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brass tube threaded connector

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for whatNType RF coaxial connector,YournHow much is the series of radio coaxial connector knowledge?,nType radio coaxial connector belongs torfOne of the radio frequency coaxial connector,The following Dueso Hardware Electronics will explain it for you.nRelated knowledge of series RF coaxial connector,I hope to help you.。

According to Baidu Encyclopedia,NSeries RF coaxial connector is in accordance withMIL-C-39012Standard development of small and medium power RF coaxial connector for threaded connecting mechanism,Feature impedance50Ωand75Ω,Frequency Range0~11GHz,Has a strong anti-vibration、High reliability、Superior machinery and other characteristics,Widely used in radar、broadcast、Wireless device such as communication。

NSeries RF Coaxial Connector

(brass tube threaded connector)N Series RF coaxial connector SERIES RF COAXIAL CONNECTORS

NSeries products are a threaded connection of medium power connector,It has high reliability,Strong anti-vibration、Features such as mechanical and electrical properties,Widely used in radio equipment and instruments and terrestrial transmitting systems under vibration and environmental harsh conditions to connect radio frequency coaxial cable。

Power person who join in the what series of N products join by one whorl, it has the characteristic of reliable and strong ant-vibration nature, machinery and electric performance finely. It is used in vibration and environment abominable radio equipment of terms and instrument and ground launch system join the coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.

Main technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

temperature range Temp.range -65~+165°C (PE Cable)

Vibrate move Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 213

(brass tube threaded connector)Characteristic impedance Impedance 50Ω

Frequency Range Frequency Range DC~11GHz

Operating Voltage Working Voltage 1000V max (Valid value)

(brass tube threaded connector)Resist Press Withstand Voltage 2500V rms (Sea level minimum)

Contact resistance Contact resistance

Inner conductor Center Contact ≤ 1 mΩ

Between outer conductors Outer Contact ≤ 1 mΩ

Insulation resistance Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ

Voltage station wave ratio VSWR Straight Straight ≤ 1.15

Bending Right angle ≤ 1.25

(brass tube threaded connector)Durability Durability(mating) ≥500Second-rate(cycles)

Material and coating MATERIAL PLATING

case shell brass brass Bright nickel plating nickel plated

Pin contact pin brass brass Hard gold gold plated

Elastic contactelastic contactBeryllium bronze beryllium Hard gold gold plated

Jack socket Bronze or tin bronzeberyllium or tin brass Hard gold gold plated

(brass tube threaded connector)Insulator insulator PTFE PTFE

Press crimp ferrule Copper alloy copper alloy Nicked or gold-plated nickel or gold plated

oSealo-ring sealing Silicone Rubber 6146 silastic

Applicable technical standards APPLICABLE STANDARD


CECC 22210;

IEC 60169-16

brass tube threaded connector

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