrail during renovation。I believe that with it, it is safe for the elderly after taking a bath,will provide great protection。

brass tub face plate(brass tub face plate)

When we renovated the bathroom,This design approach can also be considered,It can help bring more practicality and security to our home。

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