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brass tube vertical loop

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-16 18:46:50

Vertical fixing tube ring seam welding and steel plate is almost,Operating point:

(brass tube vertical loop)1.Counterlet requirements:Diagnosis of pipe diameter deviation(Because there is too big to be docked),To ensure that the wrong mouth in the circumferential direction is equal,Absolutely avoiding a concentrated missed mouth,Too big,Will not be melt,Generate biting defects in the root。This defect will generate stress concentration,Resulting in cracking of weld root,Creating roots。

Visual mouth is greater than2mmTime,Machinery must be performed,Make the same inner diameter at the interface,Machining slope is1:5。

The pipe section should be vertical with the pipe axis,In order to make the weld。

Welding,On both sides of the interface10mmClean it within,Clear oil、Rust、Moisture、Impurity。

2.Positioning welding:Tube diameter is less than70mm,Simply positioning welding on both sides of the pipe diameter,Can increase the positioning solder joint。

The thickness of the pipe is less than5mmof,The thickness of the positioning welding welding is flush with the wall,Tube wall5mm,Positioning welding thickness5mm,Positioning weld length20-30mm。

3.Root welding:

⑴Non-selling root welding:Small specific electrode,Welding current is slightly large,Welding with arc or artifact。

(brass tube vertical loop)⑵VSlope root welding:Picking arc or arc detection,Keep an appropriate arc length,Form enough melted deep,Make slag and iron water easily separated。

4.Multi-layer welding:

⑴The surface of the welter of each layer should be cleaned,Avoiding a groove and bite when welding,Otherwise, it is easy to cause slag and air hole。

⑵In order to make the weld surface,Adding welding current,Take linear running or oblique ship,The joints of each soldering path are sure10-30mm。

(brass tube vertical loop)brass tube vertical loop
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