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flaring end of brass tube

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one、Refrigeration system common maintenance tool

flaring end of brass tube

1、R410ASpecial expansion tubeThe expansion tube is used to make the flavors and cups of copper tubes.(Cylindrical port)Special tool。

flaring end of brass tube

The talent shape of the flare is used for threaded connections or is not suitable for connecting to the interface.,The purpose is to ensure the sealing and intensity of the interface site;The cup-shaped port is used for two different pipe diameter copper pipe connections.,A pipe is inserted into the diameter of another tube。The shape of the flare and cup-shaped mouth is as shown。

2、Double head pressure gauge

Double pressure table is the pressure of refrigeration system、Vacuum、Special tool for charging refrigerant,Both table repair valves and two types of double press valves。

flaring end of brass tube

Pressure meter used to monitor the pressure within the refrigeration system,There are two valve switches and three interfaces on the valve body.,If the intermediate interface is connected to the cooling system,Low voltage interface, vacuum pump,High voltage interface, refrigerant steel bottle,Open the valve and(Valve on refrigerant cylinder close)Vacuum。

3、Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a special tool for excluding air in refrigeration system。Take evacuation for the refrigeration system after maintenance,Pull out the gas inside the system,Keep the system。

flaring end of brass tube

If the system vacuum is not required during the vacuum process,Description System There is a leak,Further leakage。

4、Electronic leak detector

Leak analyzer is still necessary to leak the refrigeration system,Some naked causable leaks are difficult to measure,You can try to determine if there is a leak problem with leak detects.。requires attention,can not be usedCFCsorHCFCsFreon leak detector,due toR410ANo chlorine in cold media。

flaring end of brass tube


R410AIs mixed cold media,Depend onHFC32andHFC125Two refrigerant mix;No chlorine-free refrigerant,due toHFCFree chlorine,Reduce the lubrication performance of the compressor,Therefore, the material of the friction site is therefore、Freezer oil、Resin material is replaced,becomeR410ARefrigerant special compressor,No compatibility with previous refrigerator oil,Using a synthetic oil that can be soluble,And improved pressure,System cycle pressure rises,Correspondence of the corresponding airtight test,Instrument tool、Cold media piping material and thickness change。

flaring end of brass tube

6、 Cutting tube:

The cutting tube is specifically used to cut the copper tube、Metal tube such as aluminum tube。

flaring end of brass tube

How to use the cutting tube:Place the tube between the roller and the cutter,The side wall of the tube should close the middle position of the two rollers.,Adjust the knife to clamp the knife of the cutter with the pipe,Then rotational adjustment knob,Cut the blade of the cutter into the wall;Capillary cutting should use specialized capillary pliers,Or clamp the capillaries with sharp scissors to turn out traces,Then use the hand to gently break。


The chamfering device is put three uniform distribution and a certain angle of scraper in a plastic pipe.。Cutting the tube,Often there is a tubular end shrinkage、Barbing and other defects,Generally, although the file can be corrected,Low efficiency,Golden crumbs caused by files in the knife are not easy to remove

flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)


The expansion tube is used to make the flavors and cups of copper tubes.(Cylindrical port)Special tool。

flaring end of brass tube

How to use the expansion device: When the expansion is expanded, answered the copper pipe expansion and use the file to fix the flat.,The copper tube is then placed in a clamp of the corresponding pipe diameter,Tighten the fastening nut on the fixture,Clamp the copper pipe。The cone is then tightened on the top pressure screw of the bow.,Secure the arcuades on the fixture,Make the center of the cone with the center of the copper tube;Then turn the handle on the top pressure screw clockwise clockwise,Top the tap,Rotate the screw evenly slowly,Rotate the cone down,So repeatedly,Gradually expand the tube mouth。

(flaring end of brass tube)9、Bending pipe

The eluator is a special tool for copper pipes.,Structure is shown。The eluvator can process different pipe diameter copper pipes according to the size of the guide wheel and the guide tank.,The eluvator corresponds to the copper tube, and there is also a score of metric and inch.,Its common specifications are6 mm ,8 mm,10mm ,12 mm,16 mm ,19 mm。

flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)

Instructions:Hold the fixing rod and active rod handle in both hands, respectively,Make the active bar to turn steadily,The copper tube is bent into a needed shape in the guide tank.,The angle of curvature should correspond to the fixed wheel display scale.。Be careful when the elbow。Avoid concave and cracks。To ensure the quality of the elbow,Can also be filled with fine sand in the copper tube,Copper tube is clamped。Bending,Press and hold the copper pipe with your thumb,Bend radius as big as possible,Avoid deformation of crimping due to too small radius,Even rupture。


Multimeter has more,Wide range,Easy to use advantages,It is the most commonly used tool in our refrigeration maintenance。It can be used to measure resistance,ACC voltage and DC voltage。Some multimeters can also measure the main parameters of the transistor and the capacitance of the capacitor, etc.。

(flaring end of brass tube)flaring end of brass tube

The clamp current is combined by the current transformer and current table.。The core of the current transformer can be opened when pinching the wrench;The wire passed by the measured current can pass through the notch of the core open without being cut off.,When the wrench is released, the core is closed.。

flaring end of brass tube

11、Portable cylinder

(flaring end of brass tube)Refrigeration copper tube is generally used in maintenance,Generally use low silver phosphorus copper electrodes as solder rather than a general copper strip,Copper tube also requires high quality copper tube。

(flaring end of brass tube)flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)

Copper tube heating temperature is too high to oxidize the surface of the copper tube near the interface,Therefore, it is generally recommended for nitrogen welding.,which is:The oxygen can be discharged to the copper pipe pipe.,But its pressure is controlled0.3kg,Solve the nitrogen in the tube from welding the molten solder,Cannot guarantee the quality of welding。Filling and welding specific operation method we have released art before the encyclopedia public account,Interested friends can see the previous article。

flaring end of brass tube

12、Wind speed meter and infrared thermometer

(flaring end of brass tube)Wind speed gauge is used to measure the venting vent,Ventilation pipe wind speed or air volume measurement,Can be applied to air conditioning systems,Send drainage system and other occasions。Infrared thermometer can measure target temperature,Widely used in refrigeration air conditioning,ventilation,Store and other fields。

flaring end of brass tube

13、Electronic scale

Weighing charge method is the most reasonable method,It applies to any refrigeration system,Especially multi-link。The method is to weigh the weight of the refrigerant,What you need is to find the amount or range of refrigerants that should be filled from the relevant information.。

flaring end of brass tube


Noise is the noise sent when the cooling system is working,Noise in the room produced by the fan,Recycling noise at the end of the wind tube,Noise generated by the fan,It is a non-noise that is caused by the surrounding air during the rotation of the blade.。Axial fan noise spectrum is wider,Centrifugal fan noise low frequency components。

flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)

Different types of indoor noise noise test distance requirements,Indoor and outdoor machine test methods are also different。for example: Skyline,At the indoor unit1Rice position test。Different noise test requires a background noise value。


Mainly used to check electrical equipment、Refrigeration equipment or electrical line to the ground and phase insulation resistance,To ensure these equipment、Electrical and line work in normal state,Avoid accidents such as electric shock injuries and equipment damage。

flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)

16、Horizontal feet

Install air conditioning generally uses a level,A lot of effects,For example, the horizontatic measurement position,The condensed water can be discharged according to the horizontal adjustment angle

flaring end of brass tube(flaring end of brass tube)

17、Torque wrench

The torque wrench commonly used in the cooling equipment repair installation is shown in the figure.。When using a torque wrench fastening nut,The torque wrench should remain vertically with the nut axis,In the fastening nut,Turn the wrench in the direction of the arrow on the torque wrench,Detached torque wrench“Clicker”Sound。

flaring end of brass tube

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